Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/10/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Reva, Josh and Shayne are there together to support Marah, who spent the night at her parents’ house. When Marah comes downstairs, Josh and Reva make it clear to her that they are here for her, whatever she needs; Shayne is unusually quiet. Reva would like Marah to stay for a few more days but Marah does not want to. When Reva offers her the pool house (privacy and close-by family) Marah agrees to stay on for a few more days but wants to go to the museum first to pick up some of her belongings.

Edmund drops Cassie off and offers Reva his support, whatever she may need. Reva asks him to come in. Reva fills them in about the whole situation with Marah and lets them know that it is Jeffrey O’Neil who made it possible for Marah to be released. Cassie feels compelled to contact Jeffrey and thank but both Reva and Edmund oppose. Edmund reminds that, intentional or not, almost all of Cassie’s encounters with Mr. D.A. end in disaster. Perhaps Marah would be better off without that added pressure from a family he is obviously trying to help. Cassie agrees not to pursue it. On the way out, Reva asks Edmund to make sure that Cassie does not contact Jeffrey. Minutes later however, Edmund overhears Cassie arranging a meeting with Jeffrey.


Marah tells Michelle and Marina that she remembered that she is the one who shot Carrie and she could not let Josh take the blame for her. Marah reminds the other girls that no one knows about their involvement so they are in the clear.

Sandy drops by later to offer Marah his support. She thanks him for everything. He understands how difficult it is to keep a secret and knows what Josh must have been going through all these years, all the guilt. Marah believes that that is one of the many reasons Josh took the blame: he felt responsible. A reporter comes by looking for a statement from Marah about her father’s release. Sandy helps Marah get out the back way and takes care of the reporter for her.


Shayne and Josh are setting up the room for Marah but Shayne is too frustrated by everything that has been happening… everything that he has not been aware of. It angers him that so many people who are so important to him were in danger for so long and he was in the dark the whole time. Josh tries to make Shayne understand that he thought it would be too much added pressure for Shayne to carry his secret.

Shayne asks Josh if he ever stopped to think that maybe helping his family might have been helpful to Shayne too. Josh makes sure that Shayne understands that his strength and determination were a tremendous support for the entire family. Marina interrupts them. Before Josh leaves Marina thanks him for everything. Josh says he knows that Buzz would have done the same thing if it was her.

Alone, Marina explains everything to Shayne: Carrie, the rings, the wishes… Shayne cannot believe that a smart girl like Marina would fall for something as phoney as magic rings. She tells him her wish came through; he walked again. Shayne tells her the only magic that he had was her. She was there for him no matter how hard he tried to push her away. Marina would not have been anywhere else than with him.


Jeffrey is approached by a reporter who wants to know who the new suspect is. Jeffrey tells her that his office will issue a statement shortly but until then, she’ll just have to wait. When the reporter persists, Jeffrey yells at her, demanding to know why she cannot respect his answer. He warns her that if she keeps this up, the D.A.’s office may not be so inclined to support her paper.

He finds Ed, Billy and Buzz together; they are all waiting for Josh to fill them in. Jeffrey tells them all that a new witness has come forward with a different version of the events of that night and that is why Josh has been released. He urges the men to head to the station and change their statements quickly, explaining why the felt compelled to lie in the first place and why they have come forward now. If they don’t, the person who confessed might be in even more trouble.

Josh comes by and confirms that Marah has in fact confessed. Later, alone with Billy he admits that he does not know how to protect his daughter from this and it scares him.

Frank comes by and confronts Buzz. He is very angry with his father. He notices Jeffrey in the restaurant and asks Buzz what he is doing there. Buzz says Jeffrey is trying to get the men to change their statements. Frank is irritated by this and confronts Jeffrey. He thought they agreed to remain neutral but Jeffrey clearly has a personal stake in this case.

Frank does not think the higher ups will be too pleased by Jeffrey’s manipulations. Jeffrey does not care what anyone else thinks. He will do his job the way he wants to.

Alex comes by and lets Buzz know that Alan filled her in. Buzz is thankful for Alex’ support.


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