Guiding Light Update Monday 3/29/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Spaulding: Alan has asked Buzz, Ed, Billy, and Josh to meet him there. He tells them it has to do with Maryanne and Carrie and it will make the trip worth it. The men are fed up with Alan and want to know what is going on. Alan tells the men that he took full responsibility for the night of Maryanne's death. He says he traded their freedom for his company secrets. Alan says it was his fault and that the case is over and none of them will be prosecuted. The men thank Alan and says they don't know how to live without the secret. Ed gets a call and says oh my god. Ed tells everyone Mel is in labor and they all congratulate him. Everyone leaves to go to the hospital but Josh and Alan. Alan and Josh discuss their children and how they hope their children don't make the same mistakes as they did. Alan asks if he and Josh might be able to put their feud behind them and Josh said what Alan did today was a good start.

Cedar's: Gus comes to talk to Rick about drugs. Rick thing Gus is on drugs but Gus says he wants to know everything about antimonies. Rick tells him that they slip it in people's drinks and sometimes snort it. Gus says how can you tell if someone is on it and Rick says it effects people in different ways but gets a page and says baby and leaves. The men are at the hospital and Rick tells them Mel is in labor and he should get back in there. They talk about how they have a lot to be happy about. They all say a new start sounds good.

Beacon: Jeffrey tries to get his messages and Cassie gives him one. It tells him to finish what they started out the gym. She wants to know all about the picture and his and Christopher's relationship. He isn't giving anything up and appears to be in a bad mood. Cassie picks up on it and asks if he has seen Marah. Jeffrey tells Cassie about his meeting with Marah. Cassie asks if Jeffrey was able to get through to her but he says he thinks he was too hard on her. He says Marah is sensitive unlike Cassie who never stays down for long he says it was a compliment but Cassie tells him to take it back. Cassie says he shouldn't assume to know her but Jeffrey says that being a survivor is a good thing and he hopes it runs in the family. Jeffrey tells Cassie he hurt Marah and Cassie says she is sorry but he had to do it. Jeffrey asks Cassie to watch out for Marah and she promises him she will. Edmund arrives and says Jeffrey's secret is safe with them. Jeffrey tells Edmund next time to come to him and then leave. Cassie agrees with Jeffrey and tells him he should have left it alone. Cassie says what worries her is what lead him to look into Jeffrey. He says he wont apologize for finding the picture but he is sorry she didn't know about it. Cassie and Edmund make up. Cassie tells Edmund how Jeffrey has been there for Marah in every sense. Edmund thinks Jeffrey will bail on Marah but Cassie doesn't agree. Cassie asks that Edmund leaves Jeffrey alone and Edmund agrees but doesn't sound to convinced. Tony and Josh meet up and Tony is worried about her. Tony says she is worried that the guilt is getting to her, Josh is saying it was self-defense. Tony tells Josh no matter what the court say Marah has convinced herself that she is guilty and deserves to be punished. Tony says he has been where Marah has and if she doesn't do something she will lose herself. Josh says he will look out for Marah and says he could help Marah. Tony says he is the exact opposite of what Marah needs he will only remind her of the bad but says if the Lewis' need him he is there and leaves.

Park: Marah is being bombarded by the press. They are asking her all sorts of questions about Carrie. Suddenly a mysterious man who is revealed to be Tony arrives on a motorcycle and tells Marah to get on. Marah gets on and the ride off together. Olivia and Marina run into one another. They talk about how upside her life is. they ask about the others significant other and decide to walk together until Frank tells them to wait. We see Lizzie behind a tree saying she is trying to follow Olivia. Frank tells them he won't lecture them about why they are there. Frank invites Olivia to join their night but she declines. Marina and Olivia leave. Frank meets Gus. Gus asks if they are going on with this thing and Frank says Gus is the last person to be a cop. Frank tells him to make up his mind about whether to work for the bad guys or against them and that Gus is to personal involved. Frank doesn't want Harley hurt but Gus says Harley would be the first one to back him up on this.

Lewis: Tony arrives back with Marah. The phone rings and Marah is upset that the reporters are calling. Tony wants to stick around but Marah says she will only bring bad press. He says they make the perfect couple now. The phone is ring again and Marah get upset and says how does she get over killing someone. Marah says she understand how Tony feels to have people looking at him. Tony says she did it to save her father and she did. She is upset and Tony says he is glad he and her can be having this conversation and that she is not dead. Tony is outside trying to get the reporters to go away and she is trying to stop the phone from ringing. Tony believes it won't go to trial because their is no evidence. Marah says it doesn't matter what happened in the court because she will always remember what she did and she doesn't feel like herself. Marah tries to claim she is fine but he knows she isn't. Marah apologizes to Tony for holding his past against him. Tony wants to stay but Marah pushes him out and starts crying. Tony makes a call and says he needs to find the boss. Marah is rocking back in forth crying and hits the phone when it rings and screams stop calling and keeps crying.

Olivia's: Lizzie has followed Olivia to her house and Lizzie is trying to find out what is going on.

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