Guiding Light Update Monday 3/15/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Outside Company:

Michelle and Danny meet up and discuss her day. Michelle has had a bust day with Robbie, hotline, and talking Danny up. she says she has been busy the last couple months but will make up for that. Eden is hurrying out of Company and runs into Michelle and Danny. they make small chat and Michelle says Eden looked startled but Eden says she is just proud of Bill then says she has to go. Danny says she is jealous but Michelle says she is proud of Danny. Bill comes out and Michelle congratulates him and the talk about the mayoral race. Bill leaves and Danny and Michelle talk about how he needs to work to beat Ross. Michelle asks if it will break his heart to lose. Michelle tells Danny he is an example to kids. Danny tells Michelle he wants to go on a date with her election night just him and her. He says he won because he has her and the kiss. Michelle says she has to go tuck Robbie in and they leave.

Company": Bill asks Eden if he should be jealous of whoever sent the flowers. Eden says she doesn't know who sent them as there was no card.

Eden slips the card unnoticed by Bill. Eden says she thought they were Bill but Bill says no. Eden says maybe they are from Alex trying to network. Bill wants to call Alex to thank her but Eden says that she will thank Alex on his behave so she id the one pursuing. Eden tells Bill they should have dinner.

Edmund and Cassie meet at the Beacon. Edmund tells Cassie that Jeffrey was an operative for the CIA and so was Christopher Langum.

Outside Lewis': Reva and Cassie are worried about Marah. Reva says part of her wishes Marah never came forward but Cassie says she had to she is Reva's daughter.

Inside Lewis':

Marah is trying to call someone. Marah says Jeffrey pick up but her mother comes in and tells her not to do this. Reva tries to convince Marah that calling Jeffrey leads her to take a risk she can't take. Reva says she knows they care for each other but they can't be together.

Reva says Marah always told her to be cautious and think of the consequence maybe Marah should take her own advice. Marah says they don't like Jeffrey so they aren't objective. She says he is sweet, kind, and protective at least with her. Marah says she trust and believes him 100%. Reva says his protectiveness could be more of a weakness and asks Cassie to back her up but Cassie agrees with Marah. Cassie says she thinks Jeffrey is rude and self-absorbed but now she sees him in a new light. Cassie says Marah relies on Jeffrey and she needs someone to lean on. Cassie tells Marah she needs to be cautious and careful. Marah promises to be careful, and she won't stop seeing Jeffrey because she wants to be happy. Marah says that is what Carrie wanted and she won't let Carrie win. Reva says Marah doesn't want Carrie to win but she already has, she says Carrie is wrecking her family from the grave. Reva see Maryanne's ghost outside. Cassie asks Reva what she is looking at. Cassie asks if she should call Christopher. Reva says no Christopher told her to go with it, he has been expecting it. Reva says she believe Carrie is trying to tell her something about her death. Reva says she always sees Maryanne in connection to Marah. Reva goes on to say that the fairgrounds mean a lot to Maryanne and says she is going there to help Marah. Marah hears on the news that they know she is the new suspect and that she and Jeffrey are involved.

Beacon: A reporter tries to talk Jeffrey into giving him information. Jeffrey says his office issued a statement. The reporter says the town wants justice and they aren't sure Jeffrey can do that. The reporter says his department is competent but Jeffrey can't be objective. Jeffrey asks why he says that but the reporter won't tell him. Jeffrey says they should have a private discussion about this.

Jeffrey grips the reporters neck and tell him that whatever he prints about him he better have proof.

Dax arrives to see Edmund regarding Jeffrey. Dax tells Edmund to look at the picture and supporting documents and then Edmund says oh my god they knew each other. Edmund asks if these images could have been doctored but the man says he checked and rechecked.

He asks Edmund if there is anything else he can help him with. Edmund gives him an mean stare and the man says right hell wait to hear from him and then leaves. Jeffrey calls Rick about Marah's blood test and tells Rick he needed the results yesterday. Edmund runs into him and urges Jeffrey to do right by Marah now and in the future. Jeffrey calls Marah and they go over the day. Jeffrey says Reva is right and they shouldn't be talking to each other. Marah begs him not to give up now. Eden runs into Bill at the bar. Eden says she has a headache and asks to celebrate another night.

Eden leaves and we see Bill with an engagement ring!!!! Jeffrey says he has to go to work and he will call her when it is safe. He tells her to stay close to her family.

When he gets to work he is shown a newspaper heading that reads 'D.A. Covers for Murdering Mistress.'

Tony's': Eden shows up in a panic talking about roses. Tony asks if it can wait and he goes to get dressed. Eden begins to tell him the story. He asks for some clothes and she gets them. Eden tells Tony that Salerno sent him the flowers.

Tony ask what this has to do with him and Eden says they are suppose to be in this together. Eden says now Vinnie think he has leverage on him. Tony says she can't get out of the life and Vinnie is reminding her of that. Eden says she thought Tony would help and Tony says she should know Salerno better. Eden asks what she should do and he says nothing. Tony tells her she will never be able to put the past behind her, she calls him a creep and leaves in tears.

Fairgrounds: Reva is there and is talking about the pain and joy that has happened there. She calls to Maryanne and hears a noise and asks whose there.

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