Guiding Light Update Friday 3/5/04

By Eva
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At Gus and Harley's place, Gus continues to struggle with his decision. Harley comes out of the bedroom and notices how tired Gus looks because he hasn't slept at all. Gus and Harley are unable to understand how their fathers could have left a woman to die.

Harley wonders if Alan feels any remorse. Gus believes his father does feel remorse because he found him in a church asking for forgiveness. Harley advises Gus to be honest with Alan and maybe Alan will do the same with him. Harley also tells Gus to follow his gut.

CBS News Special report.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley explains to Gus that he didn't grow up with Alan so that is the reason he expects Alan to come through for him. Harley tells Gus that Buzz new he had a family and he still left them so she understands that parents can make mistakes. Gus tells Harley he has made up his mind if Alan did the crime he should do the time. Gus leaves while Harley is telling him to give the decision more consideration.

At the museum, Marah has a flashback of the shooting while she looks at a sketch of Carrie's ring that Reva drew. Michelle and Marina try to stop Reva from asking questions but Reva asks Marah if she has seen the ring before. Marah remains silent as she continues to look at the picture and remember details of the shooting.

At the Police Station, Jeffrey tells Josh he found footprints in the fun house which he believes belong to Marah. Jeffrey explains that the footprints come from a ladies shoe and based on how small the footprints are they belong to a petite woman. Jeffrey asks Josh to tell him the truth or he will be forced to get a search warrant to search Marah's closet.

At Gus and Harley's place, Outside in the hallway Gus asks Frank how things are going at the station. Frank explains that he is struggling with pressing charges against Josh because he wants to do his job but he also doesn't want people to get hurt. Frank tells Gus he is also trying very hard to give Buzz the benefit of the doubt. Frank thinks that will just have to put one foot in front of the other and hopes things will be okay for all the people who are involved in the case. Gus asks Frank to come back later because he and Harley had an argument and he wants to fix things between them. Gus tells Frank he should have a talk with Harley later because she needs her brother. Gus goes back inside the apartment and agrees to listen to Harley's idea.

At the police station, Josh denies Marah was at the fairgrounds. Jeffrey tells Josh to tell the truth and make things easier on Marah before Frank puts two and two together and brings Marah to the station for questioning. Jeffrey thinks Marah is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because she either saw Josh shoot Carrie or she shot Carrie herself.

At the museum, Marah cries as she says she was going to shoot him. Reva wonders if Marah was at the fun house. Marah tells her mother between sobs that she was with Michelle and Marina watching a movie. Michelle tells Reva that Marah has read so many details of what happened in the newspaper that she feels like she was there.

Michelle and Marina send Marah upstairs to rest. Reva decides to wait for Marah to wake up from her nap to talk to her. Reva tells Michelle and Marina that she called the museum that night and nobody answered the phone. Michelle explains that they were all so absorbed in the movie they probably didn't hear the phone. Marina and Michelle persuade Marah to leave and come back to speak to Marah tomorrow. Marina says out loud what both she and Michelle are thinking that Marah might have shot Carrie.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley explains her idea to Gus. Harley wants Alan to give she and Gus access to Spaulding records so that they can figure out who has been distributing antimonies on the streets as delirium. Harley thinks that Jeffrey may be willing to cut a deal with Alan in exchange for information that could get a dangerous drug off the street. Harley tells Gus that the only downside to her idea is that if Gus offers this deal to Alan and he still refuses to give him access to the information he (Gus) may find out something about his father that he doesn't want to know.

At the police station, Josh explains that Marah has had a very tough traumatic year and that is the reason she may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Josh lets Jeffrey know that if he (Jeffrey) goes after Marah he (Josh) will shout from the rooftops that he is the killer and he has 3 upstanding citizens to backup his story. Josh explains that Springfield will wonder why the D.A. is trying to charge an innocent young girl with murder.

Reva arrives and ask Frank to give her a small hint about the evidence they have against Josh so she can use her powers to help with the case. Frank refuses to tell Reva anything because he doesn't want to hurt Josh's case.

At the Museum, Michelle and Marina offer to help Marah remember what happened that night. Marah tells them she remembers Josh and Carrie standing a few feet away from her then she remembers a gun and a shot being fired. Michelle thinks Marah is feeling displaced guilt over what happened that night. Michelle begs Marah to stick to the story and not give Carrie the satisfaction of torturing her anymore.

At the fairgrounds, Reva arrives and has visions of what happened in the fun house.

At the museum, While Marah is upstairs resting Marina again asks Michelle if she thinks Marah shot Carrie. Michelle refuses to believe Marah shot Carrie. Marina leaves to go meet Shayne. Michelle follows her in order to move her car so Marina can get out. Marah comes downstairs and calls for Marina and Michelle because she had a dream about what happened. Marah remembers everything that happened and cries. At the same time Reva is at the fairgrounds and continues to have visions of what happened that night. Reva tells herself it was Marah and that she knows exactly what Josh is doing.

Also at the fairgrounds, Gus and Alan have a talk. Alan tells Gus that even though the accident happened thirty years ago he can't make it go away. Gus tells Alan that it will never go way but he may have a chance to make things better and set things straight. Gus tells Alan he has an idea of how to help him but he won't like the idea.

At the museum, Reva arrives looking for Marah. Michelle tells Reva that Marah is upstairs resting. Reva rushes upstairs to find that Marah is gone.

At the police station, Mara bursts into the interrogation room and tells her father she appreciates what he is trying to do and loves him for it but she has no intention of letting him to the blame for something he didn't do. Marah tells Josh and Jeffrey that she remembered what happened that night.

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