Guiding Light Update Friday 4/16/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Jeffrey arrives in his suite and sits down in a chair. Jeffrey looks sad and deep in thought. Marah comes out of Jeffrey's bedroom and wonders where he has been since lunch time. Jeffrey tells Marah that he had some things to take care of before there trip to Paris.

Marah is excited and talks about her wonderful new job. Marah tells Jeffrey she is thrilled to be sharing this new beginning with him. Marah and Jeffrey kiss each other.

At the Spaulding mansion, A nervous Eden arrives with Harley. Eden wants to ask Alexandra for the use of the garden on the Spaulding estate for her wedding. Harley starts to leave but Eden begs her to stay to help her make the request to Alexandra.

Alexandra arrives and Eden asks for 3 or four weeks off because of her wedding and honeymoon. Alexandra forbids Eden to get married because it would be bad for the image of Bad Girl perfume.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Bill and Michele take a constant steam of phone calls from reporters. Michelle and Bill both deny the allegations of wrong doing by Danny. Bill and Michelle decide t go find Danny so they can hold a press conference in which they will vow to keep fighting.

At Danny's office, Danny calls Salairno to tell him they have some things they need to straighten out.

At the mansion, Eden is angry that Alexandra is demanding that she can't get married. Eden tells Alexandra that her contract doesn't specify she must remain single. Eden tells Alexandra she will marry Bill even if it means losing her job. Harley supports Eden's decision. Alexandra tells Harley and Eden that the Election recount showed Ross is the new Mayor. Eden and Harley Rush to find Bill.

At Towers, Michelle tells Ed that she worries that these charges of wrong doing will destroy Danny. Michelle thinks Danny was set up by someone. Michelle thinks Danny has changed and he would never buy the election.

At Danny's office, Danny tells Salairno that if the press contacts him (Salairno) he (Salairno) should say Danny turned down his campaign contribution. Danny pretends to be bitter about his loss. Danny tells Salairno he (Danny) should not have thought people would see him as anything more then a mobster.

At the Beacon, Marah asks Jeffrey to teach her some basic French phrases. Jeffrey tells Marah something in French but he doesn't tell her what he said to her just that it was something nice. Jeffrey is in a rush to leave and go to the airport. Jeffrey tells Marah she won't miss anything once she is in Paris. Marah asks Jeffrey not to put her on a pedestal because she isn't perfect. Jeffrey says its hard to take someone off a pedestal if they are already there. Jeffrey and Marah kiss each other and then they leave for the airport.

At Towers, Ed tells Michelle he thought something like this would happen to Danny. An angry Michelle blast her father for once again thinking the worst of her husband. Bill tells Michelle to stay positive because they will straighten out this mess.

Eden and Harley arrive . Eden gives Bill a hug and kiss before he leaves to speak with Danny. Eden watches a worried Michelle and tells herself she feels badly that Michelle's life is falling apart just as her (Eden's ) life is falling into place.

At the Spaulding mansion, Sandy arrives to give Lizzie some books she left at play rehearsal. Alexandra tells Sandy Lizzie isn't home. Alexandra tells Sandy that the play has given Lizzie something positive to focus on. Sandy thanks Alexandra for substituting for Edmund at play rehearsal. Alexandra asks Sandy for advice on a graduation present for Lizzie. Alexandra is having a hard time deciding between diamond earrings or a trip to Europe. Sandy thinks that Lizzie needs structure and a purpose.

Sandy suggests that Alexandra give Lizzie a job at Spaulding. Sandy Explains to Alexandra that she could create a project for Lizzie that would be god publicity for Spaulding.

At the airport, Marah is excited to be getting a fresh start in Paris with Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Marah he won't be going to Paris with her.

At Danny's office, Danny allows Bill to believe that he (Danny) bought the election. Bill demands to see proof that Danny bought the election. Bill is angry and feels like a fool for believing in Danny.

At Towers, Eden gets a call from Salairno who tells her they have things to discuss.

At the airport, Jeffrey thinks Marah needs time alone so she can heal. Marah doesn't think she can face this new challenge without Jeffrey. Marah cries as Jeffrey tells her their relationship has gone as far as it can go. Marah refuses to go to Paris without Jeffrey.

At Towers, Eden remembers her call from Salairno in which he told her she owes him and soon he will collect on his debt.

At Danny's office, Danny tells Bill he (Bill) bought votes every day he just didn't use money. Danny explains to Bill he cut a deal so his family would be safe as long as he conceded the election to Ross. Danny pleads with Bill not to say anything to Michele because the less everyone knows the better it will be for everyone. Michelle arrives and wonders why Danny and Bill have such strange expressions on their faces.. Bill leaves Danny and Michelle alone to talk.

At the airport, Jeffrey explains to Marah that the met at the wrong time. Jeffrey tells Marah he will never forget her. Jeffrey tells Marah that her parents are on the plane so they can help her get settled in Paris.

Jeffrey gives Marah a necklace with the yang symbol on it. Jeffrey explains to Marah it will provide her with a sense of harmony and balance. Marah continues to cry and pleads with Jeffrey to come with her. Marah is worried something will go wrong. Marah gives Jeffrey a hug and tells him she loves him. Jeffrey watches Marah head toward the plane and says "I love you too."

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