Guiding Light Update Monday 4/12/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Danny has a flashback to Jeffrey threatening him and his family as he looks at one of his campaign signs. He tears it down and throws it in anger.

Jeffrey is walking into the Beacon with Marah when his cell phone rings. He doesn't answer it but makes a joke about how there were no cell phones in the good old days. She smiles and says he's dating himself. He says he has no shame about that. He is joking around to cheer her up. They go upstairs.

Nearby, Cassie gripes to Edmund about how terrible Jeffrey is to investigate Danny. There are Danny for Mayor posters and balloons everywhere. She knows that Danny did not do the things that he is accused of and says that she would go now and tell him so if Marah weren't with him. Edmund asks if it's his face that keeps her running after Jeffrey. She denies chasing after him and says that he's the one with the problem with Jeffrey. He doesn't deny he loathes the man but says he can't stand how he is her favorite topic of conversation. She accuses him of being jealous. He admits that he's worried, suspicious, and mistrustful. They continue to argue. He points out that she doesn't know who Jeffrey really is and that O'Neill gets under her skin.

Marah and Jeffrey go into his room; there are tons of messages on his phone, but he ignores them. They kiss and he tells her that he wants her to rest.

He helps her off with his boots, and she asks him if he has an extra shirt she can wear. She takes off her top and puts his on. They sit on the bed and kiss. She likes it when he doesn't resist her, she says. He says it's getting harder and harder to do. She points out that he can still be himself and still have her. He doesn't plan to sleep with her because it's too tempting. He does get into bed, fully clothed, and they just lie next to each other. She gets upset and wonders what's wrong with her. He says it's post-traumatic stress and it's perfectly normal after what she went through. He soothes her, stroking her hair and whispering to her softly. She asks if everything will be different when she wakes up. She wants to erase the past, but just the bad things. She doesn't want her current life, except for him. He tells her that it's going to be hard to accept what she did, but she has to remember that she did it to save her father. She is still feeling bad about shooting Carrie and wonders if she has it in her to seriously hurt people. He tells her that nothing like that will ever happen again. She goes to sleep. He gets up quietly and leaves.

Outside, he sinks to the floor and tries to collect himself, closing his eyes and telling himself that he has to give her up.

Jeffrey comes down just as Cassie and Edmund are arguing, so they quiet down. She asks if he thinks she should talk to him about Danny. He defers to her judgment. Jeffrey's phone rings, so he goes out onto the patio. He tells someone he did it and says it's up to Danny now. He protests that if he presses him any harder, the guy is going to crack. He hangs up, telling the person on the other end that he will get his answer when Jeffrey gets it. Cassie comes out and gives Jeffrey a drink, surprising him. He thanks her, saying he needs it. She asks if he doesn't think it's time for them to talk about Danny. They go back inside and he asks her to stop pestering him. She tells him that Danny ran this election cleanly and legally. He says that's fine; then he has nothing to worry about. She points out that there are rumors now and says that Danny made people believe in him. She worries that if Jeffrey has some drawn-out investigation, the town will not be able to recover. He wonders how she could think he could care about that. She tells him emphatically that she knows he cares. She's seen a kind side to him, and his deep commitment to getting drugs off the street, and how good he is with kids even though he pretends to hate them. He is silent. She says she doesn't know who he works for, why he's there, etc. but she thinks he wants to help Danny and do the right thing. He says she's never seen what he has to do. He puts the glass down and thanks her for the drink, then walks off. Edmund returns and asks her how it went. Cassie says it didn't go well; she doesn't think Jeffrey wants to hurt Danny, but she doesn't know what to think. He suggests they stop thinking about Jeffrey.

Marina, Shayne, and Sandy are having drinks nearby; they notice how tense things are over there. Shayne and Marina feel bad for Edmund, for having a Richard look-a-like running around town. Sandy can't believe they feel that way and wonders why women like him. She says that women have a thing for the dark and misunderstood bad boys. Shayne wonders about that and she finishes with, "until they find their prince". They kiss.

Jeffrey phones someone and says he's calling about Marah and needs their help. Next we see him going back to this room where Marah is sleeping. He sighs heavily and whispers to her, saying he can't share what he wants to with her as long as he's doing this kind of work. It's been so long, he says, since he had someone like her in his life. She showed him another path and he wants to take it with her, but he can't. He finishes with saying he's sorry.

Danny goes home and tells Michelle they need to talk. He kisses her, and when they go into the living room, there is a surprise party waiting for him, to celebrate his victory (even though there's a recount). All of his friends congratulate him.

Danny thanks them. They discuss Jeffrey's questioning of him. Danny brushes that off as just a part of being in politics. They admire Rick and Mel's baby and wonder what her name will be. Danny kisses her at their request. Rick jokes that he has some parking tickets Danny can fix for him.

Tony and Ray discuss Danny off to the side. Ray thinks something unusual is going on with Danny; he tells Tony that Danny was at church earlier with Jeffrey and that he was sad and disappointed. He shares that Danny said his prayers were wasted on him. Ray says it reminds him of the old days (and not in a good way). Ed tells Danny how proud he is of him. Danny says that Ed was a great example for him. Ed jokes that Danny should name the baby since her parents don't seem to be able to do that. They discuss various names as Danny watches, looking glum. The lights go down (at least in Danny's mind) and he steps aside. The old Danny walks up, in a leather jacket. He has a conversation with himself about how he can't have what he wanted. The leather Danny tells the suited Danny how he got so good at lying that he started believing it himself. He points out that his family will never trust him or love him again after they find out he's been lying. The only thing for him to do is to help O'Neill by going back into the mob and bringing back Salerno. The two Danny's agree that he's not a mayor or a Bauer. Suited Danny says fatalistically, "I am what I've always been". Leather Danny concludes, "And you always will be".

Tony comes over and asks Danny what's up and where he is. They share a drink. Tony says he never cared about how you win, just that you do. Danny says that it does matter how you get there. Tony tells Danny that it says something that he won honestly. Danny states that Tony never thought he'd get out of the mob life. They talk about Salerno. Tony asks Danny to let him take care of his problems of having a bulls-eye on his back. Danny won't let him. Tony reminds him that Ed said he inspires people, and that it's true. Danny is having trouble buying it. Danny asks Tony a favor. He doesn't know what the recount will bring, but if something should ever happen to him, he wants to make sure Tony will take care of Michelle and Robbie. Tony, uncomfortable, asks if Danny is saying he can sleep with his wife.  He is worried that Danny is saying those things; he asks what the hell is wrong with him. Danny won't say anything except that Tony has no choice in this. Tony says of course he would do right by his family. Tony gets frustrated at Danny's hints and evasion. Danny says his family means everything to him, then he gets another drink.

Ed holds his new grandchild in his arms and it reminds him of all of the things he never did for his children. But he also knows that when he left Michelle in Rick's hands, he did a great job. Rick is just grateful to have him home. Mel talks about she doesn't plan to rush back to work. She was considering maybe going into administration with her law degree. Ed is amazed at the idea. Rick and Michelle ask Ed when he's going back on call. Ed turns it around on Michelle and asks her when she's going back full time. Ed talks to the baby some more about his life and how he promises to always love her.

Nico talks to Ray about how great Danny is and how there isn't anything he wouldn't do for him. Meanwhile, Danny tells Michelle that he's not sure he wants the job anymore. He says even if he wins, the town will think he's tainted. Michelle tells him that he will win, and he'll be mayor, no one will care about his past when he is cutting unemployment. Danny, a bit drunk, says that he should have known better because a guy like him, running for mayor, that he will get slapped down.

She is aghast that he's putting himself down like that. They go outside and she reminds him that they talked about this earlier at the Beacon. He ran a clean campaign. He talks about the recount and the whispering behind his back, but she says to let them whisper. He says he wouldn't have been any worse off if he had just taken Salerno's money and won that way. He says running for mayor is a joke and the whole town knows who he is. They go back inside. She wonders if maybe he's just tired and has been drinking too much. He suddenly says she's right and kisses her to allay her fears. They hug and he keeps saying it's nothing. When he says maybe it just wasn't meant to be, she wants to know why he's so willing to give up. She begs him to open up to her, to trust her.

There is music playing as Danny watches his friends and family and smiles. Cassie and Edmund arrive; they hug. Michelle brings Robbin down. Marah wakes up and grabs Jeffrey's hand. They hug. Danny picks up his son and kisses his wife as the song finishes.

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