Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/7/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Following Jeffrey’s orders, Maryanne’s body is exhumed. Rick examines the body, while Frank and Harley witness the process. First, they are shocked to find that Maryanne was mummified before she was buried; Rick is surprised at how well preserved the body is. He finds a note that was buried with Maryanne. It is a note that was written to Maryanne, stating that this was the only way she would be able to remain forever pure, forever beautiful, forever young. Harley is convinced now more than ever that Carrie is sick sick sick. Rick finds ligatures on Maryanne’s neck and, in one of them, a piece of black fiber, perhaps silk. Harley tells them that in Reva’s vision, Maryanne was strangled with a black shawl. Next, Rick notes that Miss Maryanne has a crushed windpipe. He is “99% certain” that her cause of death was strangulation but he cuts her open to be certain.

Harley has an uneasy feeling and leaves to go call Gus. She reaches him on his cell phone but he is in a hurry and quickly hangs up on her.


Josh is by Reva’s side as she recovers from her ordeal. He wants her to rest so she can come back home to the family. Reva would like to sleep but cannot because she can feel Josh staring at her. She wants him to go home, get something to eat, spend some time with Marah and get some rest. Josh has seen to it that Marah is not alone; Billy is with her, keeping her company and Josh is staying with Reva all night. He is worried that Carrie will come after her now but Reva convinces him to go for a short walk. This way, she can fall asleep and then he can come back in. Josh finally agrees and Reva settles in for some sleep.

Reva is dreaming about Maryanne’s last night and her murder.

When she wakes up, she is startled to find Carrie standing over her and strangling her! Josh returns in time and pulls Carrie off Reva. Carrie tells him he deserves whatever he gets after what he did to Maryanne. Josh explodes and tells Carrie that he knows that she killed Maryanne. Carrie denies this but Harley arrives and relays Rick’s findings. Frank comes in (Harley called him) and arrests Carrie for Maryanne’s murder and for her attempt to murder Reva.


Gus attempts to buy some D from a dealer but he is interrupted by a phone call from Harley. As he tries to end the call quickly, the dealer takes off.


Ross and Blake watch as the final votes come in. They are optimistic at first, certain that Ross will win. After Fifth Street votes are counted, Ross concedes defeat. His campaign manager informs him that voting on Fifth Street has never been this high. Ross intends to investigate the Fifth Street votes to make sure that nothing suspicious was done.

Later, Sandy, Shayne and Marina head to the phones when they are stopped by a man… the same man who Gus was trying to buy from earlier. Gus, who followed the dealer, watches as he tries to get the kids to buy some D but they refuse and the dealer takes off. Gus changes out of his street clothes and goes in to meet with the kids. They tell him about their run-in with the strange man.

Gus tells them to be careful. He cautiously asks whether or not any of them recognized the man. They assure him that they do not do drugs and have had no previous run-ins with that man. Gus is happy to hear this. He leaves them and returns to work. Gus tries to figure out the link between Spaulding, D and Salerno.


Danny and Michelle spend some time together, away from all the election madness. Michelle will not object if Danny wants to head down and spend time with his people. But Danny tells her he wants to stay with her; he does not care to see his numbers trail behind Ross. Michelle glances at the TV and is shocked to see that Danny is the projected winner of the election. Danny is equally shocked. They hurry to get dressed and rejoin the party. Bill, who learns (from Cassie) that they are in the honeymoon suite, comes up to hurry them up.

When they get downstairs, Danny is greeted with cheers and applause. He thanks each and every one of them, with special thanks to Michelle, Bill, Cassie and Tony.

Cassie and Edmund enjoy the evening celebrating. Edmund gets a phone call regarding a trip but tells the caller he has no intention of leaving now. Cassie catches the tail end of his conversation and asks him if he is going on a trip. He tells her no.

Bill and Eden celebrate. She toasts to him and his job well done. Bill cannot wait until they can finally announce to everyone that they are engaged.

Ross meets Jeffrey outside the Beacon and tells him he intends to look into the last minute influx of votes from Fifth Street. Jeffrey encourages him to do that. Jeffrey then finds Danny and congratulates him. He asks to speak with Danny privately. Danny offers to meet with him tomorrow but Jeffrey insists that they talk now. Danny follows Jeffrey back upstairs, thinking that Jeffrey wants to discuss and investigation about the votes. Danny knows that Ross is going to demand a count and he has no problem with that. He knows the votes were not tampered with in any way. Jeffrey tells him that is not what their meeting is about. He tells Danny he is working on a case that involves the mod and Spaulding. He has a man undercover at Spaulding but needs someone on the other side. He wants Danny to return to the mob, undercover. Danny thinks that Jeffrey is joking. After everything that he has done to clean up his reputation, there is no way Danny is returning to that life.

Jeffrey tells Danny that he has no choice. Despite claims that he is clean, Jeffrey knows that Danny used tainted money to fund the Fifth Street project and has proof: pictures, phone conversations, etc. Jeffrey will use this evidence to put Danny away if he does not agree to his terms. Danny tells Jeffrey to go ahead and try; he doubts that anything will come of it. Jeffrey reminds him that if he goes down, he will take a lot of other people down with him. : Josh, Billy, Bill, and especially Cassie. Danny thinks this is preposterous; whether or not he has been up to anything (and he vehemently denies this) Cassie would not have had any part of it. Jeffrey says ignorance is not a good enough defense; she co-signed a federal loan with him and she will be prosecuted as an accessory. Danny realizes that Jeffrey has been setting him up, encouraging him to run for mayor and he is furious. Jeffrey tells him he must decide immediately.

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