Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/9/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Police station:

Marah is with her parents she hugs them both and goes off with Jeffrey. A tearful Josh and Reva embrace. Josh says he is sorry he tried to protect her and Reva says she knows. Marah asks Jeffrey what is going to happen and Jeffrey says she has to trust him. Jeffrey tells Marah he has something to tell her and she has to listen. Reva asks Josh for the whole story and says she was involved the moment he was because her life is his life. Josh doesn't want to tell Reva but she says nothing will change how she feels about him. Josh tells Reva the story. Jeffrey tells Marah he has seen this before, that people is shock confess to things and those things never happened. Marah says she did it she shot Carrie but Jeffrey says no not to say another word to him about it. Reva asks why Josh waited so long to tell him and he says he didn't want to risk hurting her. Reva is hurt that Josh shut down rather then telling her and let them work it out together. Josh says it was hell because he needed her and he was afraid she would put it together. Reva is getting emotional and relates the details to Josh and Josh asks how she knows all that and Reva says she saw her. Josh doesn't understand at first but then he realize that Reva visualized it. Reva is becoming more emotional and says this is the first time she connected with someone from the other side. Josh wonders if she was angry but Reva says no that Maryanne wanted to tell Reva something only she knew.

Marah says she killed someone and he can't make that go away though she wished he could. Jeffrey is very emotional and kisses her hand. Jeffrey tells her that she and him never happened, he tells Marah that they can't be seen together anymore for her own good so she can have a bright future. Marah asks if he is the authority on that and he just says her parents are waiting. Marah leaves and Jeffrey closes the door behind her upset. Marah rejoins he parents and they reassure each other that everything will be okay. Ross has arrived and asks Jeffrey to tell him what Marah has told him. Jeffrey says Marah says nothing, but Jeffrey says that the case is clear to him that Carrie lured them their with the intention to harm and he believes that it was self defense. Jeffrey tells Ross an officer will be taking Marah's statement and Ross goes to be with her. Frank arrives and jumps on Jeffrey saying Josh wasn't to be questioned without him there. Jeffrey says they are no longer pursuing a case against Josh. Inside Ross tell Reva and Josh they have to wait outside. Outside Josh says he understands if Reva is disappointed but Reva says he made a mistake and brought a lot of joy into this world and that counts for something. Marah has finished her statement and she tells her parents that everything is okay. Jeffrey says they have to book her now. Reva and Josh embrace and Jeffrey says they can wait there for her. We see an upset Marah being processed.

Beacon: After seeing the stationary Michelle tells Danny she has a bad feeling and they need to leave. Danny is reluctant but eventually agrees.


Alex asks Alan why he looks a mess and Alan says he just made one of the hardest desicions in his life. They talk about the past and how Alan said one day hell would break loose and that time has come. Alan tells Alex that he and the Feds know what she and Brad are up to with antimonus. Alan says he was tipped off and Alex says they can correct it but Alan says no he is going to turn all the records over to the Feds. Alex asks what is really going on and Alan says he has to tell her about a woman from a long time ago. Alan tells Alex the story. Alex doesn't understand why he did it and ALan says he needed a change, fun, and a challenge. Alex says to bad she wasn't close when they went off the bridge, Alan scream they tried to save her. Alex asks why he is telling her now and Alan says there is a deal on the table. He tells her about the Spaulding investigate which upsets Alex. She is furious that Alan is willing to serve him up to the Feds to save himself. Alan says he is taking the deal and Alex should go to Europe. Alex asks if he is protecting his family and he says that is why. Alan says he deserved to suffer all this years after what he did to Maryanne and he wishes he had drowned. Alan says he is going to talk to jeffrey soon and that she should get on a plane as soon as possible. Alan says he doesn't want Alex gone but he doesn't want her hurt. She says she will miss her family and Buzz. Alan says he is coming clean and she should do what she needs to do and then he tells her he loves her.


Michelle is really upset and Danny wants to know what is going on. Michelle tells him she has to make sure everyone is safe and she will tell him once she knows. Michelle tells Danny the story but Danny isn't following because Michelle is babbling. Danny tells her to calm down and take a deep breath. Michelle tells Danny the story. Michelle says she thought it was over and that she thought Carrie was gone but know she isn't sure and she is scared. Danny is upset that Michelle never told her that she was in danger. Michelle says she never believed Danny when he said lying to her was the hardest thing but now she knows. She goes on to say that she ruined his campaign, and now put a strain on their relationship. Danny says she is more important to him then the campaign.

Danny seems upset yet relieved that Michelle is okay, he tells her that now he knows and now they will deal with it together. Danny asks about the note and tells Michelle they need to find out if she is alive. Danny reads the note and it is an invitation to Mel's baby shower. This relieves Michelle and they talk about how they can face anything together. Danny says he will never let anything happen to her and they kiss.

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