Guiding Light Update Monday 3/1/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo


Buzz, Alan, and Ed are having a meeting they discuss Josh. Buzz says the cops are doing their job and that Frank will believe Buzz. They say the alibi has to be air tight one slip and it is over. They talk about the luck of the Spauldings that they get out of it.

Harley and Cassie meet up and Cassie says Harley is suppose to make her feel better. She tells Cassie that Marina and Buzz are MIA and she needs to talk to Frank. Harley and Cassie discuss her feelings for Jeffrey. Cassie says she can't get past Jeffrey's face and most of the time it is ok because she hates him but sometimes he is nice and that is hard.

Harley and Cassie agree that he needs to be human to Josh because that is what Josh needs. The men meet and discuss their statements, then Gus arrives. Gus asks Alan why he was at the fairgrounds and Alan gives the same story. Gus then asks isn't hard to buy property you already own.

Police Station: Gus comes by and tells Jeffrey that Alan was at the fairgrounds last night. He tells Jeffrey that Alan claim to be looking at the land but Gus doesn't buy it. Gus says he doesn't buy that Alan was looking at land. Jeffrey says for him to give it to Frank but Gus says no. Buzz arrives at the police station to gives his statement.

Frank and Jeffrey are both present for Buzz's statement. Buzz seems very agitated while giving his statement. Buzz ask why they are grilling him when that psycho shot him and he says there was no crime committed. Billy is now being interrogated. Billy tells him the story. Ed is up next and he tells his story. Frank and Jeffrey ask why Ed left the scene.

Ed says he did what he thought was best. Frank and Jeffrey discuss the case and they notice that all three men use they same wording when giving their statements. Buzz and Ed say they both gave the statement as planned, then Alan arrives. He says Frank called him to talk to him about the shooting. Alan explains why he is there and Ed doesn't think anyone will buy Alan's story.

The men all agree Alan should say nothing and he goes to talk to the police. Ed and Buzz are worried about Alan being there and Buzz leaves. Jeffrey has brought Josh in to question him some more. Jeffrey asks if he has notes but Josh claims he threw the stuff in the trash. Josh is getting upset wondering why Jeffrey wants to hear Josh's statement again.

Jeffrey remembers seeing Marah pointing her fingers in a gun motion and it looks as though he isn't buying Josh's story. He says a bullet from that gun saved Josh's life. Marah arrives at the police station and ed tries to get her to go home but she won't. She tries to ask a cop, and Frank where her dad is but no one will say.

Jeffrey eventually tells her he is keeping her dad in custody.

Eden's: Bill is on the phone. Eden arrives and they talk about how the Lewis clients are talking about jumping ship. Eden asks if she wants her to call Gus and see if she can fins something out. Bill says he is going over there. Eden tells Bill he is going to do what he has to for his family. Bill is trying to convince a client on the phone that Josh is innocent.

Bill is very angry and worried he is wondering why he never heard of her if she was looking for a job. Eden says people keep things inside sometimes but Bill says the truth is always better. Eden tells Bill she has something to tell him about her and Tony. Bill seems worried and she tells Gus about the mystery man that said the mob and Lewis are connected. Eden tells him that the mob members were at Lewis and all they wanted was to keep Bill and Danny safe. Bill is thankful but tells her not to do that again. She says everything will be okay but Bill doesn't look so sure. Billy arrives and tells Bill what he read in the papers is what happened. Billy tells Bill he needs him to handle everything at Lewis. Bill seems excited to run Lewis and Billy tells him he is proud.

Museum: Michelle comes by to check on Marah. Marah asks if they have heard anything they say no. Marah says she wants to go see her dad but the girls tell her they need to stick to the story. Marah says she knows she is confused but they all were there.

They ask Marah what she remembers and she says not much. Marina says they need to stick to their story like they said. They tell Marah they all felt disoriented and the only thing the had in common was the rings. Marina says that if the tell the police the truth things will only get worse for Josh. Marah is still very confused and doesn't see why they can't tell the cops. The girls try to tell Marah that it would be better to stick to the story Ed told them to. Marah is trying very hard to remember what happened. Michelle tells her to stop and says Josh shot Carrie to protect them. Michelle says the gun pointing thing has to do with her identifying with her dad. The girls try to convince Marah not to go see her dad because if she says the wrong thing Josh could go to jail for life.

Marina says they are responsible for what happened and that Carrie wanted someone to die but they didn't think it would be her. Michelle says they should keep the rings they may need them. Marah sends Michele and Marina to get her a movie in the other room; once they are gone she gets up and leaves.

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