Guiding Light Update Monday 3/22/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Ravenwood: Phillip is alone staring at a paper with the name Emma written on it and is repeating the name to himself. Olivia arrives and asks how he is doing and he says better. Olivia sees the drawing and wants to talk to Phillip about the pact she and he made about Emma.

Phillip claims to not remember Lizzie being there which worries Olivia. Olivia gets a call Spaulding stock is falling and she tells the person to wait to buy it until she finds out what is going on then leaves Ravenwood. After she leaves Philip writes Emma's name again.

Lizzie stops by and Phillip says he remembers she was here before. Phillip asks where Beth is and she says at home and that the car is waiting. She says she was worried but Phillip says he has to tell her that there is no baby. Lizzie says she know her dad was confused. Lizzie says she hopes her dad is out to see her play. She says she worries about him being there he says everything will be ok as long as but stops and he and Lizzie say good bye and she leaves looking very worried.

Phillip is talking to himself about not saying anything to his family about the baby and says he is going to do something special for Olivia. Olivia comes back and sees Phillips doodling and get upset. She says they are doing this to protect Emma and Phillip agrees.

Spaulding: Alex and Alan discuss Gus leaving Spaulding. Alexandra shows Alan the dropping stock rates and Alan says that Spauldings will not drop their stock. Alan tells her to distance herself from Brad because he isn't one of them and neither is Gus and he leaves. Alex goes in to Gus' office and says she hopes he is happy with himself. Gus says he isn't happy and the feds are on to Alex and Alan. Alex says Gus isn't about helping he is about revenge. Gus says that he doesn't like Alex but he wouldn't hurt his father. Gus says Alan didn't ask him to say and most families communicate. They are yelling when Gus spots Olivia. Olivia tells them to go on with their fight.

Olivia finds out that Gus quit and Olivia only cares about getting Gus' old office. Olivia says she heard there was a scandal and that is why Gus is leaving. Alex says Gus is going back to the force but Olivia doesn't buy it. Alex leaves and Olivia tries to get the truth out of Gus but he doesn't give in to her. Olivia asks what the scandal at Spaulding is about. Gus tells her to stay away from his dad and his company. Olivia wants to know what is going on and both get a little angry. Gus tells Olivia she is the insider and she can figure it out and Gus leaves. Outside Alex and Brad discuss whether or not Spaulding stock is plummeting due to the fact that the Feds are investigating.

Alex denies it and says she wants rein of Bad Girl and in exchange she will give him Antimonies which shocks Brad. Alex says she will give it to him but Brad says he thinks she is distancing herself so when the Feds arrive she won't fall. Brad takes the deal. Alex is on the phone and tells them to sell as does brad. Alan tells someone on the phone to sell a few shares and Olivia tells someone to buy it all.

Lewis': Josh gets a letter from Carrie saying that Maryanne will have her day in court.

Harley says she is going to give the letter to Frank to check it out. Josh hopes this letter will prove that Carrie was harassing them but Reva thinks that Doris will turn it against Marah. Harley tells Josh and Reva about the Mc corporation and Josh says he will get the address and go over their to find who sent the letter.

Back at home Josh and Reva hear a tape Carrie made for her employee. Josh says Carrie is out of their lives for good and says they need to take the tape to the police.


Jeffrey and Marah embrace and are glad to be together. Jeffrey says he can't help her now and she is in more danger. Jeffrey and Marah are both a little upset. Marah learns that Doris Wolf is taking over her case. Jeffrey says that Doris is going to have to go with the evidence even though Doris will use everything she can to go after Marah. Marah is almost crying because she knows Doris will try to trash what happened between her and Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells her to stay strong and remember who she is and then tells Marah they can't be together. Marah is crying and begs Jeffrey to stay by her side and help her be strong. An upset Jeffrey tells a very upset Marah to forget about him. Jeffrey tells her that her going to prison is not an option and she need to listen to him and do what he asks her to do. He tells her not to talk to the press or law enforcement without Ross and to listen to Ross. She is worried about what will happen to him but he tells her not to worry and forget about him.

She says she can't forget about him. Marah says she will only stay away from Jeffrey if it helps him but not to help herself. Jeffrey starts to list all of Marah's quality and they get close as someone is outside taking pictures. Jeffrey tells Marah she is perfect but he has to go; he swears he will do everything he can to help her. He tells her she'll be ok and goes to leave but can't and they kiss as he carries he to the bed. Marah and Jeffrey have made love and Jeffrey promises all will be ok and they make love again.

MC corporation:

Josh and Reva arrive and are about to go in. Reva stops him saying this might be a set up to hurt them because she thought of all these things before her death. Josh and Reva enter the building. Reva finds trash proving someone was there recently. She finds Carrie's stationary and All of there addresses. The find a pouch and leave with it.

Police station:

Gus and Harley are there. She says he should be glad to be away from Spaulding. Gus asks if Frank would reinstate him and she says yes. Harley thinks he should wait awhile but he wants to go back now!

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