Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/30/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Olivia's: Lizzie is backing spying on Olivia. Olivia is inside talking to Emma about how she is going to see her daddy and asks the nanny if she needs anything; then leaves. Lizzie is trying to get closer to see inside the house now that Olivia has left. Lizzie goes up to and tries to get through the door. She is about to when someone arrives and goes in and she tries again until someone walks into the room. The nurse goes to draw the baby a bath and Lizzie is taking this time to get into the house. Lizzie enters the house and comes across Emma. Lizzie picks Emma up and is being really sweet to the baby and says her daddy was right.

Cedar's: Michelle and Danny come to check on Mel. Ed tells them she is closer to delivering and Danny asks if Ed needs anything. Danny gets a call and Michelle and Ed talk. They discuss the baby and how worried they both are about Marah. Mel is giving birth and Rick leaves much to Mel's disappointment. He goes outside and asks his dad to join him. Rick and Ed go into the deliver room. Danny comes back from his call and asks about the baby and tells Michelle he is still trailing Ross but not by much. Mel's family arrives and they talk about Mel and the baby. Clayton and Danny talk about finding a new name for grandpa and Clayton tells Danny he has his vote. Michelle and Felicia talk about how strong Mel is and how they can't wait to see and hold the baby. In the delivery room Mel delivers a beautiful baby girl. The proud parents gloat over their new one. Rick comes out and hands them papers and returns back inside. The group reads the papers which tell how proud the parents are and saying that the parents will take baby name suggestions and all of the family starts naming names. Ed takes the baby to the nursery so the rest of the family can see her. Clayton and Felicia kiss and Remy tells them to get a room. Lillian comes out and tells them to follow her to see the baby the all go but Danny pulls Michelle in for a kiss. He tells her they are blessed to be together.

Reva's dream: Reva is somewhere and sees Marah and tells Marah she shouldn't be there and tells her to leave. Marah doesn't do or say anything a women approaches Marah and Reva yells you can't have her. Reva says you don't want to hurt her and then Marah appears near her. Reva asks if Marah is ok. Reva wants to know why Maryanne brought them there. There is a headstone with Carrie's name on it and Reva defends Marah but doesn't understand what Maryanne is trying to say.

Lewis': Reva is awaken by the phone it is Harley saying she has solid evidence to help Marah's case.

Funhouse: Harley is there with a magicians book looking for a trap door or something to prove Carrie is alive. Harley reads a passage from the book and then realizes the disappearing chapter is missing. Harley tells Reva that she thinks Carrie is alive through magic. Harley hands Reva the book. Reva gets a shocked look on her face then looks down. Harley shows Reva how Carrie escaped. Reva asks about the river and Harley tells her about the trap door and the tunnels. Reva says of course Carrie is alive just like her dream. Reva tells Harley about her dream. Reva says the date of Carrie's death was missing from the headstone in her dream. Reva asks what they should do. Reva thinks they should go to the cops but Harley says not until they have concrete evidence. They decide to find Carrie.

Harley's Angels?: Sandy and Marah arrive to see Ross. Sand brought her there because he was worried about Marah. She is tired of the phone calls and it upset Jeffrey isn't there for her. Ross is glad Marah is doing the right thing now and says she has many people supporting her. Marah is upset that her parents are upset. Marah asks if Ross wins mayoral office will she have to get a new lawyer. Ross says he will remain her lawyer no matter what. Marah thanks Ross for all his help and they leave but not before Sandy tells Ross what a great lawyer he is.

Ravenwood: Christopher is trying to give Phillip a shot. Christopher says Phillip needs his medicine but Phillip claims to have been taking them. Olivia is standing in the doorway and Phillip looks at her while telling Christopher he knows someone who wants to keep him locked up forever even though he is trying to get out. Olivia feels he is talking about her but he says that it is Christopher that is trying to keep him locked up. Christopher asks the difference in a shot and a pill. Phillip tries to say he hates needles and tries to get Olivia to back him up. Olivia tries to get Christopher to back off and Christopher and Olivia take it into the hall. Christopher asks Olivia for her help in getting Phillip to take his meds and finally agrees with the doctor. Sam comes by and asks how Phillip is she says fine and asks if he could go home soon as Emma was fussy this morning. Phillip is yelling no and Sam asks what is up and Olivia says he is getting his medication. Olivia says she wants Phillip to get better but she is trying to protect her daughter. Sam says he talked to Lizzie and thinks she is sorry but Olivia isn't buying it. Sam thinks Lizzie has changed but Olivia thinks he is crazy for believing her. Phillip has gotten his meds and Christopher has left. The phone is ringing and Phillip answers it. It is Rick telling Phillip about the baby.

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