Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/2/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo


Ross has come by to see Philip: he got a call from Dr Langum that Philip wanted him. They exchange pleasantries and talk about Ross' family. Philip tells Ross that Olivia had him sign a new will. Ross offers to look at it and Philip says he needs his help but Olivia is his wife and he has to trust her. Philip asks Ross to get a copy of the will from Olivia and look it over. Philip tells Ross that the new will covered the children he and Olivia will have to make up for their lost child. Ross apologizes and then the look at the newspaper Ross has with him. Ross reads an article about the mayoral race. Ross tells him to get better so he can vote. Olivia arrives and she and Ross make small talk about the race. Ross says his good-byes and leaves but asks to talk to Olivia outside first. Ross and Olivia discuss the will. She says it is straight forward and he believes her and leaves.

Olivia goes back inside and tells Philip she has to go away for a while and she isn't sure how long she'll be gone. Philip is upset about being left alone and a sad Olivia offers to open up visits to family members. Philip is starting to get confused and says they will discuss having a family when she gets back. Olivia get very emotional and says she can't do this and leaves. Philip is alone and is playing with his ring looking confused.

Olivia arrives with Emma and introduces her to a very shocked and confused Philip.

Outside Company:

Olivia and Cassie discuss Cassie not coming to see Emma. Cassie says Emma needs her father. Olivia says she will tell him but she has one more thing to take care of but Cassie says no Olivia needs to tell him now. Cassie and Olivia argue over telling Philip about Emma. Olivia says she isn't doing everything on her timetable but Cassie tell her to tell him or she will. Marah and Cassie meet up and Cassie asks if she is upset about her dad; Marah says that and Jeffrey.

Cassie tells Marah she needs to give herself a break. Marah thanks her for listening but says she isn't giving in to this then leaves.

Inside Company:

Alan tries to tell Gus he made a mistake that he doesn't own the fairgrounds. Gus pulls out a deed and tells Alan that he finds it very interesting that Alan was present at the same time as the shooting as the landlord of the land. Alan sticks to he story saying he had no clue he owned it because he has a lot of dealings. Gus tells him the land came to him from the MC corporation but Alan says he has never heard of it. Gus doesn't buy it because Alan is always aware of his dealings.

Gus says he should come clean and Alan says if he is accusing him to come out and say it. A very angry Alan says Gus never trust him that Gus was waiting for him to slip up to prove everyone right about Alan. Alan says Gus can't turn off being a cop even when his family is involved and Alan says family doesn't question family. Gus asks for the truth and says the can face it together and Gus leaves. Alan says it seems he already owns the fairgrounds while talking to Buzz. Alan says the women blew his alibi from the grave. Alan says Gus doesn't buy any of their stories and now he is losing Gus' respect and his is losing his son. Buzz tells him to get a grip which is what Alan told them to do when Carrie targeted their families. Alan says they all walked away from the car but Buzz says Alan felt nothing and now he is.

Police Station:

Jeffrey and Marah enter an office. Marah wants to see her dad but Jeffrey says he is fine but she can't see him. Marah says her dad is a good man and what is best is to send him home but Jeffrey says he can't. Jeffrey tells Marah that there are a few missing pieces in the shooting; he says he has stories but not fact and says he doesn't know if they are telling the truth. He takes Marah's hand and says she can help her dad and he asks what she knows about that night.

Marah tells him that he doesn't care about her or her dad he just wants to solve his case. Jeffrey says this is hard for him he doesn't want to hurt her. Marah tells him the story Ed told the girls to say. Jeffrey says he wish he could release Josh but he can't do it. Jeffrey asks if Marah knew Carrie but she says she doesn't.

Jeffrey says Josh will do whatever to protect his family and asks if the doll incident and the one with her dad are connected and she says no. Jeffrey says she is lying that Josh is covering for her and by not telling him the truth they are both making it worse for everyone. Marah asks why he is so luscious and Jeffrey says that the stories don't add up. Jeffrey doesn't buy what Marah is saying but he tells her he wants to help her, and protect her, and make it all go away. Marah says he can but won't and she can't believe she cared about him. Marah says there isn't even a person inside him which seems to hurt Jeffrey.

Gus arrives and says Jeffrey looks as bad as he feels. They both agree that this case should be easy to close if only they bought the men's stories. Gus gives Jeffrey the new information about Alan owning the Fairgrounds. Gus asks if Jeffrey knows of the MC corporation and he says he does. Jeffrey goes on to explain what he knows about the case and the background on Maryanne and Carrie. Gus seems shocked his dad was involved in this story.

Church: Alan is praying he says if God can't forgive him how will Gus.

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