Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/4/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Harley and Gus's place, A frantic Harley cries as she talks to Frank on the phone. Harley explains to Frank that Gus has been gone all night and hasn't called her once. Harley tells Frank that Gus calls her at least 4 times a day just to hear her voice on the phone. Gus walks in and Harley tells Frank to send a squad car because their may be a murder. Harley hangs up the phone and runs into Gus's arms. Gus apologizes to Harley for not calling her. Gus tells Harley about Marianne Caruthers and that Alan and Buzz were involved in a murder. Harley is stunned and asks Gus for more details.

At Ravenwood, A nurse arrives to give Philip his medicine. Philip asks the nurse if his father has come to visit. The nurse explains that Olivia has taken care of everything and nobody that isn't on the approved visitors list can visit him. Philip mutters under his breath Olivia my loving wife. Philip takes his pills and the nurse leaves. When the nurse leaves Philip takes the pills out of his mouth and throws them in the garbage. Philip says Olivia my loving wife until death do us part.

At the Beacon, Olivia flashes back to when Philip met Emma and then says please don't make me regret what I did.

Reva visits Josh at the police station, Josh wonders how Marah is doing. Reva tells Josh Marah is fine and he shouldn't worry about Marah right now. Reva insists that Josh concentrate on getting out of jail. Josh asks Reva to stay close to Marah and keep an eye on her. Reva wonders what Josh isn't telling her. Josh apologizes to Reva for letting her and the family down. Reva tells Josh its nice to know he is capable of making mistakes too. Josh explains to Reva he didn't intend to kill the woman but he did it to save lives and he would do it again in the same situation. Reva says Josh doesn't lie so if he says he acted in self defense that is the end of the story.

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Marah that she is sorry about Josh being in jail. Olivia asks Marah how she is dealing with the situation since she and her father are so close. Marah tells her its been hard but her father acted in self defense to protect people. Marah gives Olivia her sympathies on the loss of her baby. Olivia explains to Marah that she was always jealous of Marah and Shayne's relationship with Josh . Olivia explains that now she understands children come first and you have to do everything possible to protect them. Marah tells Olivia she is lucky to have Philip to help her deal with the loss of her baby. Olivia agrees with Marah.

At Ravenwood, Philip looks at a picture of Olivia and says that he never really knew who she was or maybe he did know . Alan arrives and tells Philip that after spending all night with Gus he needed to see him. (Philip) Alan asks Philip if he believes in redemption and Philip responds its the story of my life. Alan explains its never been the story of his (Alan's ) life until now.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus explains to Harley that Alan bared his soul to him all night at his mother's church. The audience sees a flashback of Gus and Alan's conversation as Gus explains to Harley. Alan admits to Gus that he was driving the car that caused the accident. Gus is offended because he believes that Alan thinks that he (Gus) is an idiot. Alan tells Gus he deserves a better father. Harley wonders how Gus can believe Alan's story. Gus says Alan has no reason to lie now. Harley asks Gus to explain how Buzz is involved in this mess.

At Ravenwood, Alan apologizes to Philip for his entire life and the mistakes he made trying to make Philip be something he's not. Alan wants to make a fresh start with Philip and make amends.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus tells Harley that Buzz and Alan were involved in the death of a girl and they didn't want anyone to find out about it. Gus flashes back to more of his conversation with Alan as he continues to explain the story to Harley. Gus calls Alan sick for leaving someone to die. Harley can't believe Buzz left someone to die. Harley is stunned and angry at the stupidity of these men. Harley is also angry at the lies they have told and the pain they have caused people. Harley tells Gus this has to end. Gus tells Harley not to worry it will end soon.

Olivia tells Marah thins happen for a reason. Olivia asks Marah to wish Josh her best because she is sure things will work out.

At the police station, Josh asks Reva to call Ross and find out when he will be able to go home so he can see Marah. Reva looks for her cell phone in her purse and finds the picture of Maryanne. Josh doesn't see the picture of Maryanne and asks if Reva is looking at a picture of the kids. Reva explains its a picture of a girl that died years ago. Josh asks Reva to tell him about the girl. Reva refuses to tell Josh anything. Josh tells Reva not to worry about calling Ross and just go check on Marah. When Reva touches Josh's hand to say good-bye she gets a vision of Maryanne drowning. Reva gets such a strong feeling attached to the vision that she has to sit back down in the chair. When Josh asks about what happened Reva covers and says she just heard a noise that scared her. Reva leaves Josh and once she is outside in the hallway she wonders what Maryanne is trying to tell her.

At Ravenwood, Alan apologizes to Philip for not allowing him to be a writer, ruining his marriage to Beth, and keeping him away from his biological parents when he was a child. Philip laughs and tells Alan not to be so hard on himself because he was right about everything. Philip tells Alan that if he had listened to what he has been trying to teach him all these years he wouldn't have ended up at Ravenwood.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus is sad because he thought his relationship with Alan would be different. Gus flashes back to his conversation with Alan. Alan wants to cut a deal with the D.A. Gus thinks that Alan wants to use Gus and his position at he police department to weasel out of the situation. Gus tells Alan Jeffrey isn't going to cut a deal with him. Alan asks Gus to do his job. Gus thinks its ironic that Alan told him everything thus making Gus an accessory after the fact which means both Gus and Alan could go to jail Gus flashes back again to he and Alan's conversation. Alan says he feels like running away but he owed Gus the truth. Alan tells Gus that it was an accident and he didn't mean to do it. Alan tells Gus his future is in his hands Gus tells Alan they are finished and no longer family. Gus tells Alan to make things right with his family. Gus tells Alan he only has one shot at being a decent man and he shouldn't blow it.

At Ravenwood, Alan is stunned at Philip's change and in attitude and wonders what he has done to his son. Alan tells Philip he (Philip) has always been a decent man and despite all their fighting he has always been proud of Philip for being a decent man. Philip tells Alan that if he had been tougher on Lizzie she never would have had all her problems. Alan explains that Lizzie is a very sick girl and her problems aren't Philip's fault. Philip says that his decent life has been meaningless and all that matters is survival. Alan explains to Philip that he has always been proud of the decent man Philip is although he has never told him that until now. Alan begs Philip not to be so cynical and be the good man he is again. Alan tells Philip that after a good night's sleep he will feel like himself again. Philip tells Alan that he (Alan) will also feel like himself tomorrow.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus is struggling with his decision. Harley begs Gus not to let Alan and his secret drag him down too.

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