Guiding Light Update Friday 4/16/04

By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Jeffrey follows Danny to the church. Danny asks if he's following him.

Billy and Josh are at the hospital talking about Marah fainting (I must've missed that though). They blame it on her being stressed out and not eating or sleeping. Billy and Josh both admit that they probably won't sleep any better at night even though their nightmare should be over. Shayne and Marina arrive to see Marah. They go in her room. Marah asks if they heard about Carrie. Shayne tells them this is all over now.

Josh tells Billy that if they had worried more about finding Maryanne that night, she may have lived, but instead they were only thinking of how to protect themselves. Billy thinks that's just something they'll have to live with, but Josh says that Marah is the one paying the price for their mistakes.

Marah wants to get up and leave because she's feeling better. Shayne suggests celebrating them all being free now. Marina says he may be onto something.

Josh and Billy do their best to make Marah smile again. Josh tells her that he's going to bring the car around for her.

Jeffrey tells Danny that he needs an answer by the end of the week. Danny is torn about what to do because it will tear his family apart. He asks Jeffrey if he's going to find Marah. Jeffrey tells him that Marah has nothing to do with this, and that he keeps that part of his life separate. Danny tells him he tried that, and it ended up ripping his family apart. Ray joins them. He congratulates Danny. Ray joins in on the talk that EVERYONE in town seems to be having with Danny lately-I'm so proud of you for turning your life around and doing good on 5th street.

After Jeffrey leaves, Ray asks Danny how he is. Danny says he's tired, and that the election has taken a toll on him. He tells Ray that the DA's office is opening an investigation into the late surge of voters from 5th Street. Ray encourages him to fight.

Shayne tells Marina that he doesn't know what they are going through since he didn't experience all this first-hand, but he thinks they should all be happy that it's over. Marina says she hates the feeling that they were set up and manipulated. She tells Shayne they all can't walk around pretending that this terrible thing never happened, and she knows what to do about it.

Marah is at the funhouse remembering all that happened there. Jeffrey finds her and tells her that Alan has ordered it to be torn down. He asks her why she came back. She tells him that everyone keeps saying it's over, but she doesn't feel like it is. She still feels the gun in her hand, her finger on the trigger. She doesn't think she'll ever move on.

Michelle pages Ed. She wants to talk to him. She tells him that tonight is the greatest night for her and Danny, but she can't move on until she closes the book on what has happened. Michelle asks if things are getting better. He tells her that all he thinks about is when he hit her. He can still see his hand print on her face. She tells him that's just in his head because it's not in her heart. She asks him to go somewhere with her tonight.

Marina tells Buzz that she doesn't want to live like she is-constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for the next disaster to hit. She asks him how he's gotten over things. He tells her he ran. He tells her that he was about her age when he started his pattern. When things would get too intense, he would take off. He tells her that his motorcycle is gassed up and parked out back. He almost took off a few weeks ago. He keeps the keys in his pocket just in case he needs to get out at a moment's notice. He says he could still be the guy that takes off. She asks him why he didn't. He tells her that maybe he's finally figured out that there's one thing that you can't outrun-yourself. Marina tells him that she thinks she can help.

Shayne is with Josh and Billy. They are talking about how everyone is going to move on (just like everyone else in Springfield). Shayne tells them that everyone has been supportive of him through everything he's been through, and now that he's back on his feet, he wants to be there for them. They tell him some things can't be fixed. Shayne tells them they can fix themselves.

Danny is praying in the church. He admits that he used dirty money to fund part of 5th Street, but since it did so much good, he should get a little redemption or forgiveness. He knows he'll never break free from being a Santos.

Michelle arrives to talk to Alan. She tells him that he needs to be somewhere tonight. She tells him it has to do with moving on. He tells her that he told the police everything about the Caruthers case, and that he has moved on. She tells him that everyone else is waiting for him-Josh, Ed, Buzz, Billy. He says he's not like they are, and that he won't be joining them. She asks if he thinks he's better than they are. He says he's not ruled by guilt, and he's moved on by dozing the fairgrounds. She tells him that if he can look her in the eye and say that he never dreams of that night on Cutter's Bridge, then he has moved on and doesn't need to come.

Marah tells Jeffrey that when her mother figured out that Carrie was still alive, she was mad that she didn't kill her. She wanted her dead. Jeffrey tells her not to talk like that and that he knows it's not true. They talk about what this has done to them as a couple. They were supposed to be fun and simple. She says she never wanted to need him or his protection. He tells her that sometimes life doesn't turn out like you'd planned. He tells her that things will get better.

All the men are at the grave together. Josh suggests making a new pact. Alan tries to say it's a little foolish, but Billy interrupts to say it's necessary.

Josh says they've been given a second chance, and they should strive to be the men that their kids can be proud of. If they do that, then maybe they will have earned this second chance.

Michelle hears a report on TV about the DA's office opening an investigation into the election. She calls Danny's cell. She tells him what's going on. He tells her not to worry about it and to meet him at home. He tells her he needs to talk to her about something.

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