Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/6/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon:

Cassie is rushing around trying to get everything ready for the party when Tammy comes frantically looking for Edmund. Edmund joins them and asks why Tammy is so upset. Tammy thought that maybe Edmund forgot about the rehearsal. She is upset to learn that Edmund has devoted his day to her mother, but has arranged for a substitute coach. Tammy storms off. Bill, Danny and Michelle arrive and joke with each other about who everyone voted for. Jeffrey joins the crowd and gives Danny the good ol' pat on the back before his cell phone rings. He tells whoever is on the phone that everything is set. Tony joins the crowd now asking if there is anything he can do to help. Since everyone else has voted, Michelle and Danny decide it is time for them to go vote also. They are all ready for a victory party. Edmund asks Cassie what he can do to help. She has a mini breakdown naming off a list of things that need to be done ending in a plea for help with the motel since Olivia canít be there. Cassie blames herself for Lizzie finding Emma and taking her. She apologizes to Edmund explaining that she just feels so guilty for all that happened with sweet little Emma. Olivia comes in and Edmund leaves to let them get talk alone. Olivia apologizes for making Cassie feel it was all her fault, she admits that Lizzie would have found Emma sooner or later anyway. Cassie is happy that all ended well. Olivia tells her that she is there because she needs to talk. Danny and Michelle return after they have voted and talk to Bill.

Dannyís numbers are down, but Bill boosts Danny up and tells him not to let the numbers right now spoil his mood. Danny agrees, it isnít over till itís over. Bill gets a call on his cell phone and goes to answer it. Danny and Michelle realize that check-in time was 3:00 and it is well passed that now. They head off to their room. Cassie and Edmund are still running around trying to make sure everything is perfect. Tony spots Eden and comments to her that she looks very happy. Eden confirms that she is, she has never been a part of something like this and it is all so exciting. Bill approaches as Tony moves on and comments that the polls are closed now. They just have to wait for the votes to be counted. He is a bit worried that Danny may not win after all. Eden wonders what is going on as Bill is Dannyís top cheerleader. Bill explains that was all part of his job, but personally he is a little bit worried. All of a sudden it is time for the results of the election to be announced. Everyone starts to gather around the TV as Bill runs off to find Danny.

In Danny and Michelleís room they listen to the reports on TV saying that it looks like Ross has won the election. Michelle puts the TV on mute and tells Danny that she wants to spend some time alone with him. He is a bit down thinking that he lost the election. Michelle tells him that it doesnít matter who wins, Danny raised the bar for whoever takes the title. He promises her that she and Robbie will always come first for him. They are on the bed and start to make love with the muted TV playing in the background. Danny thinks that booking this room was the best thing he ever did. They donít realize that the reporter on TV is declaring Danny the new Mayor of Springfield as they continue to make love.

Ross's campaign headquarters:

Ross and Blake are the only ones around. Blake explains that everyone else is out voting, that they should be also. They leave to go vote also. Ross and Blake return from voting and are talking about the numbers they are now seeing. Looks like Ross is in the lead. Ross isnít ready to celebrate yet though. Blake tries a bit of a pep talk on him, but it doesnít work too well. Blake wonders what has him so jittery, it isnít like him. Ross explains that he is just nervous because of the changes in their lives that this will mean if he wins. He pretty much likes their lives the way they are. Blake agrees that it will be a change but it is something that she feels she owes him. He gave up his seat in the senate for her years ago. Ross assures her that he did that because he wanted to and he almost never regrets it. He just realizes that he isnít sure what he is doing. The only reason he even ran for mayor is because of Dannyís reputation. He knows that Danny has cut all ties with the mob, but a lot of people still remember. As Blake tries to reassure him that he will be a wonderful mayor, she looks to the TV and is shocked by what she sees.

At the hospital:

Christopher and Josh are still trying to bring Reva out of the hypnosis, but it isn't working. Ed is there to help and reports that her pulse is very week. Josh begs Reva to come back to them. She finally comes around, and reports to them that she has just been to hell. She complains that her heart feels like it is going to burst out of her chest. Ed explains that is because it stopped beating for a short time; Joshua saved her life when he performed CPR on her. Reva tells them that she has something to tell all of them. They all try to tell her to rest, she can tell them later.

She insists that someone find Jeffrey, she has to tell them all while she still has it fresh in her mind. Jeffrey comes into the room and Reva tells her story. She tells them all that she knows that Maryanne didnít die in the river. Her death was not Joshís fault. She didnít drown, she was strangled by Caroline Carruthers. Reva continues to tell the whole story of the night that Caroline killed Maryanne. Jeffrey will check out the story, he promises. He then has to leave the room to take a phone call. Christopher walks out to the hall also. Ed and Josh are both relieved to hear that the guilt they have been carrying around for 30 years was unnecessary. Ed tells Reva that she is doing much better now, but she needs to rest. Reva replies that she will rest when they find Carrie. Ed tells them that he will check back in on her a little later and leaves. Josh and Reva are alone for a bit and they both discuss what a risk she took tonight. She promises to never do it again.

Josh is very grateful to her. She not only saved Marah, but she also saved him tonight. He is sorry that he ever doubted her ability. Reva notes that her ability has cost her more than it has given them. She felt so far away from him on that riverbank. Josh promises that she will never have to feel that far away again. Jeffrey rejoins them after his talk with Christopher in the hall and informs them that they have not found Carrie yet. He also tells them that they are having Maryanneís body exhumed and they will have the cause of death on record today.

In the hall, Christopher catches Jeffrey in the hall and tells him that he quits. Reva came to close to losing her life tonight and he wants nothing more to do with this investigation. At first Jeffrey tells him that he canít quit, but after listening to his arguments, he agrees that maybe Christopher should quit. Christopher is surprised that Jeffrey has given up so easily. Jeffrey explains that if Christopher has lost the ability to see that he just has to do whatever he has to do to get the job done, then he doesnít need him on this investigation anymore.

Lewisí house:

The cast of Romeo and Juliet are gathering to rehearse. Shayne and Marina are there to help. They all move furniture around and get ready, wondering who the mystery coach is that Edmund arranged for. They all think they donít really need a coach at this point. There is a knock at the door; they are all surprised to see that the mystery coach is Alexandra. She enters the room: Ď"Romeo. Romeo, wherefore art thou? Romeo, deny thy father, refuse thy name." Et cetera, et cetera.í They all do a little rehearsing before taking a small break. Alex tells them all that she thinks they are all very talented. She tells Tammy how proud Edmund is of her. Tammy tells her that Edmund has other plays for her to look at and he has her writing in a journal every day. She says that it helps. Alex comments that Marina is a pretty talented actress too, but Marina doesnít want to talk about herself. She suggests they all get back to rehearsing. Which they do. Sandy happens to look outside and see that Olivia is approaching the house. He goes out to great her. She is looking for Josh. When Sandy tells her that Josh isnít there, she starts to leave. Alexander stops her and asks to talk for a minute. Olivia obviously isnít interested in talking to Alex, but Alex pushes her.

Alex wants Olivia to know that they all know that they havenít been very welcoming to her and she understands that they need to change that now that they know about the baby. Olivia knows that Emma means a lot to Phillip. Alex just wants to make sure that Olivia doesnít plan on taking Emma and leaving Springfield. She is a part of the Spaulding family now. Olivia asks if she has been drinking. Alexander tells her that Emma is a Spaulding and deserves to have all the perks that go along with the name. She leaves to let that sink in on Olivia. Olivia assures her that Emma will get all that she deserves.

Voting polls:

Danny and Michelle have finished voting and notice that the press is still watching. They are surprised to run into Ross and Blake. While they have a friendly banter between the four of them, they all continue to smile and wave to the press.

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