Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/3/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo


Harley drops by to talk with Frank and find out what he knows about Buzz’s involvement in the Caroline Caruthers murder. Harley knows something is up because Jeffrey is a man who loves to win and now, even though he has a confession and three corroborating witnesses, the investigation is still open. Frank evades all her questions, reminding her that she is no longer an officer and therefore is no longer privy to department information. Harley accepts Frank’s silence but when he tries to warn her not to try to find out the truth on her own, she reminds him that she is not working for him anymore.

Later, Darcy drops by with something for Frank to eat and an available shoulder for him. Frank is upset, not only by Buzz’s involvement in the case but also by his conversation with Harley.


Cassie and Jeffrey run into each other. He does not want to talk because he knows she will hound him about the case against Josh and he does not want to discuss it. Cassie stops him anyway, convinced that Josh is not the real shooter. When Jeffrey asks her what brought her to that conclusion, Cassie tells him it was because of Marah. She was talking with her earlier and Marah believes that something else happened, though she is not sure what. Cassie urges Jeffrey to keep looking until he finds out what really happened at the fairgrounds. Jeffrey asks her if that is what she truly wants because the truth may not be something either of them can accept easily. Cassie realizes that this case is affecting Jeffrey on a personal level because it pains him to hurt Marah by holding her father. She sees now that he really does care a lot about Marah.

After they talk, Jeffrey tries to get some work done. Thoughts of Marah distract him so he leaves the hotel.

Cassie runs into Sam who asks her if she has seen Olivia. Cassie saw her earlier and they talked about Olivia taking Emma to Philip. Realizing that Olivia could be at Ravenwood, Cassie and Sam rush off.


After having little success with Frank, Harley decides to grill Buzz personally about the night of the shooting. She casually tries to bring the conversation around to Carrie Caruthers but Buzz is on to her. He tells her if she wants to help him out in the restaurant she is welcome but if she’s here to pump him for answers, he is not interested. As Buzz leaves the room, Harley makes a comment about how he always leaves when things get tough. This prompts her to remember a night, just a few weeks ago, when she thought Buzz was trying to tell her good bye. At the time, she thought he was sick but now she wonders. She calls his travel agent and learns that that night, Buzz was booked on a flight to Greece. She confronts him with this information and Buzz, realizing that Harley is not going to quit, sits down and tells her to ask him whatever she wants. Harley considers this but decides not to. Buzz had an opportunity to leave them again and he chose not to. She realizes how close they came to losing him again and she will not risk that. She will stand by him, no matter what.


Olivia takes Emma to Philip. She introduces him to his little girl but Philip refuses to believe her. First he thinks that they are not really there. Eventually, he realizes that Olivia is really there with a baby but he does not think that it is his. Olivia tells him that she would never try to pass off another baby as theirs. He finds that hard to accept considering that she is admitting that she lied about the baby being dead. She admits that she was terrified of what Lizzie would do if she found out about her new baby sister. She still wants to keep Emma a secret from everyone else but she thought that seeing his daughter would help Philip. Philip holds baby Emma and falls in love with her. He wonders what he has missed so far: her first smile, her first laugh. Olivia tells him there are a lot more firsts for Emma and she wants them to live through it together, as a family. He agrees not to disclose Emma to anyone and thanks her for giving him a purpose.

Seeing Sam and Cassie outside, Olivia tells Philip it is time she and Emma leave because she does not want anyone to come in and find them there. She promises him that they will be back soon.

Outside, Cassie and Sam are thrilled that Philip finally knows the truth. When Sam takes Emma outside, Olivia tells Cassie she is happy that she told Philip. She thinks it really helped him.

In his room, Philip looks at a picture of Olivia and rips it to shreds. He tells her to enjoy their daughter while she has the chance because the first chance he gets, he is going to take Emma away from her just like she did with him. He tells Emma that daddy is on his way to get her.

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