Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/22/04

By Eva
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At Ravenwood, Philip has no memory of the fact that he had his first Electric Convulsive Therapy treatment. Rick explains to Philip that it is common to have some short term memory loss for a time after the treatment but his memory will come back. Philip tells Rick that he feels like his mind is at rest and he can finally get his thoughts together. Philip tells Rick he feels like he can finally figure out what to do about Olivia.

At the Beacon, Olivia is surprised that Bill isn't doing spin control on behalf of Danny. Bill lets Olivia know that he is no longer involved with Danny 's campaign.

At the high school, Cassie thanks Edmund for all he did to help Tammy with the play. Cassie tells Edmund that Tammy gave him all the credit for her performance. Cassie and Edmund congratulate Tammy on her performance and everyone who is back stage claps for Tammy.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle explains to Danny that their was a problem at Robbie's play date. Michelle explains that kids had heard what their parents were saying about Danny and repeated it to Robbie.

At the high school, Edmund tells Tammy she is a natural actress. Cassie tells Tammy she is proud of her. Tammy tells Lizzie she was really believable playing the old nurse. Joey reads a rave review from the school paper out loud to everyone. Shayne and Marina congratulate Sandy on his wonderful directing job. Shayne informs Sandy that he spoke to Josh on the phone and Marah has decided to stay in Paris for a while to clear her head. Sandy is disappointed that Marah won't be able to see the actors wearing the costumes she created for the play. Joey confides to Lizzie that he is nervous about singing to Tammy at Towers later.

At Ravenwood, Rick cautions Philip to take things slowly and give the treatment a chance to work before he dives back into his life. Rick tries to persuade Philip to divorce Olivia because he (Philip) doesn't love or trust her. Philip tells Rick he must remain married to Olivia for Emma's sake. Philip admits to Rick that he is afraid if he divorces Olivia she (Olivia) wouldn't allow him to see Emma . Philip says he couldn't handle losing his little girl again. Rick thinks Philip doesn't want to tell Olivia about the new treatment because he is afraid of her. Philip makes it clear to Rick that Olivia should be afraid of him. (Philip)

At the Beacon, Bill tells Olivia he is engaged to Eden. Olivia reluctantly gives Bill her congratulations. Bill tells Olivia he thought she of all people would understand Eden.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle explains to Robbie that those kids don't know his daddy is one of the good guys. Robbie tells Danny "I love you daddy" and gives him a hug before Michelle takes him up to bed.

At the Beacon, Olivia is annoyed when Bill compares her to Eden by saying they are both outsiders who always feel like they don't fit in anywhere. Olivia again offers her congratulations to Bill on his engagement. Olivia tells Bill she hopes they can work together on a project soon. Bill says he will consider her suggestion.

At Towers, Edmund thanks Cassie for encouraging him to help with the play. Cassie wonders where Tammy is so Edmund offers to look for her. Cassie and Beth talk about how wonderful both their daughters performed in the play. Edmund find Tammy at the balcony and tells her to go inside and greet her adoring fans. Tammy tells Edmund she needs time to let this wonderful night sink in before she goes inside. Edmund tells Tammy she was spectacular and a star who came down from heaven to walk the earth. Tammy gives Edmund a kiss on the lips. Shayne and Marina encourage Sandy to find a nice young lady.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny tells Michelle he needs to tell her the truth about himself.

At Towers, Edmund quickly breaks away from Tammy's kiss and tells her to go inside. A shocked Edmund paces as he tries to figure out what to do about the situation. Tammy asks Lizzie to tell Joey she needed to go home and write down the details of the night in her journal. Lizzie tells herself that Tammy should go home and she (Lizzie) can take care of Joey.

At the Beacon, Frank arrives to look for Marina's keys. Frank invites Bill and Eden to have dinner with he and Darcy at the house sometime. Bill wonders if Frank really wants to have dinner with Eden.

At Ravenwood, Olivia is surprised because Philip seems to be feeling better. Philip tells Olivia he feels like he will be going home soon. Philip tells Olivia her love has made him a new man.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny asks Michelle to remember when they took Robbie to the beach last year. Danny remembers that they all spent hours building a sandcastle that looked like their house but since the castle was too close to the water the tide came in and washed out the castle. In order to make Robbie stop crying Michelle told her son that next year they would not make the mistake of building the castle close to the water so it wouldn't wash out.

A confused Michelle wonders about the point of the story. Danny explains that he built their new lives too close to the water and what he is about to tell her may wash their life out. Danny continues his explanation by saying that when he went clean he made a deal with Salairno so that he (Danny) could keep the profits from the sanitation and construction businesses. Danny tells Michelle he used those profits to fund the fifth street project. An angry Michelle calls Danny a liar several times and storms upstairs and slams the door.

At Ravenwood, Philip explains to Olivia that he wasn't taking his medicine because he didn't feel he could trust the doctors. Philip tells Olivia he suddenly realized the doctors were the only people he could trust so he could reach his goal of going back home to his family. Olivia asks Philip not to push himself because that would cause him unnecessary stress. Philip asks Olivia not to stress him out.

At the Beacon. Bill shares his frustration with Frank about everyone looking down on Eden. Frank promises to give Eden a chance. Bill offers to take Marina's keys to Towers since he is going there to congratulate Tammy.

At Towers Joey is disappointed that he couldn't show Tammy he could be the kind of boyfriend she wants him to be. Lizzie encourages Joey to sing the song for practice until he can sing the song for Tammy. Lizzie offers to stand in for Tammy.

Joey agrees to the idea and goes up to the microphone. Joey sings Elton John's "Your Song" and dedicates it to Tammy. Everyone Claps for Joey. Joey winks at Lizzie . Lizzie sheds a tear because she was touched by Joey's song.

At Ravenwood, Olivia wonders why Philip thinks she would cause him stress and jeopardize his recovery. Philip tells her he was only joking. Philip tells Olivia he wants to get home to help Olivia deal with his family. Olivia tells Philip that surprisingly everyone is treating her well. Olivia makes it clear to Philip that she would never risk his health to further her own cause. Philip thanks Olivia for taking such good care of him. Philip tells Olivia he can't wait to get home and take care of her.

At Towers, Shayne asks Sandy to dance with Marina because his legs aren't strong enough yet. Sandy is reluctant do so but agrees to dance with Marina. Sandy jokes that he may sweep Marina off her feet. Shayne jokes that if Sandy does sweep Marina off her feet he will have to use his arms to beat him up.

At Towers, Lizzie can't stop raving about Joey to Beth. Beth thinks their may be trouble coming about Lizzie liking Joey but she pushes the thought out of her head and stops herself from having a talk with Lizzie. Lizzie congratulates Joey on his wonderful performance. Joey still wishes Tammy would have been there to hear him sing.

At the Beacon' Tammy reads the words she wrote in her journal about her perfect night.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny tries to explain to Michelle that he only wanted to give her and Robbie a better life. Danny apologizes for his actions. An angry Michelle leaves the room and slams the door.

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