Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/14/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Michelle comes by the museum, interrupting Shayne and Marina’s evening. She apologizes and tells them that Marah called her and asked her to come over.

Soon, Marah arrives with great news: she got an offer from Paris (thanks to Mindy) and Jeffrey is going with her!! Michelle, Marina and Shayne are very happy for Marah and thrilled that she is able to move on from that terrible ordeal with Carrie. Shayne loans Marina to the others and leaves, giving them some girl-time. The discussion turns to Carrie and Marah tells them she is finally able to really move on because she has acknowledged that Carrie was just a crazy lady with an axe to grind. Marina wonders if there might have been some power in the rings from Carrie; after all, look at all the wonderful things that happened as a result of the wishes. She feels as though it would have been nice to be able to believe in it.

The others convince her that it was they and not the rings, which made all the good things happen.


Nico helps Joey with a surprise for Tammy. They meet with Edmund and Joey tells Nico that Edmund taught him everything he knows about dealing with women. Nico appreciates the tip and knows just who to call when he needs a little help with the ladies. Nico takes off and Joey will meet him later; he has to tell Tammy he cannot spend the evening with her first. When Tammy comes down, she sees Joey and Edmund talking and thinks that they are up to something. Both insist that there is nothing to hide. Joey tells Tammy he has to cancel their plans and Tammy is more than understanding. She tells Joey she will see him later.

With Cassie at a meeting, Tammy tells Edmund she has chosen the new play she would like to be in and asks if he wouldn’t mind going over it with her. Edmund agrees and the two head to dinner [at Olivia’s].


Mel and Rick are in the office with Leah. Both marvel at how wonderful their life is and how beautiful their little girl is. Rick tells Mel that he truly feels that his entire family is in a good place and, for once, he is truly truly happy. He has never felt so blessed. He thanks Mel for being a part of this joy and happiness.


Danny meets Jeffrey to tell him that he is willing to go along with his plan: Danny will return to the mob. But he has one condition; Danny is going to tell Michelle.

Jeffrey tells his that there is no way their plan will succeed if Michelle knows the truth and she will only be put at risk. Danny tries to make Jeffrey understand; the last time he did something like this, Michelle took Robbie away and divorced him. He cannot and will not go through that again. Jeffrey tells him that he’d better be willing to let Michelle go because this could wind up costing her her life. Danny is furious and insists that Jeffrey protect his wife and son. He set this plan and he owes it to everyone to make sure they are all safe. Jeffrey warns him that that would be a whole lot easier if they didn’t have to worry about Michelle slipping up at some point. When Danny refuses to bend, Jeffrey shares a little about his own past. He fell in love with a woman with whom he trained and graduated with. She was part of the agency… his only partner. She was captured and tortured for information but, because of her love and devotion to him, she would not reveal anything about him. She cost her her life. Jeffrey implores Danny not to take the same chance on Michelle’s life. He asks him to do everything in his power to protect her even if that means giving her up. Faced with the thought of losing Michelle forever, Danny agrees not to tell her the truth. When the recount is in and Ross becomes the mayor of Springfield, Danny will “become bitter and return to a life of crime”. Jeffrey tells him this is the only way to make sure that his past is never again a threat. Danny tells Jeffrey he is the one making the big sacrifices. He knows it is just a job for Jeffrey and he is not willing to give up anything. Jeffrey tells Danny he will give up whatever he has to and, when Danny leaves, he stares at a photo of Marah.


Bill is waiting for Eden to join him for dinner. She finally arrives and is anxious to get started. He tells her they need to wait a few minutes and Eden, noticing the extra place settings, realizes that they aren’t dining alone. Meanwhile Gus and Harley enter the dining room. Harley is dreading the next few hours; she does not want to sit and make nice with Eden. But she agrees to, for Gus’s sake.

Eden also agrees to play nice for Bill’s sake. They sit down and try to have a pleasant meal but the conversation is terse as Harley and Eden cannot hide their contempt for each other. While making a toast, Harley struggles to tell Eden she wishes her all the happiness in the world and to wish Bill luck;) Before the entrees arrive, Gus receives a phone call. It’s the dealer, who tells him he has got some good stuff. Gus asks him where he gets it from and they dealer tells him not to ask questions and just meet him at the docks. Gus returns to the table and tells them that he has to go meet a witness right away. Neither Harley nor Eden wants him to leave but Gus has to. He quietly tells Harley to order more wine; it’ll help the evening along. He takes Eden aside and tells her to play nice; she gives him her word.

Harley and Eden heed Gus’ advice and keep the wine coming. They try to play nice but Bill spends a greater part of the evening playing referee. Finally Harley tells Eden she will make an effort to be the best sister-in-law she can be to Eden. She would do anything for Gus. Eden in turn tells her that she knows Harley truly loves her brother and that she is very protective of him. Eden likes that and wants that for Gus. So, in the interest of ‘making nice’, Eden asks Harley to be her maid-of-honour. Harley is shocked and reluctantly agrees.


Gus meets with the drug dealer, who brings a little surprise along: a thug who beats up on Gus and searches him. Gus’ questions made him uncomfortable and he won’t stand for it. When they let him go, Gus says he is leaving but the dealer is now willing to make a deal. He is also willing to knock $40 off the price, which is a real deal because this ‘stuff’ is 100% pure. Gus wonders where you could get stuff that pure and the dealer warns him to back off with the questions. Gus says he was just wondering if he is paying for the good stuff. The deal goes down and the dealers leave. Gus sits down, in pain. He receives a call from Harley who is anxious to have him return to dinner. He tells her he will be at the station for just a few more minutes and then he will be there.


When Gus returns to the restaurant, Harley is there alone. She tells him Eden picked her maid-of-honour. Gus is happy to hear that and Harley fives him a hug. As he tenses up, Harley realizes that something is very wrong with Gus.

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