Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/24/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Michelle is obsessing about Danny’s campaign. He senses that she feels she needs to make up for something and assures her that it is not necessary. Besides, Robbie is upstairs waiting for her and Danny thinks she should head on up. Michelle wants to focus on the campaign and does not go up. Danny knows that she is troubled about something but Michelle assures him that everything is fine. Marina stops by. She and Michelle have plans to work the phones at the Hotline tonight. Michelle apologizes to Marina for not calling to let her know that she would not be volunteering tonight. Marina tries to find out why but Michelle is less than forthcoming with details. Danny tells Marina that Robbie is upstairs and she can go on up and peek in on him.

She leaves and Danny insists that Michelle talk to him. Michelle admits that she will not return to the hotline because she is not the right person to give anyone advice. She used to make good decisions but in the recent past she has been proven to have poor judgment. Danny tries to get Michelle to see that she needs to let go of Carrie and remember who she is. She needs to take back the power that she gave to Carrie… the power to make her own decisions. She helped him in the past and she continues to help him everyday. She is one of the kindest, most generous, most helpful, trusting people he knows.

Marina returns and tells Michelle that Harley would like to see them; Marah needs their help. Michelle is hesitant but, heeding Danny’s words, she decides to do what she can for her friend. She and Marina leave to go meet Harley and Reva.

Bill drops by looking for Michelle. Danny can see that he has something pressing on his mind and offers him and ear but Bill really wants a woman’s perspective. Danny backs off and he and Bill try to get down to work. This proves to be impossible though, because Bill is completely distracted. Danny encourages him to get it off his chest. Desperate for advice, Bill shows Danny the ring and asks him how he should propose. Danny suggests that he wait until he feels the time is right and remember to plan everything carefully because, for some odd reason, women always seem to remember these moments. Bill, who was hoping for more words of wisdom, wonders if Danny is holding back because he does not like Eden. Danny assures Bill that that is not the case and that he wishes the couple all the best.


Reva informs Harley that Doris intends to convene a grand jury in Marah’s case as soon as possible. After analyzing Carrie’s cloak and learning that she was very likely shot in the back, Doris is certain that she will get a conviction. Harley wonders if Marah even knew that Carrie was shot in the back but Reva doubts it.

They both try to recreate the incident in the hope of understanding what happened and how Marah shot Carrie in the back. They conclude that Marah panicked and pulled the trigger suddenly. Because Carrie and Josh were struggling at the time, Carrie turned just as the bullet was fired. Reva tells Harley that Marah was on “D” at the time. They recall that neither the girls nor the men knew that the other would be there. How could Carrie possibly have planned things so that Marah, who was drugged, ended up with a gun? She could not have known that Buzz would be bringing a gun; she could not have known that it was Marah and not one of the other girls who would remain in the funhouse. They realize that it is possible that Carrie planned for every possibility and that all three girls were drugged. Harley calls Marina right away and tells her to find Michelle and bring her over; they need their help in order to help Marah.

When the other girls arrive, Harley asks them if they felt weird at all the night of the shooting. Michelle and Marina admit that they felt dazed and things did not clear up until they returned to the museum. Harley tells them that Marah was high on “D” that night and she thinks that they might have been too. The girls do not see how that is possible. They did not see Carrie at all that day. Reva tells them that that does not matter; Carrie may have seen them. Harley wants them to retrace their steps on that day. She wants to find out if it’s possible that they might have shared a drink or a meal or a snack.

Reva gets a message from Maryanne, who shows her a ring with powder inside. Reva tells the girls that Carrie had a scarab ring and wonders if there was another. Michelle tells them that there were four rings, Carrie had one and each of them had the others. They think the rings may have been the cause of their confusion that night. Michelle tells Harley that she kept the rings and will get them now. When she opens the box she put them in, she finds that the rings are all gone.


Tammy searches through the Beacon’s personal files, looking for Sam’s address for Lizzie. Just as she finds some information, Cassie catches her. Tammy lies, telling her mom that Lizzie likes one of the bellboys and wanted his phone number. Cassie tells her that the files are confidential and that she cannot breach the staff’s privacy like that. She leaves and Tammy calls Lizzie [will she ever learn?!].

When Lizzie arrives, Tammy asks her again what she wants the information. Lizzie tells Tammy she has a wedding gift for Olivia but she wants it to be a surprise and she needs Sam’s help to pull it off. Tammy buys Lizzie’s story and gives her the only thing she could find: a phone number. She tells Lizzie that that was all there was on file. Lizzie says she’ll make do.

When Tammy leaves, Lizzie calls Spaulding Security and asks for a favor. She wants them to track the address for the phone number she has. A few short minutes later, Lizzie gets the information she is looking for and heads off to find Olivia.

Cassie leaves Tammy and runs into Edmund, who apologizes for his behavior. He should have trusted her more than he did and hopes she can forgive him. Cassie tells him that in spite of his mistrust for Mr. O’Neil, he needs to know that he can trust her. Edmund tells her it is just his habit to strike out in order to protect himself and the people he loves. He needs to change that habit:) She knows that O’Neil would not be happy if he knew that anyone had seen that photo of him with Christopher Langham. Edmund suggests that they destroy it but, if Reva is somehow mixed up in something thanks to Christopher, she needs to find out the truth right away. She leaves to go track down Mr. O’Neil and it appears as though Edmund’s insecurities may be getting the better of him.


Jeffrey tracks Marah down, hoping that he is the one who tells her about Doris’ latest move. Unfortunately, he arrives after she sees a press conference on the news. She tells him that she is all right. She trusts him and believes that he knows what will be best for her at this time. Jeffrey tells her that, as much as he wishes he could be the one to help her, she needs to turn to Ross and let him help her fight this case. Marah agrees and leaves.

Cassie comes by and apologizes to Jeffrey for the way she treated him. He accepts her apology but then she informs him that there is more. She shows him the photo of him and Christopher and some woman and insists he tell her the truth about what he is up to and how it affects her sister. Jeffrey assures her that he and Christopher are just old friends who were in the service together. Reva knows that they worked together in the past. He assures her that there is no sinister plan in the making.

Cassie still doubts him and intends to find out what is going on. When she leaves, Jeffrey calls Christopher right away and tells him that they have a problem.


Ross tries to explain to Marah how things work at a grand jury hearing. He tells her that it is really the prosecution who presents a case and based on that, it is decided whether or not the case will go to trial. Marah asks Ross if she can testify but he tells her no. When she asks if it is against the rules, he admits that it is not but that it would not be in her best interest to testify; one wrong word/phrase and Doris could hang her, figuratively speaking. Marah insists that she wants to testify. Ross decides to show her what it is all about. He “puts her on the stand” and, as the prosecution, begins to question her about the events that led up to the shooting and eventually about her relationship with the district attorney. Marah answers all his questions as honestly as she can but, after swearing that Jeffrey would do anything to protect her, she realizes that she just sunk her own case. Ross hopes that this was enough to change her mind but Marah is more determined than ever to defend herself and she wants him to continue with the questions; she needs all the practice she can get.

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