Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/31/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Olivia returns from Ravenwood to see her daughter but is surprised to find Sam and the nanny there alone and in a panic. The nanny tells her that she stepped out of the room for a minute but that the monitors were all on. Still, she did not hear a thing. Olivia is freaked out, worried sick about Emma when she remembers overhearing Philip tell Lizzie about the baby. Olivia realizes that Lizzie has taken Emma and takes off to find her, with Sam hot on her heels.


Christopher arrives for his session with Lizzie and finds Beth, who is delighted with the progress that Lizzie has been making. She shows Christopher a picture of Lizzie, rehearsing for the school play. Lillian comes in and asks Beth where Lizzie is and Beth tells her that she assumes (ASSUMES!!) that she is upstairs in her room. Lillian tells Beth that she just checked and Lizzie is not in her room. Beth does not think there is any reason to panic; she is sure Lizzie will return home in time for her session.

Olivia and Sam burst in and demand to know where Lizzie is and what she has done with Emma. Beth, Lillian and Christopher are confused and then shocked when Olivia blurts out that her baby is still alive! She wants to know where Lizzie is and what she has done with her little girl. Beth and Lillian cannot believe that Olivia would actually lie about her baby’s death but Olivia cannot believe that they would think that she would ever risk her child’s life, knowing how much Lizzie hates her. Beth does not know where Lizzie is but is sure that Lizzie does not know about this child being alive. She realizes that Philip already knows and was trying to tell her and Lizzie. Lillian asks Olivia how she could tell Philip about Emma, knowing his fragile state. Olivia, once again, cannot believe the naiveté of the Raines’ women. Do they honestly think it is a coincidence that Lizzie and Emma are both gone, without a trace? Beth assures Olivia that, if Lizzie does have Emma, she would never hurt her. Olivia asks her how she can be so sure, knowing how much Lizzie hates her. Olivia turns to Lillian, who stands by Beth, saying that she does not believe Lizzie would harm a child. Olivia then turns to Christopher and asks him if he thinks Lizzie will keep Emma safe. Christopher cannot say with confidence that Lizzie will not harm her. Sam tells Olivia they need to leave now and find Emma. Olivia promises Beth and Lillian that if anything happens to Emma, Lizzie will pay.


Lizzie takes Emma to the loft and tries to get her to settle down. Emma is crying non-stop and Lizzie does not know how to make her stop. She thinks that Emma might be hungry and searches the cupboards for something to feed to her. She comes up empty and decides to head to the store and pick something up. Leaving Emma on the floor, surrounded by a couple of pillows, Lizzie leaves the loft and baby Emma behind. When she returns, Emma has calmed down a bit but once Lizzie picks her up, she begins screaming again. Lizzie fixes her a bottle and promises Emma that it will taste a lot better than Mommy’s. Lizzie is sure that Emma will love her because she loves to spend money and will buy her lots of things. Lizzie struggles to get Emma to take the bottle but Emma will not stop crying. Lizzie wants her to settle down and have the milk so that later, she can take Emma – “a gift” – to Philip.


Edmund, Tammy, Sandy and Joey meet for lunch after rehearsals. They wonder why Lizzie has stood them up and try calling her. Tammy leaves her a message and tells her they are waiting on her. She and Joey decide to head onto the balcony to rehearse some more.

Edmund and Sandy talk a bit and Sandy says “Aunt Cassie” must appreciate how involved Edmund has become in Tammy’s life and how helpful he has been. Edmund thinks that it is all worth it and comments on Sandy referring to Cassie as “aunt”. Sandy says he was trying it out and wonders if it sounds weird. Edmund does not think so. He knows that Cassie feels connected to Sandy and is happy to hear that Sandy feels it too.

Tammy and Joey enjoy the view off the top of the balcony. Edmund interrupts them and tells them they are going to order without Lizzie. Joey heads back in and Edmund and Tammy hang around for a couple more minutes. Edmund says that Springfield looks beautiful from up here and Tammy agrees. Edmund tells her he never would have thought he would have ended up in Springfield, a town he hated when he first saw it. She asks him if he would give it all up if he could head back to San Cristobel with a fortune. He tells her that he is richer now that he ever was before.


Bill and Eden go to pay a visit to Baby Girl Bauer. Before the reach the nursery, Eden tells Bill she has a phone call to make and tells him she will meet him as soon as she is done. Eden runs into Gus, who is also there to see the baby. He sees her engagement ring [around her neck] and congratulates her. Eden assures Gus that the engagement was a recent development and, although she and Bill want to keep things quiet, she was going to call him and tell him. Eden apologizes for taking Gus for granted. He tells her he knew she would come around eventually. She always does:)

Eden is happy to talk to Gus again. He can see that she is distracted and urges her to tell him what is on her mind. Eden tells him that the night Bill was promoted, Salerno sent them flowers. And the night Bill proposed, he sent them champagne. She is worried that Vinnie will cause problems for her. Gus assures Eden that Salerno will not be a problem and he encourages her to wear her ring proudly and not to hide it because of a sleaze like Vinnie. He has to leave to head back to the station but tells her that he will call her soon and she promises to call as well.

Bill tells Rick that he and Eden are engaged and tells him to keep it a secret because they are not telling people yet. Rick is happy for them and assures Bill that he is very good at keeping secrets. Bill asks Rick what they have named the baby but Rick tells him that they have not decided on a name yet. Eden arrives and Rick tells her she missed meeting his little girl. She tells him she peaked in but the baby was asleep. Eden tells him that his daughter is very beautiful and congratulates him and Mel. Rick thanks her then tells them that he needs to go pick up Jude and take him out for ice-cream. Before he can, Harley interrupts them and tells Rick to grab his bag and come with her; she needs his help.


Motivated strongly by Eden’s anxiety, Gus decides to take matters into his own hands and clean up the drug problem in Springfield. He goes undercover and sees a buy go down. He approaches the dealer, asking for a light then telling his that he has cash and wants some D. The dealer asks to see his cash.


Reva and Harley are determined to keep searching until the find something to help Marah’s case, like proof that she did not kill Carrie.

They get the shock of their lives when they stumble upon Miss Carrie, alone and weak in the deserted tunnels. They think she is wounded and decide to go get help. Reva knows that this is Marah’s only hope and she will not leave Carrie alone. Harley unwillingly leaves Reva alone in order to get help. Reva and Carrie talk and Carrie admits that though she did come to care for the girls, the men needed to pay for their crime against Maryanne. Reva is disgusted that she calls her thirst for revenge “justice” and tells Carrie that living in hate is no way to live. She tells Carrie that Maryanne came to her and tried to help her help Marah. Carrie asks about Maryanne and Reva tells her that Maryanne was at peace, not at all angry and vengeful. Carrie continues to ask about Reva’s visions but she appears to be growing weaker and weaker. When she passes out, Reva searches through Harley’s bag for some water.

She turns her back to Carrie, who gets up and knocks her unconscious.

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