Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/1/04

By Eva
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Inside the funhouse tunnel, Carrie asks Reva if she spoke to Marianne. Reva explains that she saw a vision of Marianne but Marianne didn't speak to her. Carrie pretends to pass out. A frantic Reva knows that since Carrie has lost so much blood it is important for her to stay awake. Reva turns around to check if Harley has a bottle of water in her purse. Carrie takes the opportunity and hits Reva over the head and makes a quick get away.

At the court house, Reva flashes back to when she and Jeffrey made love at the pool house. Marah whispers to herself that she can't lose Jeffrey. In another part of the court house, Josh and Jeffrey pace back and forth and worry about why the grand jury is taking so long to reach a decision. They also worry how Marah will handle a trial.

Inside the fun house tunnel, Reva dreams that she sees Marianne's ghost. Reva asks Marianne what she wants her (Reva) to do.

At Philip's loft, In an effort to calm a fussy Emma Lizzie tells her little sister a story. Lizzie explains that there was once a perfect baby who was forced to live with an evil witch named Olivia until princess Lizzie rescued the perfect baby. Princess Lizzie then took the perfect baby to Prince Philip's loft where they will live happily ever after once Prince Philip gets better.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia blasts Alan and everyone in the room for contributing to Lizzie's illness and not seeking treatment fast enough to prevent Lizzie from kidnapping Emma. Alan is a bit shocked by the news of the newest Spaulding but despite the circumstances is very happy about Emma. Olivia screams and demands that Alan do something to find her daughter. Alan thinks Olivia is to blame because if she had told the truth about the baby from the beginning the family could have kept a closer eye on Lizzie. Alan thinks Lizzie took the baby because she was shocked to find out her little sister was alive.

Alan goes to the phone to call Gus to help search for Emma. Alan promises Olivia he will use all his resources to find the girls.

At the docks, Gus's purchase of D is interrupted by the phone. Gus doesn't answer the phone until he is finished purchasing d. Alan asks Gus to help him solve a big problem.

Just above the fun house tunnel, Harley quickly explains the situation to Rick . Rick tells Harley he is claustrophobic and he is not thrilled that he must go in a tunnel.

At the Beacon, Tammy tells Sandy she is worried about the play since Joey and Lizzie have gone AWOL. Sandy tells Tammy just to concentrate on playing Juliet and he will take care of Romeo and the nurse.

Shayne and Marina arrive and lend Tammy some moral support and calm her nerves about the play. Tammy praises the efforts of her acting coach Edmund and tells everyone that he (Edmund) is the only person who truly understands how important the play is to her. Shayne keeps staring at his cell phone anxiously waiting for a call from Josh about Marah's case.

Ross arrives at the court house just as Doris Wolfe comes out to inform Jeffrey and Josh that Marah will stand trial for murder. An angry Josh loses control and screams that he won't let her do this because Marah acted in self defense to save his life and the lives of the other men.

Inside the fun house tunnel. Maryanne's ghost disappears before Reva can get a clue to help Marah. Harley and Rick awaken Reva. Reva is upset that Carrie got away. Reva refuses to get medical attention until they find Carrie. Reva tells Harley and Rick that Carrie confessed to setting up Marah for the murder to get revenge because of Marianne's death. Reva is determined to find Carrie too save Marah.

At the Beacon, Tammy and Sandy try to keep Shayne's mind off Marah by making small talk. Tammy admits to Shayne she misses watching him play baseball. Shayne is optimistic that he will play baseball again. Marina admits she wanted to study acting until life got in her way. Marina admits she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. Marina remains silent when Sandy asks her if she wants to go back to school. Shayne jumps in and says he and Marina will go back to school together. Marina invites everyone to Company to get a bite to eat. Tammy decides to stay behind while the other three head to Company.

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus asks everyone if they have any idea where Lizzie could be with Emma. Alan thinks Lizzie went to Philip's loft. Beth and Lillian agree that is the most logical place for Lizzie to take Emma.

At the loft, Lizzie leaves a message for Tammy on Tammy's cell phone. asking for Tammy's help with a problem.

At the Beacon, Cassie picks up Tammy's cell phone from the floor and turns the phone off to save the battery. A frantic Olivia arrives and tells Cassie that Lizzie kidnapped Emma. Olivia blames Cassie for Lizzie's actions. Olivia demands that Tammy tell her Lizzie's whereabouts. Tammy admits that she gave Lizzie Sam's phone number but she thought Lizzie wanted to give Olivia a gift.

At the loft, Lizzie tries to call Philip but the nurse keeps answering the phone so Lizzie hangs up the phone. Lizzie leaves the loft with Emma.

At the Lewis house, Shayne , Sandy and Marina eat their take out from Company. Shayne goes to the kitchen to look for ketchup. Sandy thinks Marina should worry about herself a little bit more. Marina tells Sandy she is tired of hearing the Marina you are not dealing with your trauma speech from everyone she loves. Marina tells Sandy that she knows her family means well but she feels like they are suffocating her.

At the funhouse tunnel, Harley smiles and tells a worried Reva that she left a tape recorder running in her purse so Carrie's confession is on tape. Harley still cautions Reva the tape may not be admissible in court. Rick finds fresh blood on the chair where Carrie was sitting.

At the court house, Josh, Jeffrey and Ross break the news to Marah. Marah still struggles with the guilt she feels over Carrie's death. Ross takes Marah home.

Josh worries because Marah is too calm. Jeffrey promises Josh that Marah will be fine because he will make sure she is fine. Reva, Harley, and Rick arrive and tell Jeffrey and Josh Carrie is alive. Harley explains the details of how she and Reva found Carrie and taped her confession. Josh hugs Reva and thanks her for saving Marah's life.

At the Lewis house, Marina wishes she could move away and start over. Sandy encourages Marina to stay because she has everything he always wanted friends and family. Shayne arrives with the ketchup and notices Marina seems to be in a better mood. Sandy thinks they should all play cards after they eat. Marina accepts Sandy's challenge.

At the loft, Gus and Alan arrive but the loft is empty. Gus and Alan notice the baby bottle and know Lizzie was there. Gus decides to search the area. Alan begs Gus not to make Lizzie sound like a crazy kidnapper when he calls the search into the station.

Outside the Beacon, Lizzie Leaves another message for Tammy to meet her outside the Beacon.

Inside the Beacon Olivia cries because she feels helpless.

At the court house, Jeffrey explains the situation to Doris Wolfe and plays the tape for her. Jeffrey explains to everyone that the tape isn't admissible in court. Jeffrey says they must find Carrie.

At the docks, Marah thanks Ross for bringing her to get some fresh air. Marah is resigned to her fate and tells Ross things went exactly as Carrie planned.

At the Spaulding mansion, A frantic Beth and Lillian wait for news. Beth Blames herself for not listening to Lizzie. Beth refuses to believe Lizzie could hurt Emma.

Outside the Beacon, Lizzie calls Tammy again but since Tammy doesn't answer the phone Lizzie leaves.

Inside the Beacon, Olivia tells Cassie that if anything happens to her baby she will hold her ( Cassie) responsible and make her pay.

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