Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/25/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa


Lizzie is at the house and Danny tries to find out who her supplier is. He thinks she is dealing D, and wants to put a stop to it. Lizzie insists that she did not drug Nico; she helped him. Danny tells Lizzie that Nico told him everything; Nico told him that Lizzie gave him the drugs. Lizzie is mad that Nico would lie about her. She tells Danny that it was Blade who invited her to the party, it was Blade who offered her a drink, it was that drink that Nico had before he got sick. Nico rushes in, furious that Danny lied to Lizzie about him. He tells Danny to never lie about him again.

Nico and Lizzie leave and Tony comes into the room. He thinks Danny arranged for him to be there so that, when he heard Lizzie, he would run out and take care of Blade.

Danny tells Tony he does not want anyone to take care of the problem for him; he is going to make it his mission to get D off the streets.

Tony thinks it’s “political suicide” but Danny thinks it could work in his favor.



Jeffrey stops by to see Reva. He is interested in the woman Reva met at the dance and wonders if Reva picked up anything from her. Reva is curious about Mr. O’Neil’s interest in Carrie.

She admits that she has had some ‘feelings’ but that nothing is clear; they may or may not be related to Carrie. Reva asks Jeffrey to leave but has a dizzy spell. Jeffrey tells her he has an energy bar that will make her feel better.

While going through his briefcase, he trusts a picture of Maryanne onto Reva’s lap, trying to trigger a vision. Reva asks about the woman and learns that she is dead. Reva does not ask anything further and Jeffrey leaves.




Josh and Carrie struggle for the gun. A shot is fired and Carrie is wounded. Alan, Buzz, Billy and Ed try to grab hold of Carrie but she falls through the trap door and is pulled away by the currents. Josh, however, is not at all focused on Carrie.

He sees Marah standing with a smoking gun in her hand and realizes that she killed Carrie. Marah blocks out the incident.

Josh decides then and there that he will confess to shooting Carrie, in order to protect Marah. He tells the other men that they can leave but they all agree to stand by him. Together, they work out the details of the “confession”. Ed takes Marah out to Michelle and Marina and tells the girls that it is all over; they all did what they had to do. Ed then takes the girls home, none of them are feeling well.

The men inside work out a story: Billy had told Frank that Carrie was badgering him for a job but he refused. At the V-day dance, the other men heard Carrie threaten Josh. When they heard that he was meeting her tonight, they followed him to make sure he was safe. When they arrived, Carrie pulled a gun and Buzz, who brought his gun, drew his. Carrie was faster than he was and shot him in the shoulder. Buzz dropped his gun and Josh picked it up. Carrie aimed her gun again and Josh shot her… in self-defense. His first shot missed but he hit her the second time. They wipe Josh’s prints off Carrie’s gun and make sure his and Buzz’ prints are the only ones on Buzz’ gun.

Josh fires the gun – his ‘first’ shot – to ensure he has gun power on his hands. They are all set to call the police when Josh tells the men there is just one loose end to tie up: Alan needs to leave. Alan wants to stay; he was a part of this from the start and wants to see it through with the rest of them. Alan and Josh have never been friends and Alan being there makes no sense. Alan agrees and leaves.

Josh calls the police.

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