Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/20/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Spauldings: Alan, Alex, and Lizzie are their and Lizzie is very excited about the play. Alan breaks Lizzie's heart by saying he can't make it as he has to be in Washington DC. Beth arrives and tries to make her feel better by saying she and Alex will be there. Alan and Alex discuss Olivia's trying to get to them by doing small things. Olivia arrives and talks about what a great sleep she had and takes the last muffin that Alex was going to eat. The family discuss Emma. Lizzie and Olivia get into it over Emma but Beth breaks them up.

Olivia tells Lizzie she should not always listen to her dad as right now he isn't sure what the right thing for him is but Olivia does and she knows the right thing for Lizzie too well. Olivia says Lizzie needs to be responsible and that they need to get back on track. Olivia believes they should get back on track focusing on what they have in common - her dad. She offers to go to Lizzie's play in place of her father.

Lizzie thinks it is a good idea which leaves the family happy. Rick arrives and Lizzie is very happy to see him. Rick says he needs to talk to Alan in private about hospital board business. The family clears the room. Rick says he believes the honeymoon between Philip and Olivia is over. In the hall Beth asks Olivia not to come because she doesn't want to add pressure to Lizzie. Beth tells Olivia not to dictate to her daughter and if she wants to bond with Lizzie to run it through her first. Rick wants to start a new therapy on Philip and Alan says if that is what Philip wants then it is fine with him. They all enter the main room to watch Danny's conference.

Ravenwood: Rick says he is going to go tell Philip's family about the ECT test he is taking. Philip tells him to only tell Alan and no one else. Rick says he understands and they talk about the baby. Ricks tells Philip that their is good news to be told for his family and Philips.

As Ross arrives; Rick tells Philip Ross is the new mayor of Springfield which makes Philip happy. Philip congratulates Ross on winning. Ross asks Rick about Michelle but he says she is okay. Ross and Philip talk about Danny buying the election. Ross says he didn't want to win this way but Philip says he deserves it. They talk about Emma and Lizzie arrives to visit her dad. Lizzie congratulates Ross and asks to come to the party which he says of course and Ross leaves. Lizzie stays and she and her dad talk about the play.

Philip is upset that he can't be there and Lizzie says she understands why he can't be there and is glad he is getting better.

Eden's': Eden wakes up alone and sees Bill up. Eden is worried about Bill. Bill tells her that the town is right about Danny that he bought the votes. Eden is in disbelief and asks if that is what Danny said and Bill says it is. Bill is blaming himself saying he should have known this was going on. He says their was a check from Vinnie.

Eden tries to defend Danny but Bill isn't having it he says you can't get out of the life. Eden says it is better that Danny lost. Bill says he is more worried about the fall out for Michelle. Bill tells Eden about the press conference. Eden says Danny should go because Danny might try to pin this on Bill. Bill thinks she is right and leaves. Once Bill is gone Vinnie call Eden and says he will see her soon.

Santos': Danny is on the phone with Jeffrey. Danny says the TV crew is on the way to broadcast his confession and h has to get Michelle out of the house. Michelle is coming so Danny ends his call. Michelle has errands to run so she leaves. Danny calls Jeffrey back and Jeffrey says he knows what to do. Tony has arrived to see what is going on with Danny.

Tony is upset that Danny is defending himself against the allegations of vote tampering. Danny claims there is no way to prove he didn't do it and Tony tells him to tell the press Tony did it. Danny says he will not blame it on Tony. Tony keeps pushing the idea and is getting angry. Danny says he isn't sending Tony to prison. Danny tells Tony that what the press is saying is true. The press has arrived and they set up. Tony is very angry and tells Danny he needs someone with him and tells Danny not to do this. Bill arrives and tells Danny they are in this together.

Danny makes a statement saying that he has conceded the election. As this is going on an upset Michelle arrives. We see Vinnie watching Danny on TV. Danny gets emotional during his interview asking when he will stop being Judged by his last name. Michelle comes up to join him and says she will finish for him. Michelle tells the cameras that they will fight for Danny's name.

Beacon: Jeffrey is looking at the paper with Danny and Ross' article. There is a knock and it is Michelle.

Michelle wants to know what Jeffrey has against Danny. She wants to know why Jeffrey hasn't defend Danny against the allegations. Jeffrey says he has nothing against Danny but Danny made a choice and it was the wrong one. Michelle says if he wants to destroy Danny he has to go through her. Jeffrey hints that Danny did buy votes but Michelle says no she and Danny tell each other everything. Jeffrey asks if she knows about the press conference and Michelle is shocked. Jeffrey says Michelle should be thankful Danny isn't in jail and an upset Michelle leaves. Jeffrey yells for Danny to do it. Jeffrey tells someone on the phone he sees Michelle and that will make the whole confession more real.

Towers: Tony is very upset that Danny gave everything he had up to buy the election. Eden says one mistake can effect your life.


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