Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/23/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Police station: Reva has arrived looking for Doris Wolf. An officer doesn't give much information to her and Jeffrey arrives. Jeffrey tells Reva she shouldn't be here. Reva tells Jeffrey about the tape. Jeffrey asks how she got the tape and Jeffrey says to forget the tape.

Jeffrey tells Reva that Marah had antimonies in her system which means she might have been out of control which would mean murder which Doris will try to prove. Doris is looking over the evidence again even though Frank insists he has been over it all. Doris tells Frank he missed something that proves Marah is guilty. Jeffrey tells Reva to go to see Ross and see what the defense for Marah is and to show him the tape. Doris comes over and Reva tells her good luck if she thinks she has the guts to go up against her daughter. Jeffrey and Frank try to make Reva shut up but Reva claims her daughter is the victim and asks to see Jeffrey. Jeffrey suggest Reva go to the press with the tape. Reva doesn't understand but Jeffrey tells her that since the DA won't take the evidence or will suppress it he is sure the press would. Jeffrey goes into meet Doris and Frank. Jeffrey says he wants justice but Doris says she doesn't agree.

Reva interrupts and says she has evidence and it can go to Doris or to the press. Marah tells Doris about the tape and Reva says if she doesn't want the evidence she will take it to the press or do a segment on her show about how evidence doesn't always get showed to a jury and then leaves. Doris asks Jeffrey if he has heard the tape but he says he hasn't.

Doris says she has more compelling evidence and pulls out the cape. She says if Marah was acting in self-defense then why did she shoot Carrie in the back. Reva is outside the room now and Jeffrey comes out and they talk. Jeffrey is obviously upset and he tells Reva about the new evidence and that Doris is convening a Grand Jury and is going to charge Marah for murder 1.

Company: Tammy, Lizzie and Joey arrive and get a table together. Tammy is giving Joey and Lizzie a hard time about goofing off at rehearsals until Sam arrives.

He and Tammy embrace and are happy to see one another. Sam doesn't seem to happy to see Lizzie and tells her that if he believed everything everyone said he would have to believe Lizzie made his sister take that fall. Tammy and Joey go to run lines leaving Lizzie and Sam.

Lizzie tells Sam that everything Olivia is probably true. Lizzie tells Sam she is trying to make up with Olivia but Olivia is against the idea. She asks Sam if he ever did anything he wishes he could take back and Sam says she has five minutes. Lizzie claims she is very sorry for everything. Sam asks what she wants and Lizzie says she wants to meet with Olivia in a place to get out all their feelings for one another.

Tammy and Joey are talking and Joey is jealous that Tammy can't take her eyes off Sam. Sam says he is for her and Olivia making up but his place isn't the place to do it. Lizzie keeps insisting upon using his place but he says no. Lizzie says that he is acting like he is hiding something. Sam claims he is not hiding anything he is just to busy and he doesn't want to get involved. Sam claims he has a deadline and will tell Olivia they spoke and he leaves. Tammy comes over and asks where Sam went and Lizzie says he had somewhere to be. Tammy tells Joey not to forget about their meeting with Edmund tomorrow and Joey leaves. Lizzie asks Tammy for help with Sam. Lizzie claims to have gotten Olivia a wedding present and asks Tammy for Sam's address.

Tammy thinks Lizzie is trying to get closer to Sam but Lizzie says she is trying to get closer to Olivia.


Olivia arrives and sees Phillips room covered in sticky notes. He says it is notes of things he has to do so he can get home. He has a sticky with Emma on it and Olivia tells him they have to keep her a secret. Phillip pulls her into a kiss then is holding her face tightly; Olivia says he is hurting her and tells him to let go. Olivia is obviously scared and she asks Phillip if he wants to hurt her. He looks in control and says no he would never want to hurt her. Olivia says the is no mention of Emma in any way. Phillip is trying to get in shape quickly to get out but Olivia seem against the idea. Olivia denies it saying she wants them to be a family with Emma. She says they have to control what people know and when she says he has to be 100% and to listen to Dr. Langum. Dr. Langum arrives and asks what is going on Phillip tells him he is making sure to remember things. Phillip claims to remember something he needs to write down and ask Olivia and the doctor to leave him. Once they leave he says he is better and has something for Olivia. Outside Dr. Langum tells Olivia that there has only been a small dose of medication in Phillip's system. Olivia is upset that Phillip isn't taking his meds and Olivia says they should give it a few days but Christopher says that might set his progress back. Christopher goes in and gets Phillip for a meeting in his office and Olivia stays in his room and finds his stash of meds and says that Philip just made this a lot easier for her. Olivia puts the meds back in the case where she found them as Rick arrives. Olivia asks Rick if he has seen a change in Phillip; Rick says it is obvious that there has been a change. Rick says that this is exactly what she wants for Phillip. Rick tells Olivia that he knows that she doesn't care about Phillip but Olivia says she loves him. Phillip arrives back and Rick suggest a walk which Christopher goes with them and Olivia says she will be right behind them the men leave. Olivia grabs the meds and puts them in her purse as Phillip comes back in and they leave together.

Beacon: Rick and Bill have run into one another. Bill and Rick talk about the campaign and fundraiser. Bill asks about the baby and Rick is hoping for a little girl. Rick asks about Michelle and says she has been happy then she has been in a long time and Bill agrees. They talk about family and Marah. Bill and Rick both think that Ross will be able to help Marah and Rick leaves.

Edmund arrives and Bill is a little far away thinking of Eden. Edmund tells Bill he hopes Danny appreciates all Cassie is doing for him. Edmund tells Bill Cassie is worried about Marah and Bill says they all are. Bill says Cassie is probably working so hard on the campaign to keep her mind off Marah. The talk about the DA and how they wish he could help Marah more. Bill tells him that he has been helpful with Tammy and Cassie appreciates that. Edmund says he has to make a call but is sure all will work out and Bill says he hopes Edmund is right. Edmund leaves.


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