Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/18/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa


Reva arrives at the hospital, searching for Sandy, worried that he might be injured. When she sees him, he tells her that one of the students in the play took a fall and he came with her, he is all right. Reva is relieved and joins her son, while he waits for his actor. Reva tells Sandy she was sorry she didn’t see him at the dance because she had something for him. She gives him a V-day card, with a picture of the two of them. Sandy is appreciative but does not think that Reva needs to give him something every time she seems him. Reva tells him she tends to go overboard when she wants something to work. Sandy assures her that she need not try so hard. Perhaps having Shayne and Marah gone from the house has made her focus on him that much more. Reva tells Sandy about the feeling she has been having since the dance… she is not sure what it means. At first she thought it might have meant danger, maybe Shayne or Josh or Sandy. But now it feels more like… betrayal. Sandy thinks it’s more likely hunger, and he offers to take Reva out for dinner, like families do. Reva tells him he won’t be an official member until he has family game night! Sandy looks forward to it.


Josh, Billy, Ed, Alan and Buzz arrive at the old fairgrounds. They want to make sure everything is all right there and that Carrie has nothing planned for them at the meeting tomorrow. Ed and Josh think that Carrie really wants to say goodbye but the others are skeptical. As they search the grounds, Alan checks to make sure that Buzz brought along a gun. He wants Buzz to be ready, if anything happens, Buzz needs to act quickly. The men come up empty on their search. When they enter the Fun House for a final check, Ed cannot handle it. He leaves and Josh follows. Ed tells Josh he does not like all the mirrors, he does not look at himself a lot these days. He feels so guilty about what happened. He tells Josh they never apologized, they never went back to try to find Maryanne, they never tried to find her family and explain, they just went on with their lives and never looked back. Josh tells Ed that every year, when they go to her grave, they are apologizing. Josh rejoins the others, leaving Ed to direct his apologies to the heavens. The five men gather to say goodnight. They are ready, certain that Carrie has nothing planned but prepared, in case she does.


Marina, Marah and Michelle, dubious of Carrie’s promise to leave town, decide to may her an unannounced visit. They are surprised to find that she is indeed packing, all set to leave town. Marah asks her how is it, that after holding on for all these years, she is suddenly ready to give up her vendetta against the men. Carrie tells them that it was because of them. She sees a bit of Maryanne in each of them and has come to care about them. She knew that if she hurt the men, she would hurt them too, changing their lives forever. They were their fathers’ redemption. Carrie asks a favor of them. She would like to have a memorial for Maryanne because there never was one. She would like the three girls to join her. Michelle is reluctant but Carrie assures her that it will not be at the cemetery but rather, at the fairgrounds, where Maryanne spent her last night. The girls agree to join her. Carrie gives them each a ring and asks that they hold on to them and wear them tomorrow at the memorial. The girls leave, relieved that by tomorrow this whole thing will be over. Alone in her room, Carrie is also anticipating the end.


Jeffrey stops by and Harley confronts him about his involvement with Gus. She suspects that they are working together. Gus walks in on their conversation and Jeffrey decides it’s time to introduce his two undercover agents to each other. Gus and Harley are both shocked and furious to learn of the other’ deceit. Gus thinks Harley was out to get his family and Harley cannot believe that he doubts that she was looking to protect him, worried that he was in danger. Jeffrey tells them that he needed them both and they have both been useful to the case. But now they need to come together and work as partners. Harley tells Jeffrey to find another couple of pansies because they are not going to anymore. Instead of backing her up, Gus pulls Harley aside and convinces her that working together might be a good thing for them. They have a lot of fun, they do good work, they can come home together at the end of the day. Harley begins to get excited at the idea of working with him once again but Gus tells her not to let Jeffrey see how pleased she is. They are still talking, completely wrapped up in each other, and do not notice when Jeffrey leaves.

Outside, he makes a call, telling someone that Gus and Harley are happy to be working as partners again. He sees that Marah has called him but does not return her call.

Harley and Gus make a deal to not keep any more secrets from each other, all the while knowing that they are already hiding things from each other.

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