Guiding Light Update Friday 3/10/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus arrives to talk to Alan. Alan informs Gus that he is going to the police station to cut a deal with Jeffrey. Gus is pleased about Alan's decision. Gus encourages Alan to be honest with Jeffrey and tell him everything he knows. Alan asks Gus to go with him for moral support. Gus agrees to be there for moral support for Alan.

At Company, Olivia sees Bill and asks if she can have lunch with him. Bill agrees and Olivia congratulates Bill on his new job. Bill congratulates Olivia on her marriage to Philip and her job at Spaulding. Olivia suggests a collaboration between Spaulding enterprises and Lewis construction.

At Ravenwood, Philip finishes his lunch and tells the nurse he is still hungry. The nurse is puzzled but she says she will see what she can do about getting him something more to eat. Outside in the hallway, Rick arrives and asks the nurse how Philip is doing. The nurse responds that today isn't one of Philip's better days.

At Company, Bill points out to Olivia that Spaulding Lewis collaborations have not been successful in the past. Olivia tells Bill she doesn't want to talk about the past but look to the future of both companies. Bill is still doubtful that he can run Lewis construction. Olivia offers Bill some encouragement by saying that he has been doing a wonderful job running the company and she is glad the company has new blood. Olivia tells Bill he should enjoy his new job. Olivia offers a toast in honor of Bill's new job.

At Ravenwood, Rick wonders if Philip will be out of the hospital in time for the birth of he and Mel's baby. Rick wants Philip to be a big part of his baby's life. Philip tells Rick that he would love nothing more then for their children to grow up together. Philip tells Rick that the baby he had with Olivia is alive and the baby's name is Emma. Rick thinks that Philip isn't facing the loss of his baby. Rick decides to cut his visit short and tells Philip to rest. Outside in the hallway, Rick asks the nurse to notify doctor Langham that Dr. Bauer would like to speak with him as soon as possible. Inside his room Philip imitates Ricks voice asking him who's baby then Philip repeats my baby Emma. Beth and Lizzie arrive for a visit. Philip turns around and says hi baby to Lizzie. Beth and Lizzie are puzzled by Philip's behavior.

At the police station, Alan is annoyed that Alexandra didn't follow his orders and fly to Paris. Alexandra tells Alan she couldn't let him face this alone. Inside the interrogation room, Jeffrey wants Gus to interrogate Alan. Jeffrey explains that he needs to find out if Alan is responsible for distributing antimonies as delirium. Gus is angry at Jeffrey because this interrogation could cause his relationship with his father to go down the drain. Gus goes outside to get Alan. Gus is surprised to see Alexandra with Alan. Alexandra tries to punch Gus for making Alan cut a deal. Alan calms Alexandra down and explains to her Gus is there to make things go smoothly for him. Alan's lawyer doesn't think cutting a deal is a good idea. Alan insists that he must take responsibility for his actions. Alan and Gus go into the interrogation room with Alan's lawyer. When Gus states the terms of Jeffrey's deal he mentions that Alan must turn over all company records including e-mails. Alan is startled because he wasn't aware he needed to turn over all his company records. Alan thought they just wanted to examine Pharmaceutical division records. Gus tells Alan that if he doesn't turn over all the company records things will get a lot worse for him.

At Company, Danny congratulates Bill on his new job. Olivia leaves Danny and Bill alone to talk. Danny wonders if Bill can handle Lewis construction and the campaign. Danny tells Bill he will understand if he wants to quit the campaign. Bill tells Danny he can handle both jobs and he doesn't want to quit the campaign.

At Ravenwood, An excited Philip tells Beth and Lizzie about Emma. Philip describes what Emma looks like to Beth and Lizzie. Beth is very worried and tells Philip he is in denial because he and Olivia's baby is dead. Philip tells Beth his baby is alive because he held her in his arms.

Outside Company, Rick and Ross make small talk . Rick informs Ross that Danny and Bill are having a meeting inside and if he wants to avoid seeing them he could eat someplace else. Ross thanks Rick for the warning. Eden arrives and says hello to both the men the quickly goes inside. Olivia stops Eden on her way to see Bill and asks her to mention to Bill that Spaulding owns a small trucking Company that could be useful to Lewis construction. Outside Company, Ross feels bad about not having more time to visit Philip/ Ross tells Rick he plans to visit Philip soon. Rick thinks that Philip could use allot of visitors right now. Olivia overhears the conversation and tells Ross that Philip needs rest and is in no condition to receive allot of visitors. Inside Company, Eden finally gets to Bill and Danny's table. Danny leaves the two love birds alone. Bill still feels like he is taking advantage of a bad family situation. Bill wonders if he can run the company alone. Eden assures Bill that if he dad and uncle didn't trust him with the company they never would have given it to him. Danny asks Ross not to use Michelle's presence at the fun house against him in the campaign. Ross is offended that Danny would think he would use that against him.

At the police Station, Alan feels betrayed by Gus. Alan also is very angry that he was ambush. Alan tells Gus and Jeffrey that antimonies was being sold to developing countries at half the cost. Alan feels that Brad Green was the one that had the idea and Alexandra just went along with it. Jeffrey and Gus both feel that Alan isn't telling the whole truth. Gus gets angry at Alan and demands that he tell the whole story or he will lose the deal. Gus tells Alan that someone at Spaulding is involved in selling Antimonies on the street as delirium. Alan is offended and angry about Gus's accusation and Physically goes after Gus until Jeffrey stops him. An angry Alan tells Gus and Jeffrey they don't have what it takes to bring Spaulding enterprises down.

At Ravenwood , Philip begs Beth and Lizzie to believe him about the baby. Olivia arrives and Philip asks her to tell Beth and Lizzie about the baby. Olivia tells Beth and Lizzie she needs to speak to them in the hall. Philip asks Olivia to please tell them the truth. Olivia explains to Beth and Lizzie that Philip needs his rest and that is why she has been limiting his visitors. Olivia asks them not to pay attention to anything Philip may have told them. Beth gives Olivia her card with all her phone numbers and tells Olivia to cal her anytime.

At Company, Eden receives flowers from Vinyl Salairno congratulating her on making a smart decision.

At Ravenwood, Olivia explains to Philip that he can't talk about Emma to Rick, Beth or Lizzie. Philip asks Lizzie was here? Beth wonders if Lizzie is trying to improve her relationship with Olivia. Lizzie tells Beth she admires one thing about Olivia she knows how to win she may win dirty but she still wins.

At the police station, Alan tells Gus that from now on he (Gus) is in this alone. Alan tells Alexandra he was ambushed and accused of being a drug dealer. Alexandra thinks the accusation is ridiculous and asks Alan to tell her everything that happened as they leave. Gus feels horrible about what he just did to Alan. Jeffrey tells Gus to take comfort because by the way Alan acted they can rule him at as the person responsible for distributing antimonies. Jeffrey looks at the toxicology report on Marah. Jeffrey discovers there were traces of antimonies in Marah's blood stream the night of the shooting.

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