Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/17/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Jeffrey is in the interrogation room preparing his files on the Caroline Caruthers case for Doris Wolfe. He contemplates getting rid of some of the evidence. He turns on the shredder but Gus walks in. He tells Jeffrey not to mind him; “shred away”. Jeffrey denies that he was ever going to tamper with evidence but Gus thinks Jeffrey just has too hard a time admitting that he is human and he has feelings like all people do. Jeffrey realizes Gus is still upset about his situation with Alan. After sending an officer to deliver ALL the evidence, Jeffrey tells Gus that he did his job and that’s all that matters. Gus is annoyed because Jeffrey won’t even acknowledge that he may have had a part in helping Gus to ruin his relationship with his father.

The subject turns back to Marah and Gus tells Jeffrey that if he really cares about her, and he thinks Jeffrey does, then he should be with her; he should help her in any way he can. Gus knows that if Harley were the one in trouble he would do whatever it took to help her. Jeffrey thinks that Gus just wants to see him “shoot himself in the foot”. Gus thinks that if it’s for the woman you love then “shoot away”. Gus is leaving when Jeffrey kindly informs him that because his cover at Spaulding is blown, he no longer has a job with him. If he wants to return to the force that is fine, but he is no longer a part of the investigation. Gus is more frustrated than ever by Jeffrey and the whole darn situation. But he looks beyond that and tries to do what is right.

If Jeffrey decides to “shoot himself in the foot” he’ll need to make sure reporters aren’t on his trail. Gus gives him the keys to his car and Jeffrey takes them and heads off.


Alan is going through some files in his office when he comes across a newspaper clipping announcing Gus’ arrival at Spaulding.

Alex comes in and sees how upset he is. They discuss the storm that is now brewing, Alex wondering if they should dump some stock before the news gets out that there is a conspiracy. Alan will not stand for that. He built this company with her and he will not let her do anything like that. Alan wonders if Alex knew what was going on with Antimonius but she vehemently denies it.

Alex thinks that it could quite possibly all be a mistake but thinks that if it turns out to be true, Brad Green will be responsible. Alex knows that Alan is upset about what happened with Gus but she urges Alan to focus on the company and assures him that, no matter what, she will always be on his side.

Gus stops by to talk with Alan. Alex offers to leave but Alan tells her she is welcome to stay; “there are no secrets in this family”. Gus tells Alan that Jeffrey fired him so he no longer needs to stay at Spaulding. Alan does not try to convince Gus to stay. He tells him he will send up some boxes and stay out of his way while he packs up his stuff [how much stuff could he have in there?]. Both Alan and Gus are extremely upset though both are too proud to admit it. Alan leaves and Alex tells Gus that this may all be for the best. After all, he never really was a part of the family. After she leaves, Gus finds the article Alan was looking at earlier. He looks at it sadly and folds it up and puts it in his pocket.


Reva and Josh discuss Doris Wolfe and her overzealous desire to go after Marah. Reva knows that Doris was demoted because she did not succeed in convicting Reva of Richard’s murder and that Jeffrey was hired to take her place. She thinks Doris is going to use this opportunity to get back at both of them and that Marah is the one who will pay the price. Marah sees that her parents are upset and when she asks them, Reva tells her they’re just upset because they think people are going to think that there was some sort of cover up. Marah tells them that she needs some time alone and she heads off to the pool house. Reva apologizes to Josh for not telling Marah the whole truth but Josh understands.

Christopher comes by and Reva tells him she needs a crash course. She needs Maryanne’s ghost to come to her now. She has to help Marah. He warns her that she cannot force the connection and that it will happen when it is meant to. Reva is worried that that may be too late for Marah. Christopher apologizes but assures her that there really is nothing he can do.

Later, Reva and Josh are talking and he asks her if she is sure Maryanne’s connection is a positive thing. What if what Maryanne has to say is not helpful to Marah but harmful. Reva tells him she just knows it is positive. She can feel it. The doorbell rings and a deliveryman gives Josh an envelope. When he opens it up, he is startled to see that it (a pink envelope) is from Carrie.


Marah opens her door and finds Michelle and NuMarina waiting for her. They heard the news and wanted to be there for her. As they talk, they each realize that they are all still very much affected by Carrie.

Marah does not think it is right for them to blame all their problems on her. Michelle says that thanks to Carrie she cannot trust herself or her own judgment. Marina cannot trust anyone else. And Marah, who is responsible for taking Carrie’s life, cannot forget that she is responsible for all the grief her family is going through; she is also very worried about Jeffrey.

After the other girls leave, there is a knock at the door. Marah opens it and is relived to see Jeffrey standing there. They embrace.

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