Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/24/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

Olivia's: Olivia is with a gentleman and she thanks him for getting the work done quickly. He thinks they should discuss the papers more but she says it isn't necessary and leaves.

Ravenswood: We see Phillip sleeping; he suddenly awakes to find Gus there. Gus says he is there to talk about the message he told Rick to give him about antimonies.

Gus tells Phillip that there is missing product from the shipments and he needs Phillips help to figure it out. Phillip tell Gus he can't remember but is trying to remember as Gus tries to jog his memory. Philip says he remembers he had questions about some corporations. Gus tells him he has his back and Olivia arrives. She and Gus go outside and they fight about Gus being there. Gus says she has no say in him seeing his brother and she doesn't want to make an enemy out of him. Olivia backs off and says she would allow Gus to see Phillip. The fight soon turns to her and Spaulding then Gus says he will be back soon to see his brother. Olivia goes in to see Phillip and lies to him about Gus. Olivia says she has more papers for Phillip to sign from Spaulding but as Phillip looks at it he asks if it is his will. Olivia really wants Philip to sign the will he is to tired to read it but she insists upon reading it to him. She says she is looking after the children they are going to have and how the Spaulding won't protect them.

Philip says he trusts her and signs the papers. Outside Phillip's room is Olivia. Olivia is alone and she says we did it Emma. Inside Phillip still has the pen in his hand like he is signing something.

Bauer's: Rick is on the phone calling Gus. He tells Gus there is a poker game and that he needs someone he can beat. Rick makes it clear in the message he leaves Gus not to bring Harley. Rick is talking to himself about how pathetic he feels that everyone is late, finally Frank arrives.

Rick and Frank discuss how Ed is worrying him until Bill arrives. Along with Bill came Sandy and Shayne. They all talk how good it is to be with the guys.

They tell Sandy and Shayne they are the beer fetchers for the night. Sandy and Shayne claim not to have played the game before but the guys say they will catch on. Bill brings up the election and Frank says he hopes Ross wins. Frank goes to check in with work and says it looks like it is going to be an uneventful night.

They talk about their lives and their past. It appears that Sandy knows more about poker then he cared to let them know. They are all clearing out to leave and Shayne thanks them.

Reva's: Reva is at home drawing something when Cassie arrives. Reva explains she is drawing a ring she saw the other night at the Valentine's dance. She tells Cassie she saw the ring again in a vision and was drawing it to remember it. Cassie asks why she cares so much and Reva says she wishes she knew. Cassie tells her to tell about the woman to see if they can find out what the vision meant. Reva tells her how the woman acquired the ring and Cassie says maybe it is the history.

Reva says the feelings are now and she doesn't know what it has to do with her. Cassie asks how she can help Reva and Reva just wants a subject change. They talk about the fact that Reva still feels weird about Cassie and Edmund but is trying. They then discuss Josh and how he is keeping something from her. She says she hopes Josh is resolving his problems tonight. Cassie gets a call from Tammy and has to leave but is still worried about Reva. After Cassie is gone, Reva gets another vision of the ring and water, then Marah. Reva calls Marah to make sure everything is okay but only gets her machine.

Fairgrounds: We hear Josh telling Marah to leave right now. The three girls meet up and talking about how they are dizzy. The men finally find the girls and want to leave with them but Carrie says not until the pay a life for a life. Marah looks very scared and is staying close to her dad. Carrie and the men fight over whether or not one of the girls deserve to die.

The men decide to split up to find a way out of there. The drug seems to be really effecting the girls now. The men tell them they need to keep moving to get out of there. We see Carrie aim her gun at Marina, Ed and Michelle and fires a shot as Ed yells no. It appears the three of them are fine just shaken. Billy says he is going right and for Marah to stay with Josh. When Josh turns to get Marah he finds a mirror. She calls out to Josh and he says everything will be ok. Michelle, Ed and Marina all make it out but Ed goes back in for the others and locks the girls out.

The four men meet up and go to look for Josh and Marah; Josh is trying to locate Marah as well. We see Buzz with his gun out and ready. Michelle and Marina are banging on the door to get back in to no avail. Both girls say they feel dizzy but they say they can't leave them alone with Carrie. Buzz sees Carrie and points the gun at Carrie, Carrie shoots Buzz and he drops his gun.

Josh arrives and he and Carrie struggle over her gun and it appears he shot Carrie.

Olivia's bar: Cassie is there as well as Gus. Gus says he doesn't know how she does it. He asks how she puts up with Olivia. The discuss Olivia and how they feel toward her. Gus says he knows about her miscarriage and is sorry and asks why she does do what she does. He is referring to Spaulding and Phillip. Cassie says she is looking out for Phillip's interest and Gus says she must have questioned Olivia's motives herself.

Gus says he thinks Olivia is out for power. Cassie defends Olivia and tries to get Gus to forget it. Gus then leaves saying he has to go home to Harley. Cassie says to herself Olivia I really hope you know what you are doing.

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