Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/21/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Sandy, Tammy, Joey and Lizzie’s big night is finally here: “Romeo and Juliet” opens. Cassie, Edmund, Beth and Alexandra are there to support them. The performance appears to be going well until “the prince” leaves. Tammy suggests that Edmund take over for him; after all he is a prince. But Edmund refuses and passes the honour over to the next prince, Sandy, who agrees. Joey is happy that the night is going so well. He wanted to impress Tammy and has much more planned for her. Lizzie observes Tammy with Joey and Tammy with Edmund. She is jealous of Tammy’s relationship with Joey.

The performance ends and is followed by a thunderous applause.


Bill picks up some dinner and returns home to Eden. He is upset about the situation with Danny. Eden tries to comfort him but she is not much help; he is worried about Michelle. Michelle stops by, desperate for help. She needs Bill and Eden to help her get Danny back on track.

She thinks he needs to do something impressive to remind the public that he has in fact changed. Bill tells Michelle that he can no longer help her and Danny. She needs to talk to Danny and sort through things with him. Michelle wants to act fast and insists that she needs their help right away. Seeing that Bill is not getting through to Michelle, Eden steps in and tells Michelle that Bill cannot do anymore for them. The problems she and Danny are facing, they must face on their own. Michelle leaves and Bill tells Eden she didn’t need to talk to Michelle that way. Eden is upset by Bill’s reaction; she worries that her connection with Bill will never match his connection with Michelle. Eden leaves.


Gus has some time off from work and comes home to spend some quality time with Harley. They are on their way upstairs when the doorbell rings. Harley answers it, promising to send whoever it is away. All she finds at the door though is an envelope, addressed to Gus and marked “CONFIDENTIAL”. Harley calls up to Gus to tell him that it is from Spaulding but he does not want to open it now. He tells Harley she can go ahead and open it if she wants to. At first she puts it down but her curiosity gets the better of her and she opens it. Reading what is inside, Harley calls Gus down immediately.

Gus reads the papers sent over by Alan and realizes that he is now “officially a trust-find baby”. Gus is blown away by the amount of money Alan is giving him but Harley wonders what Alan is up to. Gus is leaning towards taking the money but, after talking it over with Harley, Gus decides not to take it. They can get by just fine without Alan’s millions.

They are on their way up, when the doorbell rings again. This time it is Eden. She is upset and needs to speak with Gus. Harley gives them some time alone, saying she needs to check on the boys. Eden tells Gus she is worried about Michelle and Danny; she is worried that Michelle may turn to Bill if she and Danny cannot work things out. Gus assures her that Bill loves her. He and Michelle tried the couple thing but that didn’t work out. Eden needs to realize that Bill sees the good in her and he is not going to abandon her if Michelle becomes available. She had got to stop thinking she is less than Michelle and just accept that they are different. Eden thanks Gus and then says good night to Harley, apologizing for interrupting them.

Harley thanks Gus for putting her first. She trusts him and feels completely safe with him. Harley knows that Gus is the man she was meant to be with.


Eden returns to Bill, who apologizes to her. She says she understands and wants them to deal with whatever comes their way together. Bill is happy to hear that.


Frank and Marina have a father-daughter night planned but Frank is called away to the station. Olivia asks Marina if she will help her out for the evening until Frank returns. Marina agrees to work for food and she and Olivia spend the evening having out. Marina tells Olivia she has been thinking a lot recently about how she gave up acting in high school when she started going out with Ben. Olivia encourages her to follow her dreams and enjoy her life.

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