Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/26/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa


Josh, Billy and Buzz go over their story again. The story is that Carrie had been harassing Josh and the guys went with them to protect Josh. Carrie shot Buzz and Josh shot Carrie before she shot him. Ed is supposedly telling Marah and Shayne what happened. Josh says just the four of them were there no one else not Alan or the girls. Billy wants Josh to be sure about what he is doing. Josh is sure it all happened because of him and he isn't letting Marah take the fall. Frank and the cops arrive at the fairgrounds.

The men tell the police the story. Franks send the cops to find the body in the river. Frank sees Buzz and is very worried when he finds him shot. Frank takes Ed to an ambulance and tell Billy and Josh not to touch anything. Frank asks Buzz to tell him what happened and why they are there. Buzz tells Frank the story they made up. Frank asks why he lied to him earlier and why he brought a loaded gun. Buzz says they all could be dead if he didn't have that gun. The paramedics arrive and go to help Buzz.

Frank calls Harley and tells her that Buzz was shot in the arm. Jeffery has arrived and Josh tells him the story. Frank asks what the victims name was and he says Carolyn Caruthers and we see a shocked look pass over Jeffery's face.

Jeffery and Frank decide to split the men up and get statements. The men tell similar stories; Jeffery and Frank ask the men for play-by-play details. The cops find a cape and Josh identifies it as Carrie's. Jeffery asks if Josh has seen her before but Josh denies it. Jeffery goes to talk to Frank and tells Josh to stay. Josh and Billy meet and they are both ok. The police say it appears to be self defense and they are going by the book. Frank gets a report on a car they ran. Frank tells Billy he can go but Josh has to go to the station.

Frank reads Josh his rights and cuffs him. Josh tells Billy to call Ross and Reva.


Michelle and Marina claim they heard gunshots at the fairgrounds but Ed tells them they heard nothing because they weren't there. The girls are very confused to why Ed is telling them they weren't there. Ed says he got them into this mess and now the men are trying to protect them, he says it is over if they just do as he says. Ed makes Marah go take a shower and wash her clothes to get the gun powder off. She and the girls are confused but Ed tells them to do as he says.

Ed is very worried about Marah and finds her pupils are dilated he looks to find Michelle and Marina's are as well. He asks if they are on drugs. The girls all deny being on drugs and Marah can't remember anything, slowly it comes back to her. Michelle and Marina want the truth from Ed and now. Ed tells the girls that Josh shot Carrie and she is dead, but Marah says Josh didn't do it. Ed tells her Josh did it to save all of them. Ed tries to make the girls believe they were at the museum not at the fairgrounds. Marah is really confused and Michelle tries to comfort her. Michelle tells the girls to go along with what Ed said. Marah repeats the story back to them then asks if that is right. Ed tells Michelle she has to watch out for Marah and make sure she doesn't say the wrong thing. Michelle agrees and Jeffery arrives.



Alan is there in the dark taking a drink when Gus arrives. Harley is there as well and finds out about her dad, she quickly fills Alan and Gus in. Alan says it sounds like self defense to him. Harley leaves to meet her dad at Cedars. Gus says the story will hit the fan when they find who was involved. Gus says it is good a Spaulding wasn't involved. Alan seems very curious to what is going on. Alan slips and says she when talking about the stalker Gus catches and calls him on it. Alan says well I assumed since it was Josh that it might have been a woman. Gus says yea but isn't buying Alan's story. Gus gets a call from Frank and all we hear is interesting.

After the call Gus asks Alan why he was at the fairgrounds tonight. Alan says he was looking at property around the area and saw nothing strange.


Harley arrives to find Buzz there. She is very worried and wants to take him to the hospital but he refuses. Harley asks for the story and Buzz says in Vietnam they used to say dead and gone dead and gone lucky me live another day. Harley asks if this brings back Vietnam for him.

Harley and Buzz discuss forgiveness and Harley says it is more important for him to forgive himself.

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