Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/16/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Company: Cassie is very upset with Edmund. Cassie wants to know who the woman in the picture is but Edmund has no clue. Edmund believes they came here with an agenda. Cassie wants to know why Edmund is so concerned with this. Edmund claims to be worried about Reva and Christopher's relationship. Cassie asks if he was worried about Christopher and that is where the picture came from. He starts to respond but Cassie knows that Jeffrey was the one Edmund was digging up information on. Edmund admits it and then Cassie leaves.

Edmund goes over to Cassie and she wants to know why he started looking into Jeffrey. He says there is more to him then they know. Edmund says that their were sparks between her and Jeffrey when they first met. Cassie asked what happened to them telling each other everything, she says she doesn't get why he is so insecure to do that. He says he did and would do it again. Edmund wants to discuss but Cassie doesn't think there is anything to discuss it. Edmund says he is concerned for Reva with her connection with Christopher. Cassie says she will look into but is upset he had his henchmen do his dirty work and she leaves.

Fairgrounds: Reva wants to know who is there and finds out it is Harley. They both want to know why the other is there but know that it is because of Maryanne.

Harley tells Reva that she doesn't think the whole Carrie ordeal is over and she is looking for evidence to back that up. Reva tells Harley she is there looking for a ghost. Harley suggests to Reva that they work together to help their loved ones. Reva is hesitant and suggest she get Blake involved instead. Harley says she needs her psychic powers for this. Reva is hesitant but decides to work with Harley. Reva asks what Harley found. She says that Reva got a feeling from the sign and she found these ledgers. Doris arrives and tells Reva and Harley that she is taking over the case. Reva says it was self-defense but Doris says she can't discuss the case.

Doris leaves, and soon after Reva does as well.

Lewis': Marah is watching the news and the recap of tonight's story replays. The top story of the night is that Marah killed Carrie and is involved with Jeffrey. Marah is very upset to hear this broadcast.

Josh arrives and says he heard and let's her know that her family is there for her. Marah says she isn't worried about her but about Jeffrey. Josh says that depends on if it is true or not. Marah tells her dad that she and Jeffrey made love New Year's eve. Josh is a little upset. Marah goes on to tell Josh about the one time deal she and Jeffrey made. She tells her dad she felt safe, whole, and cherished that night with Jeffrey. Josh asks if she loves him and she says she wanted him then and now and that neither one of them planed this. They hug and Marah is worried about Jeffrey. Josh suggest she stay away from Jeffrey to protect herself and Jeffrey.

Sandy and Shayne arrive and Shayne is livid until Marah says it is true. Sandy believes the source wants it to play out how it is. Sandy and Shayne want to find the guy but Josh says no one will hurt Marah's case. Josh says they need to keep a low profile to keep Marah out of the papers. Josh says he and Marah were in the middle of something and Sandy and Shayne leave. They head to the Beacon. Marah and her dad talk about Jeffrey. They get a phone call from a TV reporter wanting a story. Josh yells at them to not call back. Marah says this is how her mom felt. Josh says the people don't know the whole story.

Josh says that Jeffrey called but it's best they don't have contact. Josh says he wishes it was easier and Marah is upset that she hurt Jeffrey. Josh says scandal goes away but Marah says she is it for now. Marah says she is to worried about Jeffrey that she neglected him. She apologizes for letting Carrie into their lives but he says he did that. They talk about Marah was young and how josh would always let her make her own descions. Josh says he was so horrified when Marah came forward but he was also so proud. Marah is so moved that she is crying and she says she did what she did because of what Josh taught her. They exchange I love you's and embrace both in tears.

Reva arrives concerned about Marah. Reva informs Josh that Doris is taking over Marah's case. Reva claims that Doris is going after Marah to get to her.

Outside Beacon:

Jeffrey's assistant asks what he is going to do about this. The mayor arrives and says his office will back Jeffrey. Jeffrey confesses he and Marah are "friends" and then hands the man his letter removing himself from the case. Doris arrives and says she will step in as the Assistant DA. Jeffrey says she should see it must be pleaded out but Doris doesn't agree. Jeffrey says he hopes the ADA handles this case professional she responds with he would be the one with personal feelings on his mind now.

Jeffrey says he is getting off the case because of his friend. The ADA believes that Marah took the Antimonies of her own free will. Jeffrey defend Marah and then tells Doris that she needs to remember that he will be her boss again. The mayor leaves and the ADA wants all the notes and material on the case and then she leaves.

Sandy and Shayne arrive and Sandy tells Shayne he saw Marah that night. Shayne is upset that Sandy didn't tell him the truth and then says that he passed the family test.

Police station:

Jeffrey is getting the files together for Doris and Frank arrives. He tells him he is handing over the case and he hopes everything work out how it should. Jeffrey says no matter what he has to do the end result will be Marah being freed. Frank says that Doris is thinking of forming a grand jury for the case.


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