Guiding Light Update Friday 2/27/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At the Lewis house, Billy arrives to break the news to Reva. Billy tells Reva there has been a shooting. Reva asks Billy if the person who was shot was someone they know. Billy explains that the person who was shot wasn't anyone they knew but he explains that Josh was the one who shot the person.

At the police station, Frank tells his sergeant that Josh has confessed to killing Caroline Caruthers but he has agreed to cooperate fully and he needs to be booked. Josh tells Frank that he doesn't want any special treatment. Frank explains to Josh that since he (Josh) has agreed to cooperate the police department will also help him. Frank repeats Josh's statement to him (Josh) and ask him if there is any other details he would like to add to his statement. Josh has a flashback of Marah shooting the gun and tells Frank he has nothing more to add to his statement.

At the Museum, Jeffrey arrives to talk to Marah. Ed is reluctant to let him in to see her. Ed tells Jeffrey that Marah has suffered a shock tonight and she needs her rest.

Jeffrey tells Ed that he will be careful with Marah but he wants to see her. Ed agrees to let Jeffrey see Marah for a short time. When Marah hears Jeffrey's voice she repeats his name. Jeffrey wonders if Marah is okay. Marah starts to tell Jeffrey that they (meaning Michelle, Ed, and Marina) are saying that her dad shot someone. Then Michelle tells Marah to be quiet and that everything is okay. Jeffrey agrees that Marah doesn't need to talk about her father. Marah insists she needs to tell Jeffrey about her father because Jeffrey can help Josh. Marah tells Jeffrey that Josh didn't kill anyone because she knows he didn't ... then she stops talking. Jeffrey wonders what Marah means by her comments. Michelle interrupts the conversation before Marah can say another word. Michele explains that Marah meant to say that Josh isn't capable of cold blooded murder. Marina adds that the shooting was an act of self defense. Jeffrey wonders how Michelle and Marina would know Josh shot Carrie in self defense unless they were there. Ed jumps in to the conversation and explains that he was there and he explained to them what happened. Ed explains that Josh sent him to tell Marah and Shayne because Josh didn't want his children to find out about his arrest on the news. Jeffrey asks everyone to leave he and Marah alone so they can talk. Ed tells Jeffrey once again that Marah needs her rest. Michelle tells Ed that it would probably help Marah if she talked to Jeffrey alone. Michelle, Marina and Ed leave Marah and Jeffrey alone so they can talk. Jeffrey asks Marah if he can help her in any way. Marah tells Jeffrey she is very cold. Jeffrey feels Marah's hands and notices they are very cold. Jeffrey takes off his jacket and wraps it around Marah's shoulders. Marah doubts she will ever be warm again. Jeffrey tells Marah that she will be fine, she will be okay. Marah wonders how the shooting could happen. Jeffrey explains sometimes people have to make very tough decisions. Jeffrey assures Marah that he will help Josh if he can do anything at all to help him because he has a lot of respect for Josh. Jeffrey tells Marah that she can tell him anything. Ed continues to worry about Jeffrey talking to Marah. Ed tells Michele that Marah is already in shock and the last thing she needs is to speak to Jeffrey.

Michele wonders if anything else happened in the fun house. Michele thinks Ed is keeping some details from her. Ed insists that everything happened just as he told her. Ed tells his daughter that everything will be fine if she just goes home right now. Michelle agrees to go home. Ed asks Marina if she will be okay and wonders where she is going to go. Marina tells Ed she must go see her grandfather or she won't be able to sleep.

At Company, Buzz gets things ready to close up. A nervous Alexandra arrives after hearing the news. Alexandra is annoyed that Buzz didn't give her a call after everything that happened. Buzz explains to Alexandra that he couldn't explain the whole complicated story to her. Alexandra is very upset because she thought she almost lost Buzz. Buzz assures Alexandra she is stuck with him.

At the police station, Frank explains to Josh that the fact that he (Josh) came forward voluntarily will look good to a judge if the case ever goes to trial. Josh tells Frank all he wants to do is pay for his crime. Frank is curious as to why Josh isn't fighting harder to get out of jail. Ross arrives and wonders what Frank has been doing with Josh. Frank explains that Josh gave a statement and has been finger-printed.

Ross asks Frank if he can speak to his client alone. Ross blasts Josh for not waiting for his lawyer to arrive before speaking to the police. Josh explains to Ross that he called him to the station because he is the family lawyer and he wanted to make sure Reva and the kids would be okay when he goes to jail. Ross tells Josh the best way to help his family is to let him (Ross) handle his defense. Josh explains to Ross he wants to pay for his crime and except whatever punishment the judge gives him. Josh thinks this course of action is best for everyone involved. Ross pleads with Josh to reconsider his decision because with a self defense plea he (Ross) could make this go away. Josh insists he wants to plead guilty. Ross wonders why Josh wants to railroad himself into jail. Reva arrives and interrupts Ross and Josh's conversation.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Michelle arrives and flashes back to being outside the house of Mirrors with Marina and hearing gun shots.

Michele also remembers Ed telling her and Marina to tell everyone she Marina and Marah were at the museum watching a movie. Danny arrives. Michelle tells Danny that Josh shot a woman who had been stalking him. Michelle adds that the shooting was self defense.

At Company, Alexandra wants Buzz to stop what he is doing and sit down. Buzz wants a drink but Alexandra thinks he should drink some Chamomile tea . Alexandra assures Buzz she doesn't care about the facts or about what happened at the fairgrounds. Alexandra is positive Buzz did the right thing because she knows him. Buzz wonders how Alexandra can be sure he did the right thing without asking him any questions. Alexandra tells Buzz she knows he could never deliberately hurt anyone. Alexandra explains that sometimes people can be pushed beyond the limit and not know what they are doing. Alexandra tells Buzz she has done some things while she was in Europe and since she returned home that she wishes she could change. Buzz tells Alexandra he doesn't care about the facts he only cares about her. Alexandra explains to Buzz that he has always been the person she could go to that she knew would be happy to see her no matter how badly she had messed up and now she wants to return the favor for him. Marina arrives to see her grandpa.

At the police station, Josh is annoyed at Billy for bringing Reva to see him. Ross tells Reva he has been trying to talk some sense into Josh. Reva maintains Josh is innocent. Josh tells Reva he is responsible for the death of a woman. Reva and Ross are both very confused. Josh tells them the woman was a stalker who was angry because he hadn't given her a job. Reva is annoyed at Josh because he didn't tell her about the stalker right away. Josh tells Reva he wanted to protect her and the kids. When Josh tells everyone that the woman followed him to the Valentine's dance Reva figures out that the woman that was shot was the woman who cut in on their dance. Reva wants to talk to Marah and Shayne. Josh explains that Ed is taking care of telling the kids. Reva wonders why, and Billy tells her that since Ed is a doctor he knows how to break bad news to people. Reva wants to speak to Josh alone.

After Ross and Billy leave Reva demands to know what really happened at the fair grounds.

At the Museum, Jeffrey continues to assure Marah that everything will be okay. Marah is still acting very spaced out. Jeffrey carefully questions Marah about what happened. Jeffrey asks if Marah was at the museum with her friends. Marah tells him yes. Marah tells Jeffrey that Ed Bauer is a good man just like Josh. Jeffrey agrees that Josh is a good man. Marah wonders how Jeffrey could think Josh could kill anyone. Jeffrey explains to Marah that Josh claims the shooting was self defense. Jeffrey also says that good men will do anything to protect themselves or the people they love. Marah tells Jeffrey that Josh doesn't own a gun. Jeffrey explains that Josh used Buzz's gun. Jeffrey tells Marah that Buzz was shot in the arm by a woman named Carrie. Marah repeats Carrie's name.

Marah puts her hands together and acts like she is pointing a gun. Jeffrey wonders if Marah is okay. Jeffrey also wonders if Ed gave Marah a sedative. Marah tells Jeffrey no and says that something awful happened tonight. Jeffrey promises Marah that things will be all right because he will take care of everything. Marah tells Jeffrey no one can help because she thinks... then she stops herself and again says I think... Ed interrupts Jeffrey and Marah's conversation.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny assures Michelle that Josh will be okay because Buzz and Billy will back up his story. Michelle tells Danny that the woman was crazy and Josh had no other choice but to defend himself. Danny wonders if Michele knew the woman. Michelle tells Danny the woman had to be crazy to go after Josh. Danny wonders why the men didn't go to the police. Michelle tells Danny they just wanted to handle things themselves. Danny can't understand why Buzz and Ed had to go with Josh to confront this woman. Michelle tells Danny that the men are close friends. Danny wonders if Alan may also be involved. Michelle insists that Alan wasn't at the fairgrounds. Michelle also wonders why Danny would ask about Alan. Danny explains that he saw Alan and the other men talking at the valentine's dance. Michelle thinks Danny is implying that the shooting was premeditated. Danny explains he didn't mean that but the group is pretty odd. Michelle insists that not all accidents are suspicious, sometimes accidents are just accidents.

At Company, Marina tells Alexandra about the stalker and how Buzz risked his life to protect people he cared about. Alexandra decides to cook something for Buzz. Marina advises Buzz that even if what Alexandra cooks is bad he should pretend it is the best thing he has ever tasted. Marina explains to her grandfather that he and her father are her two heroes.  Marina explains her father is her hero because he is the best person ever and her grandfather because no matter how bad things get he never stops trying to make them better, Marina doesn't think she could ever be like her father but she does think she could be like Buzz. Marina apologizes to Buzz for trusting Carrie instead of him. Buzz tells Marina that Carrie would have found another way to get to them. Marina feels like she failed Buzz. Buzz tells Marina she could never fail him because she is a brilliant person with a good heart. Buzz tells Marina that Carrie used her good heart to prey on her. Buzz wishes Josh didn't have to pay for this crime.

At the police station Reva searches for some reason for the shooting. Josh tells her she must believe his story. Reva refuses to believe the story and demands once again to know the truth. Josh refuses to give her anymore information. Reva won't allow Josh to give up. Josh tells Reva he isn't giving up he just wants to do the right thing. Josh wants to pay his debt and do what is best for the family. Josh asks Reva to take care of herself and the kids. Reva tells Josh she is also trying to take care of the family. Josh tells Reva he can't take care of the family anymore. Josh wonders how the kids will believe what he has taught them after what he did tonight. Josh asks Reva not to leave Marah alone. Frank arrives and tells Reva her time is up.

At the museum, Ed asks Jeffrey to leave so Marah can sleep. Marah struggles to remember but is unable to remember anything. Ed tells Jeffrey that the sedative he gave Marah is taking effect. Jeffrey tells Ed that Marah told him that he (Ed) didn't give her a sedative. Ed tells Jeffrey that Marah is in shock and doesn't know what she is saying. Jeffrey demands Marah be taken to the hospital to be seen by another doctor.

At Michele and Danny's house, Danny asks Michelle if she doesn't want to know the truth for Marah's sake. Michele tells Danny that Josh got backed into a corner and did something drastic. Michelle tells Danny that she is happy the crazy woman didn't confront Ed because he could have snapped. Danny goes to get something that will make Michelle feel better.

At Company, Alexandra arrives from the kitchen with Buzz's omelets. Buzz takes a bite and pretends to like it as his eyes go almost cross-eyed. Buzz promises Alexandra and Marina he will never carry a gun again. Shayne arrives and tells Marina that he has been so absorbed in his own problems he hasn't had time to worry about Josh. Shayne wonders what happened and asks Marina to tell him everything.

At the police Station, Billy wonders why it is taking so long to release Josh. Frank tells him he can't do anything until he gets word from the D.A. Reva tells Josh she will do whatever is necessary to get him out of jail.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny brings Robbie to Michelle. Danny explains to Michelle that he told Robbie his mommy had a bad dream.

Robbie gives Michelle a butterfly kiss to kiss her bad dream away.

At Company, Marina tells Shayne that he should just be thankful his father is safe. Shayne wants to help find the truth. Marina tells Shayne to leave that to the police. Marina advises Shayne to help his mom and Marah right now.

At the museum, Ed and Marah head to the hospital. Jeffrey stays behind a few minutes to make a phone call.

At the police station, Ross tells Frank he wants to get a bail bondsmen to post bail for Josh. Frank gets a call from Jeffrey. Frank wants to know what he should do about Josh. Jeffrey wants to know if Josh has been processed yet. Frank says yes. Jeffrey flashes back to his conversation with Carrie about certain people wanting her dead. Frank again asks Jeffrey what he should do. Jeffrey tells Frank to hold Josh overnight and to bring Buzz and Billy in for questioning. Frank tells Josh the bond hearing was postponed and he will have to spend the night in jail.

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