Guiding Light Update Friday 4/2/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Lewis': Reva is staring out the window and Josh arrives. They talk about Marah and the grand jury. They wonder how Marah will take the news that Carrie is alive and how they will prove it. Marah arrives and they tell her Carrie is alive.

Marah doesn't believe that Carrie is alive and she tells them to stop trying to make her fell better she is a killer. Marah says she can't be alive. Reva and Josh tell her she probably set the whole thing up and Reva tells her she has it on tape.

Josh says she has no control now that they are on to her. Marah starts flipping out about how Carrie could be here she tries to call Marina and Michelle to warn them but Josh says he'll do that. Marah runs out and Reva follows. Christopher arrives to meet Reva. Reva asks Christopher to hypnotize her so she can getting touch with Maryanne.

Beacon: Danny and Michele are together and Jeffrey is watching them. He says that Danny is in the perfect position for something. Bill arrives and he brings yesterdays poll results which shows Danny trailing by a significant margin. Bill says he has a whole day to make it up. Cassie tells Olivia that Tammy heard from Lizzie. She also tells Olivia that the call was made from the hotel which upset Olivia. Olivia asks where Tammy is and is told she is out looking for Lizzie. Olivia leaves as Edmund arrives. Cassie tells Edmund that Olivia's baby is alive and that Lizzie kidnapped her and it is all her fault.

Jeffrey goes over to Danny, Michelle, and Bill to say good luck to Danny today. Michelle goes to check on Robbie and Danny thanks Jeffrey for his support. Danny is talking like he has already lost but Jeffrey says mark his words he has won. Michelle comes back and Danny and Bill decide they need to get his face out there. Their are reporters waiting for him in Olivia's bar. Edmund and Cassie discuss Emma and Cassie fills him in on the story. Cassie blames herself for pushing Olivia to tell Philip about the baby. Cassie gets a cal that the baby is okay and Edmund says they don't need to blame herself anymore. Marah and Reva arrive and Marah goes to see Jeffrey. Reva tells Cassie that Carrie is alive and they need to find her so Marah will be safe. Marah tells Jeffrey that Carrie isn't dead but he knows and envelops her in a hug. Jeffrey tries to convince her this is a good thing and he says he heard the tape. Marah is still scared by her and that she needs something solid in her life now. Jeffrey says he knows and takes her in another hug. Cassie and Reva talk about Carrie and Bill comes over to tell her if they need anything to let him know and he leaves. Reva says she may have the way to find Carrie and asks someone on the phone to meet her at the house in ten and she leaves.

Bill goes to Danny and Michelle who is on a break from reporters and Bill and Danny think Michelle should talk to the reporters. Marah and Jeffrey are lying in his bed together. She asks him to take her someplace far away in a story.

Jeffrey tells her a story about a girl in a field of flowers named Marah. Michelle can't believe they made them do that. Bill has all the confidence Danny will win. Bill has many more plans for the day but Danny has something to do first. Danny asks if the honeymoon suite is booked for the night.

Police Station: Gus and Alan are together and Gus has found a receipt for a carrier in the middle of the night. They know it is Lizzie and Alan wants his granddaughters found. The men think Lizzie is taking care of Emma. Alan gets a call and gets angry at Alex for calling about business. They talk about Alex and Lizzie. Gus says Lizzie probably got her behavior from the Spauldings. Gus and Alan decide to go talk to the store owner.


Lizzie goes to see her father. Lizzie is alone and her dad is surprised to see her. Lizzie says she is sorry and she has done something bad. Philip tries to console Lizzie. Lizzie is going on and on about the baby's crying. Lizzie tells Philip she took Emma and Philip tells her that was the wrong thing to do. Philip asks where Emma is and then we hear her crying. Lizzie gets her and brings her into Philip.

Philip picks her up and she stops crying. Lizzie says Emma should be with her father then says she is sorry and asks for her father's forgiveness. Philip says Olivia will be mad. Lizzie says she had to get Emma away from Olivia and she hates Olivia. Philip says he understands. Lizzie says maybe this will make people like her that she didn't hurt the baby. Lizzie asks if she will let Olivia hurt her and Philip says no. Philip and his girls bond as a family until Olivia arrives.

She is crying and then call Lizzie a psychopathic monster and says she will make sure Lizzie is locked up forever. Philip tells Olivia to calm down. Olivia is making rude comments to Lizzie and Philip tells her that their is no need for the police. Olivia calls her a kidnapper and a liar and says she is disturbed and if Olivia has her way she will be committed by the end of the week.

Philip tells Olivia that she did the same thing to him. Lizzie is being sweet but Olivia will have nothing of it. Gus, Alan, and Beth arrive and Olivia wants Lizzie arrested. Gus tries to talk to Lizzie and Olivia keeps pushing for an arrest but everyone else is against it. Philip tells Olivia he told Lizzie to go get Emma for him Which shocks Olivia. Philip says he wanted to show Olivia they can all be a family. Gus asks Lizzie if what Philip says is true and Lizzie says it is. Lizzie says it won't happen again to Olivia and Olivia leaves. As well as Lizzie and Beth. Beth believes that Lizzie did this to hurt Olivia but Lizzie says she did it to help her dad. Beth is angry and tells Lizzie she needs to work harder to control her urges.

Alan and Gus talk about Emma. Gus asks Philip what is wrong and he says he doesn't feel like talking and Gus and Alan leave.

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