Guiding Light Update Monday 4/19/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Airport: Marah tells Jeffrey she will miss him and they embrace but he tells her to go. She heads for the plane but comes back and tells him she loves him, she is disappointed he doesn't return the sentiment. She gets on the plane and then he says I love you to Marah.

Santos': Michelle is confused about why Bill is upset and wants Danny to explain. Michelle wants to continue to fight for Danny as mayor but Danny doesn't think so. Ross arrives at Danny's request. Danny tells Ross it was a fierce campaign and he is sure Ross will make a great mayor because he is conceding. Michelle yells that Danny shouldn't back out of the race. Ross accepts the concession and tells Danny he will do a good job and he leaves. Outside Ross runs into Ed. Ross tells Ed that Danny conceded the election to him. Inside Michelle begs Danny not to do this. Danny says to trust him he knows the vote will be the same no matter what. Michelle is upset that Danny has given up which is not like him and she wants to know what is really going on. Ed tells Ross that he has caused more problems then he has helped and he is worried he will let his grandkids down like he did his kids. Ross says he won't and tells him to come over and ed congratulates him on being mayor. Danny says he won't drag his and her name through the mud again discuss over. Michelle is very upset and confused about why Danny is acting like this. Danny is getting angry and yells he doesn't want to talk about it. Ed comes in and tells her dad if he is here to say it is for the best don't. Ed says he thinks Danny would have made a great mayor. Michelle says she was awful to Ross and she apologizes for putting her dad between them and Ross. Ed says he is always on her side. Ed leaves after he and Michelle exchange goodbyes. Michelle is angry and wants to know what is really going on. Danny denies it but Michelle says she isn't letting this go. Danny says that it is over but Michelle says it isn't and goes upstairs. Danny calls Jeffrey and tells him everything he did and Jeffrey says it is time for his public confession.

Beacon: Edmund tells Cassie to stop worrying about Danny. He kisses her passionately. Jeffrey is in his room and has a vision of him and Marah. In the vision he tells Marah he didn't want her to go but it was best and she says he won't be whole without her to which he agrees. they kiss and the vision ends. R.J comes into Jeffrey's room for a visit. He lies and tells RJ he isn't sad and he then admits he is sad to RJ. He says all he is going to do is wallow and work and R.J tells him he works to much. Cassie takes her son to bed but she sticks around. Cassie says she is amazed that he did all that for Marah. Jeffrey says he wants to get back to work. Cassie says speaking of work are the allegations against Danny true. Jeffrey says she should believe her friend but she should stay away from Danny or she might get caught up in something ugly that will effect her whole life. Jeffrey tells Marah's picture that she made him the happiest he has been and goodbye.

Towers: Alan has arrived at Alexandra's request. Alexandra says they couldn't talk at home because the walls have ears known as Olivia. Frank and Marina have arrived to have dinner. Frank and Marina talk about how they miss each other and Frank says they have something to celebrate tonight. Alex says it will be difficult to talk with Olivia in the house. They talk briefly about Olivia and the baby. The real reason she asked Alan there was to talk to him about Spaulding. Alex and Alan bring up all the scandals that are happening at Spaulding. Alex tells Alan the bad girl is getting married. Alan is getting up to leave but Alex says that a certain person could help save the Spaulding image and that person is Sandy. Marina and Frank talk about her when she was little. They talk about her birthday and how Frank fixed he up a room for her at the house so she can move in which shock Marina. Sandy tells Alan that they should get Lizzie help and input at Spaulding. Frank says he just wants her to relax and be happy. Sandy comes over to the table and joins them. Sandy tells them he and Alex are working on a project for Lizzie and that she needs guidance which Marina thinks that she needs more then that.

Spauldings: Joey, Lizzie, and Tammy are still left after play practice. Joey says Lizzie gets points for letting them use her house. Lizzie says she has a lot to make up for and this is a start. Tammy think she start with Olivia but Lizzie says Olivia is butting back into her family. Joey picked up Lizzie's tickets to the play which upsets her because her dad can't make it to the play. Lizzie leaves the room and Joey follows her. He says he knows she is upset because her dad can't make it to the play and he confides that he misses his dad too.

Tammy calls her mom and asks her to come get her now. Edmunds says he is on his way. In the hall, Joey and Lizzie discuss their problems and their families. Lizzie wonders why Joey is being nice to her and he says he likes her and they are friends which makes Lizzie happy.

Joey tells Lizzie how Tammy puts Edmund on a pedestal and compares him to Edmund. Tammy and Joey go into the next room and Lizzie says she doesn't deserve Joey. Lizzie and Joey have a disagreement over the blocking of a scene. Edmund arrives and Tammy goes to leave. Joey wants her to stay but she doesn't want to keep Edmund waiting. Lizzie offers to help Joey and Tammy thanks her. Joey says he is going to leave but Lizzie offers to help him. Joey says his secret to remembering the lines is to put it to music. He says music is his life and he tells Tammy he is going to serenade Tammy at the cast party tomorrow. Lizzie says he will be great and that serenading his girlfriend is a romantic idea.

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