Guiding Light Update Friday 2/20/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
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At Ravenswood, Olivia sees Cassie getting ready to go in Philip's room to visit him. Olivia wonders what Cassie is doing at Ravenswood.

In Carrie's room, Carrie talks to herself going over her plan to seek revenge on the men.

At the Lewis house, Lewis game night is underway. Josh arrives and tells everyone he can't stay too long because he has to meet Billy in an hour.

At the Beacon, Billy struggles to stay sober as he nervously tears a napkin and orders a ginger ale. When the bartender brings him the soda, Billy decides to order bourbon on the rocks.

At Company, Frank finds Buzz's duffle bag with the gun in it. Frank asks his father why he left a loaded 45 in a duffle bag in one of the booths. Frank wonders if there have been any robberies in the neighborhood. When Buzz doesn't say anything Frank wonders if his father's life has been threatened by someone. Buzz promises Frank he will get rid of the gun after tonight. Buzz tells Frank he needs to go clean something up.

At the Lewis house, Reva thinks Josh should invite Billy to game night. Josh tells Reva Billy has never been good at games. The Lewis family chooses teams for game night.

At Ravenswood, Olivia begs Cassie not to tell Philip about Emma. Olivia thinks Emma's life could be in danger if Lizzie found out Emma is alive. Cassie wants to see how Philip's condition is before she decides what to do. Despite Olivia's objections Cassie goes inside Philip's room to visit him. Cassie congratulates Philip on his marriage. Cassie wants to have a party for Philip and Olivia after he is released from the hospital. Philip gives Cassie a half smile and calls the party a coming out party. Olivia doesn't think the party is a good idea because she needs Philip to concentrate on finding a cozy house for them to live.

Philip repeats the words cozy house and then adds for babies. Cassie is touched that he is still thinking about his baby. Olivia gets nervous that Cassie will tell Philip the truth and quickly tells Cassie that Philip must be thinking about Zach and James. Cassie asks Philip how he is feeling. Philip responds that he has felt better. Philip says that at first all he could feel was pain but Olivia has helped him with the pain of losing the baby. Philip apologizes to Cassie.

At the Beacon, Father Ray sits beside Billy at the bar and tries to stop him from taking a drink. Father Ray encourages Billy to talk about his problems. Billy explains to father Ray that he (Billy) needs the comfort of a drink when things have gone from bad to worse and he doesn't see any hope of things getting any better.

At the shooting range, Buzz takes target practice.

At Ravenswood, Cassie is confused by Philip's apology to her. Philip explains that he had no idea how devastating it was to lose a baby. Philip wishes he could have done more to help Cassie and Richard when they lost their baby. Cassie tells Philip there wasn't anything he could have done for them. Philip blames himself for not trusting Olivia. Philip thinks if he had trusted Olivia their baby would still be alive. Philip asks Cassie when the pain will stop. Cassie tells Philip the pain of losing a baby never stops. Cassie wonders if Olivia still aches for her little girl.

At the Beacon, Billy decides not to discuss his problems with Father Ray. Father Ray tells Billy that he can always talk to God because God forgives anything if he (Billy) asks for forgiveness. Billy explains to Father Ray that there are people in this world who only want revenge and it is best that you do unto them before they do unto you. Father Ray thinks that is a sad philosophy of life. Billy decides not to take a drink and pays for the drink then he leaves the bar.

At Company, Ed arrives and asks Frank if he knows Buzz's whereabouts. Frank tells Ed he has no idea where his father could be but he (Buzz) did mention something about going to clean something up. Holly arrives and wonders why Ed has been avoiding her. Ed apologizes to Holly for not calling her.

Ed tells Holly that things in his life will be getting back to normal soon. Holly wonders why Ed hasn't been going to any AA meetings. Ed explains he has been taking a break from everyone and everything to get his life in order. Holly tells Ed she understands how he feels because there are times when she has had to take a step back from everyone and everything to take stock of her life. Ed is happy to finally be accepted and understood by someone. Holly asks Ed to go out to dinner with her when his life is back to normal. Ed tells Holly that maybe they can go to dinner tomorrow. Ed gets up to leave and takes the pills from his pocket and throws them in the garbage.

At the fairgrounds, Carrie remembers the details of the night Marianne died. Carrie talks to herself and explains that she followed the men and Marianne after they got in the car. Carrie says she couldn't keep up with them because they were going too fast. When she got to Cutter's Bridge she saw the skid marks and she knew what had happened to everyone. Carrie decided to hide and she saw everything that happened in the water. Carrie saw the men get out of the water without Marianne. Carrie witnessed the men make their pact and leave. Carrie explains that she swore to herself to hunt the men down and make them pay. Carrie tells herself the men will remember Marianne for the rest of their lives because now one of their daughter's lives will be at stake.

At the Lewis house, Josh says goodbye to his children and Sandy. Reva walks Josh to the door. Reva worries because Josh looks distracted. Josh promises that he is fine and gives Reva a kiss before he leaves to go to the fairgrounds.

At the fairgrounds, Carrie tells herself after all these years this is where it will end.

At Ravenswood, Olivia doesn't answer Cassie's question instead she tells Cassie that Philip needs to be cheered up and not dwell in the past. Philip reminds Olivia that he was the one who brought up the subject. Cassie tells Philip Olivia is only trying to do what is best for him. Cassie gets ready to leave. Cassie tells Philip that she thinks his pain will get easier very soon. Olivia walks Cassie out of the room. Olivia reminds Cassie of when she (Cassie) made Michelle think Danny was dead in order to protect him.

Cassie doesn't see any similarity in the two situations. Cassie worries about Philip's reaction once he learns the truth. Olivia is positive that Philip will never say or do anything that was as hurtful as when he didn't believe she was pregnant with his child. Olivia tells Cassie she must be tough to protect Emma from Lizzie and the Spauldings. Cassie agrees that Olivia must protect Emma from Lizzie and not take her to the Spaulding mansion. Cassie advises Olivia to bring Emma to Ravenswood and trust her husband.

At the Lewis house, Sandy asks Marah how her Valentine's date with Jeffrey turned out. Marah tells Sandy that her date had its magical moments. Marah thanks Sandy for planning the date. Marah tells Sandy that she and Jeffrey like each other but they met at the wrong time. Marah says now she wants to concentrate on the new family project finding him a date.

Sandy tells her that doesn't interest him unless she can find someone to help him with costumes for the play. Marah leaves the house to meet the girls so they can go to Marianne's memorial service. Once outside the house, Marah calls Marina and asks her to meet at the museum with Michelle. Marah reminds Marina to wear the ring Carrie gave her.

At the fairgrounds, Buzz arrives first and quickly hides his gun when he hears Billy's voice. Josh also arrives shortly after Billy. The men wonder if Carrie has arrived yet. The lights suddenly turn on at the fairgrounds.

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