Guiding Light Update Monday 3/8/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo

Cutter's bridge: Gus tells Alan it is possible for Gus to keep Alan out of prison. Gus tells Alan he is investigating Spaulding and he can't promise to protect him now. Gus says that this was the toughest job he has been on because Alan is his father but Alan isn't buying it. Gus says he believes Alan is innocent even after learning of his father's involvement with Maryanne's death. Alan is obviously upset because Gus tells him that he went to work for the Feds after he started working at Spaulding.

Gus says he might be able to get Alan probation if Alan gives him something to take to Jeffrey. Gus tells Alan to give him some Spaulding info for a deal. Gus tells Alan that this information could ruin his career but does tell him that they are looking for information on antimonious. Alan says they won't find anything in the record because there is nothing there. Gus says then it shouldn't be a problem but Alan says he will never do that. Alan says he is afraid that Spaulding stock will fall if people find out Spaulding is being investigated. Alan says he has family and workers to think of but Gus says how will they feel when Alan is being hauled of to jail. Gus is getting frustrated and wants Alan to give into the deal and not end up in prison for 20 years. He tells Alan to make his choice. Gus leaves. Alan replays the conversation with Gus in his head.

Alan takes in his surroundings and sees a car screech and screams no but it appears there wasn't a car.

Museum: Reva has come to see Marah. Michelle says she is asleep but Reva insist Michelle wake her. Reva has flashes of Marah firing the gun. Michelle says Marah is gone and is worried, Reva says maybe she went home and goes to leave.

Danny arrives and Michelle asks Reva to call her. Reva leaves and Danny comes to Michelle with a surprise. Dinner and a sleepover at the Beacon. Danny says he wants to take care of her and Reva can take care of Marah.

Police: Marah is trying to confess but Josh tries to talk her out of it but Marah insists on telling her part in it.

Jeffrey and Josh both try to talk Marah out of her statement. Josh tries to make her excuses and he tries to get Jeffrey to make her leave. Marah confesses to shooting Carrie. Josh tries to tell Marah she didn't shoot Carrie and for her to go home, Marah says she can't knowing what she did. With tears in their eyes they embrace. Josh says Marah has to be careful of what she says because it is her future.

Marah says she doesn't care but there will be no more secrets. Josh begs Marah to walk away and let him do this for his family, but Marah says Josh can't protect her this time she has to take responsibility and crying they embrace again. Marah tries to give a statement but Jeffrey says he doesn't have to do that now. Marah tells Jeffrey what happened and Josh is very upset. Jeffrey says that is enough but she continues. We see Reva arrive at the station as Jeffrey is exiting the room.

Reva asks if he has seen Marah and by the look on Jeffrey's face lets Reva know that Marah is there. Jeffrey tells Reva what Marah says and Reva is very emotional and wants Jeffrey to tells her this isn't how it is and they embrace.

Marah and Jeffrey goes to leave and Marah tells her parents she loves them. Reva hold Josh as he cries.

Beacon: Michele and Danny have arrived. Then talk about Michelle being stressed and she says she is worried about Marah and her family. Danny goes to check on the room and Michelle tries to call Marah at the museum. Michelle says she wants to make Marah feel better and Danny says that is why he loves her. Danny says he know that something has been going on with her and when she is ready to tell him he will listen.

Michelle says she is there with him and wants to act as though the last few month never happened. Michelle and Danny share some champagne and Michelle makes a toast to them. She says family is important to her and that they are lucky and that can change so easily. She says as precious as family is you have to protect it like Danny protects her. They kiss and Danny goes to check on the room he hands Michele some papers and Michelle says she can't be alive.

Gus and Harley's: Gus goes home to find Harley is not home. 

He picks up a picture of his dad. He talks to the picture saying his dad set the bar to high for Alan. Gus says he just wants Alan to be decent and honorable. Gus says this is all his dad's fault telling him to find the good in people and raising him as a cop. Gus tells his dad he isn't giving up and he is trying to be the man his dad wanted him to be and that maybe Alan is trying to do the same.

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