Guiding Light Update Friday 3/26/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan gathers the family to let them know how important it is for the family to appear unified for this interview. Alan explains that they must do some spin control before the federal investigation of Spaulding files. The reporter and photographer arrive and Alan welcomes them and introduces them to his family. Olivia arrives and apologizes for being late. Alan doesn't look happy because he didn't invite Olivia to this interview.

At the park, Jeffrey explains to Marah about the pictures that were taken of the two of them which will appear in the newspaper tomorrow. Marah refuses to break up with Jeffrey saying that pictures in the paper don't matter to her. Jeffrey wants Marah to tell the grand jury that he is a skirt chasing jerk who took advantage of her. Marah refuses to lie about her relationship with Jeffrey.

At the Lewis house, Christopher tells Reva he works as a profiler for the CIA, FBI, and other smaller government agencies. Christopher explains that he is also in charge of nurturing and watching people with special gifts. Christopher tells Reva their meeting last year wasn't accidental he had been watching her for a long time. Reva gets very angry and orders Christopher to leave. Christopher refuses to leave until Reva hears everything he has to say. Reva blasts Christopher for lying to her and reporting all their personal conversations to his boss. Reva tells Christopher she won't be able to trust him again. Christopher pleads with Reva to let him help her fight for Marah.

At the Park, Jeffrey does his best to make Marah aware that she could face life in prison or death if her testimony backfires. Marah lets Jeffrey put her through mock cross examination to prove she can handle it under pressure. Marah gets defensive and mad when Jeffrey asks her questions about their relationship. Jeffrey asks Marah to wise up.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia tells the reporter she is happy to be a part of such a loving family. Olivia compliments each of the Spauldings individually. Olivia tells the reporter that she will be acting as special liaison between Spaulding enterprises and the federal government. Olivia also explains that she and the Spauldings are determined to catch whomever is responsible for any impropriety. Olivia takes her place between Lizzie and Beth for the publicity picture. The reporter and photographer leave. Alan wants to speak to Olivia alone . Alan is upset about Olivia's performance in front of the reporter. Olivia tells Alan that a change needs to be made to reassure the stockholders. Olivia tells Alan they need someone with clean hands to protect the company's interests during the federal investigation. Olivia insists Alan needs her. After some objections Alan admits Olivia is right and appoints her special liaison. After Alan leaves Lizzie warns Olivia that she (Lizzie) won't allow her (Olivia) to hurt anyone in her family. When Olivia leaves Lizzie goes back in the study and tells her mother that the family needs to stick together now. Lizzie also tells her mother and Alexandra that they need to give Olivia a chance.

At Company, Eden is practicing different ways to write her new name. Bill arrives and Eden shows him the piece of paper with her new name. Bill and Eden kiss and Eden says she is proud to wear his ring on a chain next to her heart. Eden tells Bill it won't be long until she is wearing the ring on her finger.

At the Lewis house, Reva wants to believe Christopher but in the end she can't trust him. Reva refuses Christopher's help with Marah. Cassie arrives and Reva figures out that Christopher wanted to tell her the truth before Cassie had a chance to do it. This makes Reva even more angry and she orders Christopher to leave the house. Reva tells Christopher to tell his boss the plan didn't work. Cassie figures out Christopher works for Jeffrey.

At the park, Marah still refuses to lie about her relationship with Jeffrey. Jeffrey pretends it was his idea to lure Marah into a relationship. Jeffrey tells Marah that after they made love the first time he was already thinking about his next conquest. Marah doesn't buy his act but Jeffrey succeeds in planting doubts in her head. Jeffrey tells Marah he wasn't going to lose his career over a one night stand. Marah starts to cry and screams for Jeffrey to stop. Jeffrey holds Marah as she cries. Jeffrey tells Marah that is what it will be like when she testifies in front of the grand jury.

At the Lewis house, Cassie tries to persuade Reva to accept Christopher's help for Marah's sake.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth encourages Lizzie to hold on to hope that Philip will get better soon.

At the Lewis house, Cassie tells Reva to follow her instincts about Christopher. Reva gives Cassie a hug and tells her there is someplace she needs to go.

At the park, Jeffrey explains that if Marah has such a strong reaction when she testifies it will all be over. Marah tells Jeffrey that no matter what he says or does she knows he loves her. Jeffrey is determined to do what is best for Marah. Marah tells Jeffrey she can see by the look on his face how he truly feels about her. Marah cries as she and Jeffrey say a painful good-bye.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra gets on her computer and dumps more Spaulding stock. Alan tells Alexandra that he told Olivia he would be happy to work with her. Alan assures Alexandra that Olivia won't be a problem because she will eventually hang herself. Alan also thinks that when Philip comes to his senses he ( Philip ) will kick Olivia out on the street. Olivia talks to Sam as Lizzie Listens to their conversation. After Olivia hangs up the phone Lizzie decides to follow Olivia.

At the Park, Jeffrey calls someone on the phone and tells them its time for phase 2 of the operation because they can't take the chance of loosing the person at Spaulding or the big fish in the mob.

At Carrie's place, Reva asks Maryanne to tell her the information she knows because she must know it now.

At he park, the press ambush Marah with questions she is unable to answer as Jeffrey watches her.

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