Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/8/04

By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Marah arrives at the hospital to check on Reva. She wants to know what happened. Josh and Reva tell her about how Carrie is locked up and that she was the one that killed Maryanne. Josh tells Marah that she is free. Marah doesn't see it that way.

Gus and Harley are talking about the Carrie situation. Gus asks if it's finished. Harley tells him it's done and time to move onto something else which leads her to ask him what he's been up to.

Ed congratulations his daughter, the first lady of Springfield. They both wander where Danny is. Ed wants to talk to her alone. Cassie interrupts them with drinks. Michelle thanks her dad for her support through the mayoral race since it meant Ed not supporting his best friend, Ross. She tells him she's sorry for dredging up the past, and Ed tells her that's what he wants to talk to her about. Bill interrupts next to get Michelle for a picture.

Cassie is very happy with the way the party is going. Edmund is still surprised that Danny is actually the mayor. Cassie reminds him that people change, and that she doesn't expect them to be friends, but he should respect that she and Danny are friends.

Bill still can't find Danny. Eden tells him that he is the reason this happened. Bill jokingly takes all the credit for it, but tells her that he couldn't have done it without her. He tells her they make a great team and tonight everyone is going to know it.

Tony asks Michelle if Danny is still upstairs with Jeffrey. Michelle tells him yet, but doesn't know what could be so important.

Danny thinks that Jeffrey's trying to ruin him by sending him back to the mob. Jeffrey makes it clear that this is his only option, and that he (Jeffrey) will ruin him (Danny) if he doesn't cooperate. Danny tells Jeffrey to go straight to H#$L! Jeffrey tells him that it's his last chance at redemption.

Harley asks Gus if he likes being out of the office. He says that Frank isn't really giving him much to do. He wants to go to Danny's celebration party at the Beacon, but Harley has to go meet Reva and Marah. He asks if she's found a link between Spaulding and D yet, and she doesn't tell him.

Jeffrey gets to Danny by telling him that he's playing make believe and that the "bill" is going to come due some day from the mob. Danny is listening now. Jeffrey tries to convince him that he (Jeffrey) is his only hope to get out once and for all. Danny thinks he'll be in witness protection for the rest of his life, but Jeffrey tells him that he won't have to since they are going to clean up the streets once and for all.

Ed tries to talk to Michelle again, but his pager goes off. He leaves Michelle with Tony. They are talking about Danny winning. Cassie joins them and asks about Danny. Michelle tells them he's upstairs with O'Neil talking business. Ed comes to back to get Michelle to talk to her. He tells her that Carrie is still alive. He fills her in on Carrie trying to kill Reva but explains that Reva is ok and then about how Carrie killed Maryanne.

Josh and Reva are trying to convince Marah that this is all over, but Marah says that it's not because she still has to live the fact that she almost killed someone. She thinks this is worse than anything Tony ever did. Harley joins them and fills them in on Carrie's confession. She says that Carrie is out of it now though-as in spaced out from being crazy. Marah asks if she'll go to jail, but Harley says that she'll probably have to be institutionalized. Marah leaves to take care of something, but doesn't say what it is.

Michelle and Ed are talking about Carrie when Ross joins them. They fill him in on what happened. He's there to congratulate Danny. Bill & Eden join them. Bill tries to get Ross to stay to say hi to Danny. Ross accuses him of wanting to get that picture. They go off to get some food. Gus joins Eden & Michelle. Bill takes Eden away from the group and asks if they should tell the news. Eden is not sure, but before she can protest, Bill makes the big announcement.

Jeffrey tells Danny that if he doesn't cooperate with the feds everyone around him will go down with him-Bill, Cassie, his family. Danny tells him they didn't do anything, but Jeffrey reminds him they'd be guilty by association. Jeffrey tells him there will be a recount and that Ross will be declared the winner. Danny will be so mad that he'll go back to the mob-at least that the story that Vinnie Salerno will be getting. Jeffrey tells him to go back to the party and not to take too long getting back to him with his answer. Danny says he has to give up everything, and then asks Jeffrey what he's giving up. Jeffrey doesn't say anything, but the scene cuts away to Marah.

Josh is still worried about Marah. He asks Harley to stay with Reva and make sure she doesn't go anywhere until she's officially released. He leaves and calls Wanda to have her find an all-night florist to get 4 dozen roses and a bottle of champagne. After Josh is gone, Reva starts getting dressed. Harley tries to stop her, but Reva insists that Harley take her somewhere.

Tony congratulates Bill & Eden. Michelle does the same. They both seemed shocked at the announcement. Gus does the same.

Danny arrives back at his party. Ross congratulates him and tells him that he admires the way he's turned his life around. Cassie congratulates him too. Everyone seems to be laying it on thick about how he's done so much for 5th street and how he's turned his life around.

Ross and Ed observe that Danny looks overwhelmed, but they assume it's just because of the big night. Ed tells Ross that he's sorry about the election. Ross tells him that it's ok, and that there are other offices to be held. Ed invites him to go get some coffee at Buzz's, but Ross takes a rain check so that he can get home to his wife.

Cassie asks about Ross, and Ed tells her that he's fine. She mentions that she tried to call Blake but couldn't get her. Ed asks about Reva, but Cassie obviously doesn't know anything that happened. Ed fills her in on everything.

Tony tells Danny that he's really proud of him, and that he's going to put him (Danny) on the spot. Tony gets up for a toast, but just says, "Here's to Danny."

As Marah looks at a picture of Maryanne she thinks that Carrie was right when she said, "Never forget" because she'll never forgive herself for what she's done. She says she's determined to not end up like Carrie-stuck in the past?

Harley brings Reva to the cemetery to say good-bye to Maryanne. Reva tells Harley she can wait by the car. Reva says her good-bye to Maryanne, and she appears and seems more at peace.

Tony wants to know what O'Neil is up to. Danny says he has some ideas. Tony thinks he should make an appointment.

Eden is still mad at Bill for making the announcement about their engagement. He tries to cheer her up.

Cassie is shocked that Josh and Reva didn't even call her when Carrie tried to kill Reva.

Marah calls Jeffrey's phone and he picks up. She tells him Carrie's in custody. He asks if she's ok. She says that she's not, and that she doesn't feel like it's over. He tells her to hang in there because the worst is over. He tells her that he has to take care of one thing, and then he'll call her back. After he hangs up, he remembers Danny asking him what he's giving up.

Michelle calls Danny Mr. Mayor, and he tells her that he wants her to remember this night forever.

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