Guiding Light Update Monday 4/5/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Alan and Alex are thrilled to have a new baby in the family, but Alex warns that Olivia can take Emma away at any time. In order to convince her to stay in Springfield, Alex suggests giving Olivia anything she wants. Once Phillip is back on his feet, then they will devise a plan to get Olivia out of the way, but for now they need to woo her. They take Gus' advice and go baby shopping.

Beth interrupts Olivia's packing, angry that Olivia lied to Phillip about his child. She would love nothing more than to see Olivia gone but Phillip's happiness is more important ­ he would fall apart again if he lost Emma a second time. Beth needs Phillip to recover for Lizzie and James and she won't let Olivia hinder that. Olivia contemplates what to do ­ part of her wants to take her little girl far away, but the other part knows Emma deserves a dad and a family even if they are Spauldings.

At Ravenwood, Lizzie reassures Phillip that she never would hurt Emma. She thanks him for taking her side against Olivia and promises she will repay him by trying to get along with her new step-mom.

At the Crisis Center Bill tells Tony that he and Eden are engaged. Tony, obviously shocked, congratulates him, saying to himself that Eden got what she wanted. Harley walks in as Billy asks Tony for help finding Carrie. She warns them not to interfere in the investigation, but Billy will do anything get his family out of this mess. Tony promises Harley he wouldn't do anything stupid that would hurt Marah. Billy is thrilled when his son tells him the good news. Harley is surprised to hear of Bill and Eden's engagement. She is even more surprised when Gus tells her Olivia's baby is alive, but doesn't blame her for keeping the secret from the Spauldings. Gus is happy to have helped Alan and that he has a new niece. Harley is worried she's running out of time to find Carrie alive.

Under Christopher's hypnosis, Reva tries to contact Maryanne. Reva sees Maryanne at the fairgrounds almost thirty years ago talking to a young Josh. She sees Carrie too, but is unnerved. She realizes Maryanne felt trapped by her controlling aunt. They argue - Carrie wants Maryanne to come home with her but Maryanne insists on staying at the fair. Suddenly, Reva says she is dizzy and shouts for Alan to stop the car. Josh sees his wife is in pain reenacting that night and begs Christopher to bring her out of it, but he is unsuccessful. Reva is with Maryanne through the accident and lays with her on the riverbank, realizing she didn't drown. Carrie finds her and vows not to let her niece's life be ruined by these careless men. Reva grabs her throat as she experiences Maryanne's death at Carrie's strangling hands. Josh and Christopher try to bring Reva back to reality, but it is too late ­ she's stopped breathing.

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