Guiding Light Update Monday 2/23/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At Ravenswood: Olivia asks Cassie if she lost her mind. Cassie says it is wrong to allow a father to believe his child is dead. Cassie tells Olivia it is easy to make a decision when she doesn't understand the consequences. Olivia says she can't go down that road with Lizzie again; Lizzie wanted her dead. Cassie tells Olivia she can't give her one good reason to keep allowing Philip to believe he killed his child. Cassie tells Olivia she married into his life, family and company.

Olivia says look at her she has been found out to which Cassie replies maybe you have. Olivia tells Cassie she has been a good friend to her in a lot of ways. Cassie says people are talking about her marrying Philip for his money and that she is proving it by keeping this secret. Olivia says she has the right to keep this secret for as long as she needs to keep Emma safe from Lizzie. Cassie says if she has any feelings she would go in there right now and tell Philip the truth. Cassie says she may be that afraid of Lizzie and she may not be, but now that she has seen Philip she isn't giving Olivia anymore options. Olivia says she could just leave, she has done it before. Cassie asks what happened to her and Olivia says she doesn't like ultimatums. She tells Cassie if she tells Philip he won't only lose the child he never knew but he will lose his wife as well.

Cassie says she tried to see something different and good in Olivia and that why Olivia played her. Olivia says she never meant to use Cassie but Cassie says she did but it is over now. Cassie says she knows how Philip feels and she is going to tell him. Olivia ask Cassie if she is going to go personally tell Lizzie she has the sister she never wanted but Cassie tells her not to pull the Lizzie card, and that he con is over. Olivia says that she is in control, Cassie tells her Phillip is how he is because of her. Cassie tells her to give Philip something to live for. Olivia asks how she can convince Philip to keep his child a secret and Cassie says Philip would do anything for his children. Olivia finally tells Cassie she will tell Philip but she has something to do first. Olivia says she better not regret this and Cassie says she doesn't care if Olivia does. Cassie goes into Philip's room. She tells Philip she could go if he is tired but he says no. He says he heard voices in the hall -  was she talking to Olivia? She says yes they got into it. Philip says it was about him.

He asks what they were talking about. Cassie says about getting him better. Cassie says she knows he feels like he is drowning but it will take time and help. Cassie hints around about a miracle happening that will give him a boost. Philip says Cassie is so strong she lost Richard and her baby but went on. He says he is living but sometimes he wonders why he bothers to keep living. Cassie tells Philip that she got by because she had a lot of love and she hopes he will too.

At the museum: Michelle, Marina and Marah are there. Marah is staring at the ring from Carrie. Marina says it ends tonight the sadness and pain. Michelle and Marina say they feel bad for Carrie and say they are going. Marah says she isn't going and she doesn't think they should either. Michelle asks Marah what is the matter. Michele asks if Marah thinks she is up to something. Marah says when isn't she and Marah says they should blow her off . Michelle says when she thought about it last night she felt peaceful and she knows going is the right thing. Michelle also says maybe the rings do have power. Marina points out that Carrie said the power was in them not the rings. Michelle says maybe it is both she tells Marah to give in to it one more time. Marah is looking at the ring on her finger. Marina says she never thought of it as closure and she feels good about it. Michelle says it is because they are involved in something good and they are going into make it end the right way. Marah says all right let's do it.


At the fairgrounds: We see Ed, Josh, Billy, Alan and Buzz. They are talking about who turned the lights on. They say they have no advantage that this is a trap. Alan says they need to stay to find out what she wants to get the girls out of this nightmare in one piece. They hear fair music and say that is their cue. They all head in. Buzz is last to go in before he does he takes out his gun and checks it, then he puts it away and heads in. We see the men inside looking around, they are in a house of mirrors.

Josh says to stay close but they all think they should leave. After a while they stay and see Carrie. They call out for Carrie to come out. Billy says he was ready to negotiate before but now he is mad. They tell her to come out, there is nothing to be afraid of. Carrie says she isn't afraid but they should be afraid of her. Josh says they are here and that they all want the same thing - to put the past behind them. Buzz says enough with the games come out and tell them what she wants. She says she'd rather stay where she is safe and alive. Alan says no one is going to kill her and she asks why Buzz was at the shooting range today. Josh is shocked by this but Buzz says never bring a knife to a gunfight. Carrie says never bring a gun unless you are going to use it. Josh tells Carrie that Buzz won't use the gun and asks what she wants. Carrie says a life for a life. They say one of us for Maryanne but Carrie says that wouldn't be a fair exchange.

Carrie says she wants one of their girls for the one they took from her and they must choose. Alan says don't be insane Carrie responds she isn't, she is just very angry. Alan says she can't make them do this. Josh says that she must understand what she is asking is impossible. She says she has the advantage they say not unless they can get to her. Carrie says it has been thirty years and the debt will be paid tonight. Josh snaps he says she can kill him here and now but she is not getting her hands on his daughter. The other men hold him back as he yells kill me kill me. Carrie says and deprive her the pleasure of seeing him suffer. The men say they will find an alternative. Carrie says choose and Josh screams no. Billy tells Josh to calm down nobody is going to die. Ed says she will never get it but she says she might already have it. Alan says he won't get near the girls but Carrie says the girls and her have a bond and she doesn't think they will reject her again.

The girls have arrived and say that this is trippy and can't believe Carrie set all this up. They girls are all acting weird. Marah asks if anyone is feeling weird. They say they feel good. They hear the music and move toward it saying they are off to see the wizard. They say she won't get near their daughters. Carries says she has nothing left to lose so choose. The girls say they thought they heard voices and are dizzy. The men say they won't choose and hear Marah's voice. The girls enter the mirror room and they decide to hold hands. They decide to locate the girls and split up to find them. Marah says daddy and Josh tells her to get down on the floor and not to move. We see Carrie aim her gun at someone and then Josh yells Marah get down the other men echo. Josh tells her that Carrie has a gun and Marah gets down on the floor.

At Reva's: We see Sandy looking at pictures on the mantle of the family. He also looks at family mementos. He is about to leave until Reva stops him.

Reva brings down a box of Lewis family memories and Reva says his mission is to dive right in. Reva tells him she knows he may feel left out and ignored but that is the damage she wants to repair. Sandy pulls out a ,merry-go-round and says he used to want one when he was a kid. The music it played though sent Reva into her own world like she was getting a premonition.

Reva is studying the object and she says the music gives her the creeps. Sandy says it might help her flash back to something important like where she lost her house keys way back when; Reva says funny. She then tells Sandy this is the second time she has had a twinge around him. He asks if that is how it works but Reva says maybe it is just their connection. Sandy tries to leave but Reva says he is just freaked out. He says she is pushing a little and he leaves after their goodbye. Inside Reva studies the figurine closely.

Reva is looking at something closely and smiling. Then she sees a ring in water. She sees Carrie.

Olivia's: Olivia arrives and tells the man she is glad he could make it and asks if he brought it. He hands her a document and he asks why all the flashing red lights. She says this is a rush job and they need to get to work.

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