Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/25/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Michelle is shocked to learn that the rings are gone. She, Marina, Harley, and Reva wonder if this means that Carrie is still alive, since Michelle swears that no one knew where she hid the rings. Harley takes the ring box so she can dust it for prints. They decide to go check out Carrie's house. Marina phones Marah, even though Reva doesn't want her involved in this. They find Marah waiting on Carrie's doorstep when they get there. Harley goes in first and checks out the place first to make sure it's not dangerous; she turns on a lamp. They all go in, although Harley warns them not to touch anything. Michelle notices that Carrie's keepsake box (shrine) about Maryann is gone.

Marah spies a pink envelope on the desk that says "my murderer". She opens it up and there is a note from Carrie, saying that one of the girls, or maybe the guys, killed her. She leaves behind a picture of Maryann so that her murderer can remember her always, like she has, over the days, months, and years. It is very creepy and they all seem affected by it, particularly Reva. After they leave, Harley comes back in with one of those gadgets that finds blood and other fluids. She doesn't find any blood. She does, however, find a book by the magician and remembers that Reva and she found a poster from the same magician. Reva seemed to feel something but then denied it. Harley mutters to herself that Carrie has been pulling magic tricks.

Danny and Bill prepare to head into Danny's big fundraiser. Bill is very optimistic that they will get a lot of funds and that Danny will catch up to Ross in the polls (he's 8 pts. behind). Danny is not so sure. Danny asks Bill about whether he's asked Eden to marry him yet. Bill says he still is carrying the ring around. He is waiting for the perfect moment. Vinnie harrasses Eden about her clean cut boyfriend, saying that he wonders what he would think if he knew about her past. He also leans on Danny, who tells him that he's a dinosaur and reminds him that he didn't want to see his face again. Vinnie looks annoyed after Danny walks away from him confidently. Eden takes Bill outside to get away from Vinnie's eagle eye. After a long speech about his feelings, he gets down on his knees, takes out the ring, and proposes. She is very overwhelmed and tells him that she doesn't deserve him. She makes him put the ring on her finger and ask her again, then she says yes. They go back inside and she tells him that because of everything his family's going through, they shouldn't announce their engagement yet. He disagrees but she stands firm. He puts the ring on her necklace chain so it can stay close to her heart. Vinnie sends them over some champagne with a note that says "nice ring". She turns down the drinks.

Lizzie phones Olivia, hoping to make a new start with her, but Olivia doesn't even have an answering machine. She runs into Ross in the park; he wonders if it was safe for her to be out so late. She points out the limo nearby and says she is not alone. He gives her a campaign button and they catch up on how everyone is doing. Ed comes up and she gives him a campaign button. He takes one awkwardly. She leaves. Ed tells Ross that because he has not been a very good father to Michelle, he needs to support Danny in the mayoral race instead of Ross. Ross completely understands.

Ed goes to Danny's fundraiser. Danny is surprised to see him there and thinks he might be looking for Michelle. Ed tells him that he's there to support him in the race. Danny is very grateful, especially when Ed tells him that, although he had doubts at first about whether he was the right man for Michelle, he now knows that he is.

Danny answers reporters' questions; there is some awkwardness for a minute about his past mob connections, but he handles it expertly. He talks about how Ross is concerned about fighting crime, even though he has been a defense attorney for years, getting criminals off. The reporter asks if Danny wasn't one of them. Danny says if he checks his facts he will see that he helped run the mob out of town. He says that what the mayor needs to concentrate on is children, schools, and lots of jobs. He finishes with a nice sound byte: "It's the economy, Ross", paraphrasing Clinton. Michelle arrives and Danny greets her publicly. He makes a speech about how the past is behind them and they have a great future to look forward to.

Jeffrey and Christopher meet in the workout room. Jeffrey tells him that Cassie has figured out who he is, so it's only a matter of time that she tells Reva, too. Then they will figure out that Christopher also works for the CIA. Christopher had hoped to have more time to help Reva develop her psychic abilities. They talk about how this has become more than a case and hint that something similar happened in the past, with a woman named Rebecca. Jeffrey tells him that when Cassie asked about Rebecca's photo, he said he didn't remember her. He wishes that were true.

Ross meets with Jeffrey and tells him that it's very bad for Marah to be with Jeffrey because when she is questioned about him, she gets defensive, which makes her look guilty. He also gives him some photos that a reporter friend took of him and Marah kissing, saying that it will be printed on the front page of tomorrow's paper. This will make people think even more that there is a coverup. Jeffrey is very upset that he will have to break up with Marah, but Ross convinces him that it's for Marah's own good.

Jeffrey phones Marah while she's in Carrie's place and asks her to meet him in the park, making sure that no reporters are following her. They meet and she hugs him. He tells her that they can't be together because of her problems. He explains that her life is hanging in the balance and he doesn't want to be responsible for sending her away, or to her death. She asks if he is breaking up with her, but he tells her that no, she is breaking up with him.

Lizzie finds Olivia working out at the gym. Lizzie tells her that she wanted to work out with her. Olivia eyes her suspiciously. Lizzie says she wants to start over and bond with her, since she's married to her father. Olivia warns her to stay away from her, and from her brother, then she leaves. Lizzie wonders what's up with her.

Christopher goes to Reva's place just as she is coming home. She remarks that he must be psychic, too. She starts to tell him about Carrie, but he stops her, saying that before she tells him any more about her family, there is something he needs to tell her. He is not the man she thinks he is.

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