Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/17/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

Museum : Michelle, Marina and Marah look for a clue to Carrie having been there. Marina says she doesn't think Carrie was there. Marah says when Carrie wants to meet them they know it, so why did she want them there. Michelle figures it out: Carrie wanted them away from the club, so that she could get to the men. Marina says she doesn't go out in public but Michelle says that was because they were doing her dirty work. They all agree they have to get over there but as they are leaving Shayne questions where Marina is going. She says they have to go to the Country Club to the dance, Shayne offers to go. The girls make up an excuse that they are just cleaning up and quickly leave. Shayne says what is going on?

Country Club: Josh and Carrie are dancing and Josh looks shocked. He says it is you, you are the one that has been going after my daughter. Carrie says this isn't the place for this conversation, that they should go somewhere more private and tells him to speak to the others and have them join them. At the same time, Jeffery and Reva are watching Josh and Carrie. Jeffery asks if she knows Carrie, and Reva says no. She says Carrie is strange and she got the weirdest vibe from her when she shook her hand. Reva goes to interrupt Josh and Carrie. Meanwhile, Beth runs into Alexandra and Beth is in a panic because Lizzie isn't at the teen party like she is suppose to be. Alexandra insist that Lizzie is around there somewhere and they go off to find her. Josh and Carrie are interrupted by Reva who thanks Carrie for taking care of Josh. Reva asks for a refill and Josh goes off but he has forgotten Reva's glass. Reva and Carrie are talking, Reva is staring at her ring. Carrie calls her on it and Reva asks to see it as Reva is looking at it the stone darkens then goes back to the original color. Carrie tries to leave but Reva has questions about the ring. She asks if it is an antique and Carrie says yes it has been in her family for years. Carrie goes to leave again and Reva says I loaned you my husband asking a few questions about your jewelry should be too much. Carrie says it was her great-grandmothers and she got it in Venice she believes, but she has business she needs to take care of and leaves. Alexandra joins Reva and they discuss Carrie. Alexandra tells her that Carrie cut in on her and Buzz saying she was a stockholder. Reva asks if she knows her name and Alexandra says she didn't catch it but Alex says she knows the type of women she is: pretty and eccentric. Reva asks where Buzz is anyway and Alex responds with where is Josh. Reva says he went to get her a drink, Alex says could they have something in common. Shayne has tagged along with Michelle, Marina and Marah and they look for the guys and spot them all coming in. The girls are very relieved that their loved ones are fine. They talk about Carrie and how she was probably trying to ruin their Valentine's day because she is bitter that they won't help her. They then realize that they all dumped their coats on Shayne and rush to make sure he is ok. On the dance floor we see Alexandra and Buzz, and Josh with Reva. Buzz and Josh share a worried look. Alan, Buzz and Ed are together at a table. Billy asks what time it is and after they look Billy says to take their lead from him. Marah interrupts her parents dance to say hi. Reva asks where she has been and Marah replies around. Reva asks Josh if she and Marah can have some girl talk and Josh says fine. Reva tells him not to go far because she lost him once and she doesn't want to lose him again; as this happens Marah looks confused. Josh walks off and motions for Alan and Billy to follow him and they all leave. Marah asks what is up with sudden urge for girl talk and her mom says that it is because of Jeffery. Reva says she saw them around together before but Marah cuts her off and says there is nothing going on between her and Jeffery then asks Reva if she feels better knowing that.  She doesn't give Reva a chance to respond and asks Reva what is going on with her and Josh. Reva says everything is fine. Marina and Shayne arrive and Shayne asks what the rush to get in here was. Marina tells him they were excited. Marina suggests they go dance and win the award for worst dressed couple. They go over and interrupt Alex and Buzz. Marina asks how they are and if Buzz is having fun, Buzz says he is having a great time. She says she is glad, he deserves it, and he says right back at you then goes back to dancing with Alex. Marina looks a little mad that her grandfather blew her off. Shayne asks what is going on with her and her grandfather. Marina says nothing then says she and Buzz are having issues. She and Shayne dance. Michelle gives her dad a hug and he asks what that was for and she says just because. Michelle receives a call from Danny and after tells Ed she has to go. She thanks him for coming and then leaves as does Ed. Reva asks how Marah is and Marah says Reva is trying to change the subject. Reva says she just wants Marah to be happy even if it is with Jeffery. Marah says the only thing going on between her and Jeffery is an emotional wall and Reva says she knows the feeling. Reva tells Marah about Carrie's dance with Josh and Marah looks worried. Marah asks Reva what the lady looked like and Reva explains. Her mom tells her that this lady also danced with Buzz. Marina and Shayne overhear this. A panicked Marah and Marina head off to the bathroom leaving behind a confused Shayne and Reva. Marina and Marah scan the crowd for Carrie but don't see her, they also realize that Josh and Buzz are gone.

Cedars: Lizzie arrives at the hospital with Nico. She says they need help as her grandmother walks out and says Lizzie (obviously shocked to see Lizzie there). They get Nico into a room. Outside the room Lillian asks Lizzie what happened. Lizzie tells her grandmother that Jeremy was taking her home from the Country Club and they saw Nico out wondering around and they couldn't leave him. Lillian doesn't buy it but all she says is she has to go call Michelle and Danny. Lillian has called Beth and told her to come to the ER right away. Rick exits Nico's room and asks Lizzie what Nico is on. Lizzie tells Rick that the guy that put it in the drink said something about a d train. Rick knows it is delirium and heads back to the room. Lizzie stops him and says help him. Now, Lillian is on the phone with Danny. She tells him Nico was brought in and it looks as though drugs were involved. Danny says no way and asks if Michelle is with him, Lillian says no Michelle isn't on schedule, Danny says she was called in and says he'll be right there. Lizzie and Jeremy are waiting in the waiting room; Jeremy asks if she wants anything she says no and he leaves. Lizzie gets up and walks around and looks really sad. Lillian comes up and gives her a hug and tells her she loves her. Lillian says she isn't mad she just doesn't like worrying about Lizzie. Lillian says she knows that Lizzie went to an outside party that included drugs. Lizzie says the Country Club was boring and she made the wrong choices again. Lillian says they all make wrong decisions. She and Lizzie sit and Lillian tells her a story. She tells Lizzie she was attracted to dark and complicated guys, she nods toward Nico's room, and she says these guys caused her a lot of pain and she doesn't want Lizzie to go down that path. Lillian gets a call and goes to take it as Danny arrives. She tells Danny that Rick counteracted the drug and that he should be fine. Danny says he would know if Nico was into drugs but Beth arrives and says take it from her you can never be sure. She goes over to Lizzie. Danny calls Michelle and asks where she is. Danny says he is at Cedars and she isn't there like she said she was. He tells her about Nico and she says she is on her way. Lizzie tells Beth she can explain but Beth doesn't want to hear it. Her mom starts to lecture her about why she left the Country Club but Lizzie says not while Nico is still in there. Beth and Lillian share a worried look. Rick comes out to talk to Danny. Rick tells Danny that Nico had delirium in his system and that Lizzie told him that Nico's drink was spiked. Danny says ok and goes into see Nico. Inside Nico's room, Danny closes the blinds and sits down. Nico says he knows what Danny is going to say: he is a loser, why is he taking drugs, what was he thinking? Danny says he was going to ask how he was feeling. Danny says he knows Nico didn't intentionally take the drug and wants Nico to name who did it to him. Nico says he did it to himself after he sees how angry Danny is. Beth goes over to Lizzie again. She sums up Lizzie's night: She lied to Beth, lied to Lillian, and tried to get Jeremy to lie for her. Lizzie apologizes but Beth says that isn't going to cut it she needs to come clean. Lizzie tells her the drink Nico took was meant for her. She tells her mom if she had gotten a hold of that anything could have happened and falls into her mom's arms. Nico is in his room sleeping and Lizzie comes to visit. She talks to him, she thanks him for looking out for her and Nico says she is welcome. He explains he was pretending to be asleep to keep Danny off his case. They joke around and Lizzie asks why he is being nice to her. Nico says she got him there and that is what counts, he says she could have bailed but didn't. They join hands as a worried Beth and Lillian look on. Michelle arrives and asks how Nico is. Danny assures her he is fine but wants to know where she was. She says she was at the clinic. He tells her what is going on and Michelle asks him to let the cops handle it.

Outside the Country Club: Billy, Alan, Buzz and Ed are outside discussing their situation. Buzz asks what now and Billy says they should go get Josh. Alan tells him no we don't need him here to tell us what to do. Billy says right, they have Alan to tell them what to do. Alan says it is simple they need to figure out who the woman is and go have a private meeting with her, to find out what she wants from them and what they can do for her. Josh joins the men saying the witness is here. We realize that Josh and Buzz both danced with her but they still aren't sure who they are dealing with. Josh says that Carrie wants to meet with them and Alan is all for it. The others don't look so sure but Alan says there is five of them and one of her, what is she going to do. Josh says he needs to get back inside because he left Reva with the mystery woman (Carrie). Billy says Reva will be fine and that the mystery woman won't hurt her. Josh says he knows how she was with the girls and he isn't taking any chances. Alan says it might be worth it, maybe her psychic powers can help them figure out who this woman is. But the rest of the group points out that Reva could just as easily figure out their secret. Just then Reva and Alex come out and are wondering what the men are doing outside and together. Alan says that they could ask the same thing of her and Alex. She says they were looking for them and Billy says they were having guy talk. They all go back inside at Reva and Alexandra's insistence. After the five men meet back there and discuss what to do but don't get far, because Marina and Marah come out. They said they met with Carrie. Buzz takes Marina in and Josh tells Marah it is over. He tells Marah that all Carrie wanted was an apology and that she agreed to leave town. Marah doesn't believe her but Josh says they do and that it is over. He and Marah embrace.

The tree: We see Carrie outside waiting for the men to arrive. As all the men arrive they talk and Carrie arrives. Alan asks who she is and what she wants. Carrie says that is no way to treat a lady but they never knew how to do that or Maryanne wouldn't be dead. She says they look shocked and tells them she has been watching them ever since they allowed Maryanne to die in the crash. Carrie tells the men who she is and that she is the only witness to Maryanne's death. They tell her she shouldn't have involved the girls and shouldn't have tried to hurt them. Buzz asks why she waited, why she didn't go to the cops. She said she was afraid the Spaulding's would destroy her like they did her family. They tell her to leave the past there but she says she can't. Alan tries to buy her off but she doesn't want to. She tells them she wants her niece back but since they can't do that she will have to ask for something close to their hearts. The men tell her she is taking a risk, five of them one of her. Carrie tells them she wants to meet them at the fairground tomorrow, it started there and it should end there. They tell her they won't follow her that easily and they want to be assured she won't hurt the girls. Carrie says they should come to the fair, that is where it will end and then leaves as do the men.

Limo: Carrie instructs the driver to take her to the old fairground, she has work to do.

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