Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/19/04

By Eva
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At Company, Buzz gets a call from Marina who tells him she will be a little bit late for her shift. Buzz insists Marina take the day off and not come in to work. Marina tells her grandfather she will be more than happy to come in to work, she will just be a little late. Buzz yells into the phone for Marina not to come into work today.

At the Museum, Marina hangs up the phone and tells Shayne that Buzz hung up on her. Marina worries Buzz is cutting her off for good.

In Carrie's limo, Carrie meets with Jeffrey. Carrie tells Jeffrey she isn't used to being summoned by anyone. Jeffrey tells Carrie he isn't accustomed to having people break their agreements with him.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus and Harley go over strategy for her meeting with Brad. Gus and Harley are still feeling a bit awkward with each other since they were forced to lie to each other for the sake of the case. In the end they agree they are happy to be partners once again. Gus tells Harley he is still uncomfortable with her having to make nice with a slime ball like Brad Green. Harley tells Gus she can handle Brad Green. Gus and Harley decide he will go around the block a few times before he comes back home to find Harley with Brad.

At Ravenswood, Philip has trouble concentrating as he looks over the notes of the last Spaulding board meeting. Rick arrives to visit Philip. Philip worries that something isn't right at Spaulding. Rick notices Philip is getting agitated and tells him to stop worrying about Spaulding. Rick asks Philip why he married Olivia. Philip replies that it was the right thing to do. Rick wonders if Philip loves Olivia. Olivia arrives and politely asks Rick to leave because Philip needs his rest. Rick congratulates Philip and Olivia on their marriage. Rick wants to know all the details of their wedding. Philip tells Rick the wedding happened really quickly. Olivia explains to Rick that given what she and Philip had both been through she thought a private ceremony was the best idea. Philip sends Olivia out of the room to get him a glass of water so he can speak to Rick alone.

At the museum, Marina explains to Shayne that her grandfather has always been the only person in her family who truly understood her. Marina tells Shayne that her grandfather's support of her dreams has always made her believe her dreams could come true. Marina is upset with herself because the only time her grandfather needed her to believe in him and support him she let him down.

At Gus and Harley's place, Brad thanks Harley for covering for him with Marie the other day. Harley explains to Brad that Gus has been spending so much time at Spaulding that he doesn't have time for her anymore. Harley also tells Brad that even when Gus comes home all he can think about is work. Brad feels badly that Gus doesn't appreciate Harley. Brad tells Harley that he (Brad) will appreciate her. Gus sticks his key in the door and almost catches Brad and Harley kissing. Gus acts suspicious of Harley's excuse that she and Brad were only discussing business. Gus makes it clear he isn't happy that Harley has anything to do with Brad. Gus explains to Harley that he suspects there is something fishy going at work and he thinks Brad is involved. Gus goes on to explain that the suspicious dealings have to do with a drug called antimonies. Brad yells at Gus that if he thinks he (Brad) is hiding something he (Gus) should find out what he is hiding. Gus pushes Brad's buttons for a few minutes as they argue back and forth with each other. Gus taps into Brad's hatred of him (Gus) because Brad thinks Gus is a Spaulding who has just had the world fall into his lap. Gus yells at Brad that he is a Spaulding and he has every right to question him about what goes on at his father's company. Gus yells at Brad to get out of his house while he is still able to walk. Harley tells Gus that Brad is her guest and she doesn't want him to leave yet.

At Ravenswood, Philip admits to Rick that he married Olivia because he feels responsible for the loss of their baby. Philip tells Rick he wants to give Olivia another baby to make up for the one they lost. Rick advises Philip not to bring a baby into a loveless marriage. Philip insists that he loves Olivia.

At Company, Shayne and Marina arrive. Shayne explains he wants to explore his job opportunities until he is well enough to go back to school. Shayne tells Buzz he wants to spend a few days at Company to see how to run a business. Shayne tells Buzz he wants to try and make peace between he (Buzz) and Marina because Marina really misses him. Buzz explains that once trust has been broken it is almost impossible to repair.

In Carrie's limo, Jeffrey wonders why Carrie came to the dance. Carrie tells Jeffrey she just wanted to have a little fun. Jeffrey makes it clear that Carrie should stay away from the girls and if anything happens to them he will make her wish she had never set eyes on anyone in Springfield. Carrie thinks Jeffrey is getting too personally involved in the case because he has feelings for Marah.

At Ravenswood, Olivia arrives and wonders what the guys were discussing. Rick tells her they were just talking about when Philip would be able to come home. Olivia says Philip will come home when the doctor thinks he has recovered. Olivia once again asks Rick to leave. Rick wonders why Olivia is so intent on him not visiting Philip.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus and Harley stage a fight for Brad's benefit. They want to make Brad think that their relationship is suffering because Harley believes Gus is turning into Alan. Frank arrives for dinner and almost blows Gus and Harley's plan. Gus takes Frank outside in the hall to talk. Harley acts distraught and starts crying and asks Brad to do her a favor to make her feel better.

At Company, Shayne tries once again to make peace between Buzz and Marina. Buzz explains he is upset because he feels he let Marina down. Shayne explains he felt that way after his accident but Marina stuck by him through everything. Buzz explains the accident wasn't Shayne's fault. Buzz goes outside to get some air. Marina arrives and Shayne tells her she needs to go outside and sign for an order. After Marina leaves Shayne locks the back door behind her and puts a chair against the door. Marina wonders why Buzz can't talk to her anymore. Marina apologizes to Buzz for everything she has done. Marina explains she thought the truth would set him free and give him peace. Marina also tells Buzz she had no idea the truth would cause him more pain. Buzz tells Marina that she did nothing wrong. Buzz explains that he left town years ago because he couldn't look his children or his wife in the eye anymore. Buzz tells Marina he was afraid they would discover what kind of a man he was and what he had done. Buzz tells Marina he would give anything to have done things differently at Cutters Bridge. Buzz apologizes to Marina for not being the man he should have been at Cutters Bridge. Marina tells her grandfather she knows the kind of man he is and she loves him.

At Ravenswood, Olivia explains to Rick that she loves Philip and is trying to protect him. Rick explains he feels the same way about Philip. They argue back and forth for a few minutes. Olivia notices that their argument is upsetting Philip so they stop arguing. Olivia asks Rick to help her protect Philip. Olivia gives Philip his pill and leaves Philip alone with Rick so they can say goodbye. Philip assures Rick he will take care of the problems at work as well as the problems with Lizzie and Olivia. Philip asks Rick to give Gus a one word message - antimonies. Rick promises to give Gus a message.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley asks Brad to hire her to work at Spaulding to investigate the antimonies shortage Gus is so worried about at the company. Brad agrees to talk to her later about the idea. Gus and Frank come back into the apartment and Brad leaves. Frank demands Gus apologize to Harley. Gus asks Harley to explain to Frank that sometimes love means never having to say you're sorry. Gus apologizes to Harley . Frank decides to take a rain check on dinner. Harley is upset she had to lie to her brother. Rick arrives to give Gus Philip's message. Rick explains that antimonies is a drug they use in the ER as an anesthetic. Rick explains that Philip seemed very anxious for Gus to find out what was going on at work regarding antimonies.

In Carrie's limo, Carrie tells Jeffrey she is afraid her life is in danger. Carrie tells Jeffrey if she dies she will reach out from the grave for revenge.

At Company, Marina wants to put this whole mess behind them and move forward. Buzz and Marina promise not to let anything come between them. Shayne unlocks the door and asks if they have made peace. Buzz and Marina nod their heads and Shayne and Marina go back inside. Buzz loads his gun and says tonight it will all be over.

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