Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/11/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lewis house, Jeffrey arrives and asks Reva if Marah is okay. Reva tells Jeffrey that he is risking his career by visiting Marah. Jeffrey explains to Reva that he doesn't care about his career anymore he must know how Marah is doing. Reva invites Jeffrey in so they can have a talk. Jeffrey explains to Reva that he wishes he could make the murder case go away.

At the pool house, Marina doesn't think Marah should be alone and offers to stay with her. Marah refuses the offer saying that Marina needs to be with Shayne. Marina offers to call someone to stay with Marah. Marah thinks about Jeffrey but tells Marina there isn't anyone who can help her now anyway. Marina advises Marah to stop blaming herself for shooting Carrie because she had to shoot her to protect herself and the men. Marina tells Marah she did what she had to do. Marina wishes the D.A. would understand that and not press charges against Marah. Marah tells Marina to stop bashing Jeffrey because he feels just as badly about this situation as everyone else. Marah feels badly because she did exactly what Carrie wanted her to do.

At Company, Harley demands an answer from Buzz as to the reason why he went down to the station to change his original statement.

Buzz explains that he and the other men lied to protect Marah. Buzz tells Harley it was time to give an accurate statement. Buzz asks Harley to drop the subject because he won't discuss it anymore. Gus arrives and tells Harley Alan is avoiding him. Harley explains that Buzz is doing the same thing with her. Gus is very disappointed because Alan refused to turn over Spaulding files to help in the drug investigation. Gus thinks Alan cares more about the company then his own son. Harley wishes Buzz would put his family first for once in his life. Harley thinks Carrie still has a few surprises left for everyone from beyond the grave. Gus doesn't think a dead woman can do any harm.

At Lewis construction, Bill cries as he comes to terms with Josh and Billy's actions. Bill explains that they (Billy and Josh) have always been his heroes and that he understands they did what they had to do to protect Marah. Bill tell them that they are still his heroes.

Billy and Josh tell Bill they want him to run Lewis construction on a permanent basis. Josh explains that he and Billy will be concentrating on Marah's trial. Bill refuses to take the company because he doesn't want to take advantage of the current family situation. Billy and Josh explain to Bill that he is ready to take over the company and nothing would make them happier then that he take over the company. Bill agrees to take over the company.

At the Lewis house, Reva thanks Jeffrey for protecting Marah. Jeffrey tells Reva that anyone who truly knows Marah knows she could never intentionally take a life. Jeffrey admits to Reva that he cares about Marah. Jeffrey also tells Reva that he knows somewhere down the line he will have to step down from the case but he wants to help Marah for as long as possible. Jeffrey also tells Reva he knows he will have to stay away from Marah for the god of the case but he must see her one last time to make sure she is okay. Reva tells Jeffrey Marah is staying in the pool house.

At the pool house, Marina figures out that Jeffrey was Marah's secret wish that she made with the ring. Marah explains to Marina that she and Jeffrey had a relationship contract. Marah is sad that she ruined any chance of a normal relationship with Jeffrey by shooting Carrie. Jeffrey arrives and Marina leaves them alone. Jeffrey asks Marah if she is okay. Marah tells Jeffrey there is no need for him to worry about her because she is fine. Jeffrey tells Marah that he isn't fine. Jeffrey and Marah kiss. Marah tells Jeffrey he should leave.

Jeffrey refuses to leave Marah. Jeffrey tells Marah they both need each other now. Marah wonders how Jeffrey could still want to be with her after she took someone's life. Jeffrey tells Marah to think about the other people who could have been hurt had she not shot Carrie. Jeffrey tells Marah that she was only protecting the people she loved and people do that all the time. Marah cries and asks Jeffrey to stay. Jeffrey holds Marah and tells her he will stay as long as she needs him.

Outside Company, Bill sits on the steps and talks to Buzz. Buzz thinks that Bill has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Bill thanks Buzz for protecting Marah. Bill also explains that Billy and Josh want him to run Lewis construction on a permanent basis. Buzz goes inside and leaves Bill alone to think.

Inside Company, Harley asks Buzz to watch his back because she thinks Carrie still has a few surprises planned for everyone from beyond the grave. Marina arrives in the middle of the conversation and thinks Harley believes Carrie is still alive. Marina gets upset but Buzz calms her down and explains Harley's theory to Marina. Marina tells Buzz, Harley and Gus about the gas leak the razor blade in Marah's doll and the cave in at the tunnel. Marina explains that the girls always suspected Carrie caused them but they never had proof. Harley is determined to protect her family from any surprises Carrie left behind.

At the Lewis house, Reva tells Josh about Jeffrey's visit. Josh tells Reva that he and Billy gave Lewis construction to Bill. Reva wonders if Josh is sure of his decision because the company is his life. Josh explains that his family is his life and he wants to spend more time with them. Josh asks Reva if he can move back home Reva agrees and they kiss each other.

At the pool house, Marah asks Jeffrey to stay with her until she falls asleep. Marah tells Jeffrey about a stuffed bear she slept with when she was a little girl. Marah explains that Mr. Bear looked mean but she knew better.

At the Lewis house, Reva asks Josh not to leave again because his family needs him. Josh promises not to go anywhere. A wind suddenly blows the back door open. Reva goes to close the door and sees the ghost of Marianne. Reva asks the ghost what she wants and as soon as Josh calls Reva the ghost disappears.

At the pool house, Marah dreams that Jeffrey visits her in Jail. Jeffrey's face turns into Carrie. Carrie tells Marah that she wasn't holding a gun she was holding a compact.

Carrie explains to Marah that she (Marah) shot Buzz not her (Carrie) Carrie tells Marah that she wanted her( Carrie) dead so that is why she shot her. Carrie tells Marah her blood is on her hands and it will never come off. A startled Marah awakens from her dream. Jeffrey calms her down and she falls back to sleep.

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