Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/15/04

By Boo
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Olivia’s house:

Sam comes home to find Olivia all packed up. When he first hears that she is moving into the Spaulding mansion, he is happy for her; thinking that this must mean that Phillip is coming home from the hospital and they can all be a family again finally. When Olivia tells him that Phillip is still in the hospital, Sam asks her if she has totally lost her mind. Olivia assures him that she has thought the whole thing through very carefully. As she explains her thought process to him, the Spaulding driver arrives to pick her and Emma up and take them back to the mansion. The driver goes to gather all her baggage and Olivia continues to explain why she is doing this. She thanks Sam for taking off from school to help her all this time. Sam still isn’t convinced that this is the right thing to do, but he has no choice in the matter. He tells her that he hopes Phillip will be joining them soon so that she doesn’t have to handle this by herself. She informs him that he would be surprised at all that she can handle by herself.


Marah runs into Tony in the lobby as she is looking for Jeffrey and thanks him for helping her out in the park the other day with the press people. Tony tells her that he heard about all that has happened with Carrie and he is glad that she can start to get her life back. She thanks him and informs him that her ‘happily ever after’ can start now. Tony asks her if she and Jeffrey are the real thing. She tells him how Jeffrey has been there for her through this whole thing with Carrie, and she thinks they are at a good place for now. Tony tells her that he is happy for her, but he does always wonder what things would have been like if he hadn’t pushed her away. Marah knows that it hurt her when that happened, but she realizes now that it was exactly what she needed. Jeffrey joins them and announces that his and Marah’s table is ready. Tony wishes them a good night after Jeffrey thanks him also for helping Marah out with the press. After Tony leaves Jeffrey asks Marah what that was all about. Marah just tells him ‘moving on.’

Still in the restaurant, Harley wants to know why Gus winced when she hugged him. He tries to pull off that she is just getting stronger than him. Jeffrey shows up and wants to talk to Harley. Gus takes off and Harley asks Jeffrey if he has hired Gus again without telling her. Jeffrey assures her that Gus isn’t working for him. Harley tells him that she can’t explain some of Gus’ behavior lately. Jeffrey tells her that whatever Gus is hiding from her is none of his business. He tells her that he will be leaving town for a few days, but he wants her to keep the investigation going. Harley tries to get him to tell her more, but he just waves her off as he says good-bye and leaves. Jeffrey and Marah come back into the restaurant as Gus returns to inform Harley that the car is ready. Gus isn’t looking too good and Harley inquires if he is sure he is okay. He tells her he is fine as they leave. Marah and Jeffrey settle down for their meal as they joke about what they should have. They discuss what it will be like in Paris for Marah for a short time when she realizes that she wants him all to herself. She thinks they should head home. He reminds her that she needs to eat, and she informs him that she has thought of that too.

Marah takes Jeffrey to his room, but before letting him enter she tells him how much it means to her for the two of them to be going to Paris together. She stops him from opening the door and tells him that he has to close his eyes. Once inside the room, she tells him to open his eyes and see her surprise. Jeffrey opens his eyes to find his room transformed into a very romantic setting. Marah tells him they are only allowed to speak French tonight. When Jeffrey reminds her that she doesn’t speak much French, she lets him know that she is not planning on talking much anyway. They make love.

Spaulding mansion:

In Alex’s bedroom, she and Alan are getting it ready for Olivia’s arrival. Alex keeps throwing in Alan’s face all that she loves about the room. Alan knows that Alex is making a big sacrifice for this, but he reminds her what it all is being done for. It is so that they can get to know Emma, and she can get to know them. “She will become a full-fledged Spaulding. And if we play our cards right, she will be standing beside us in the doorway waving good-bye to her mommy dearest when she leaves.” He tells her.

Beth walks into Lizzie’s bedroom to find her drawing a picture for her father. It is a picture of Lizzie, Phillip and Emma. Beth tells her that Olivia should be in the picture too. Lizzie thinks it was wonderful the way Phillip stood up for her and thinks that Phillip is finally starting to see Olivia for who she really is. She gives in to Beth’s suggestion though and agrees to ‘pencil’ Olivia in so that it will be easier to erase her out of the picture later. Alan joins them and tells Lizzie that he needs to talk to her. He asks Beth to let him talk to Lizzie alone. He slowly explains to Lizzie that Emma will be moving to the mansion very soon now. When Lizzie hears that Olivia will be moving in also, without Phillip, she doesn’t like it at all, but agrees that it is for the best for Emma. She explains that since she has been in this play, she is a better little actress now and she will not cause problems. She tells Alan that she totally understands why he is doing this. Alan is convinced that she understands and is okay with all this, and tells that to Beth and Alex who were waiting anxiously in the hall.

In the main room, Olivia finally arrives and immediately sends Eva to the nursery with Emma. She flounces into the room and immediately hands out papers to Alan, Beth, and Alex that list her ‘ground rules’. She tells them of the special diet that she needs while she is nursing Emma. Alan agrees to give a copy to the cook. Olivia is also having a professional baby proofing consultant visit the house tomorrow to make the changes that need to be made. Alex has heard all she can stand and decides to go unpack in her ‘new’ bedroom that overlooks the potting shed. Beth decides to join her. After they leave, Olivia pushes a little more, testing how far she can go with this, by telling Alan that she thinks it will be strange to have Beth and her in the same house. Alan stops her on that note. Beth will NOT be moving out, and he reminds Olivia that he will not be pushed around. Now that Olivia knows how far she can push, she backs off and promises not to make trouble around here. They all want what is best for Emma. Lizzie joins the two of with a comment about ‘her highness’ moving in. Olivia comments that Lizzie is her favorite ‘step-daughter’. Lizzies feathers are ruffled at that comment.

Lizzie welcomes Olivia to her new bedroom, and comments on how lucky she is to have snagged the garden view. They banter back and forth as only Lizzie and Olivia can for awhile about why Lizzie took Emma the other day. Olivia lets Lizzie know that she doesn’t believe for a minute the Phillip told her to bring Emma to him. Lizzie claims that she is mature enough to take responsibility for her actions. Olivia doesn’t think she has up until now, and tells Lizzie that her life is about to change. Olivia tells her that up until now, she has tolerated Lizzie’s behavior for Phillip. Phillip isn’t here now though. She takes a very firm stand with an obviously defiant Lizzie. When the servants arrive with the last of Olivia’s luggage, Olivia pushes Lizzie out of the room so she can unpack. When she is alone, she smiles to herself and announces that they are home.

Alan goes to Alex’s room to see how she has settled in. Alex tells him that she won’t sleep a wink with Olivia under the same roof. She keeps having visions of Olivia getting up in the middle of the night and strangling all of them. When Alan reminds her that it was her that said ‘give her anything she wants’, Alex asks what is next. Alan informs her that he is going to give Olivia a gift. He is going to arrange for her husband to come home. That should make her very happy. Alan calls and leaves a message on Rick’s machine telling him that he wants to bring Phillip home from Ravenwood. He wants Rick to do whatever has to be done to make that happen.

Gus and Harley’s place:

Harley is in the bathroom brushing her teeth, while Gus painfully tries to get into bed. When Harley joins him, she is confused as to why they are going to bed so early. Normally if they go to bed this early, it is because they are fighting, or because they are going to have a bit of fun. Gus assures her that she is the love of his life, and everything is fine. He is just exhausted he explains. Harley won’t let the subject drop, and Gus continues to try to assure her that he loves her. He is having a hard time doing this and still keep his pain and bruises from her eyes. He tries to snuggle up to her to prove his love. When she asks him if he is ‘sure’, he isn’t quite sure what the right answer to that would be.

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