Guiding Light Update Friday 2/13/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At the museum, Shayne and Marina arrive home to a romantic surprise from cupid otherwise known as Marah. Marina reads the note which tells them to go upstairs and change clothes. The note also tells them that after they are done changing clothes they are to check under the sofa cushions for further instructions.

At the country club, Jeffrey and Marah figure out that their date was set up by Sandy. Jeffrey thinks Sandy did them both a favor. Reva and Josh dance together. Reva wants the dance to be a new beginning for both of them.

At Carrie's room, Carrie looks at a picture of Marianne while she makes preparations for a Valentine's surprise for everyone.

At the country club, Buzz, Billy, Alan and Josh are still worried that their families are in danger. The men can't understand how their daughters and granddaughter can be so naive as to think that by talking to this person it would stop the threat to all of them. The men promise to enjoy the party. Beth can tell Lizzie is anxious to get away from the grown-ups .

Beth agrees to let Lizzie go to the teen party in the next room without a chaperone. Alan doesn't think that is a wise decision but Beth tells him they can't keep Lizzie from having any fun. Marah and Jeffrey struggle to make small talk. Marah tells Jeffrey that it is very difficult for her to make small talk with him because she can't stop thinking about when they made love. Marah is positive that if they went back to Jeffrey's place and began kissing and touching it would be just as wonderful as the first time they were together.

Cassie shows Reva the earrings Edmund gave her for valentine's day. Cassie thinks Jeffrey is too old for Marah and is annoyed that  Reva refuses to do anything about the situation. Jeffrey and Marah dance together. Josh thinks coming to the party was a mistake. Billy persuades him to go back to the table. Frank stops Josh on the way back to the table. Frank wonders why Josh called him and asked for his help. Josh explains to Frank that he was receiving threats from a former employee but the problem has been resolved. Tony tells Danny that Bruzi is waiting for him in his limo. Danny tells Tony he will be there shortly to meet with him. Danny and Michelle welcome everyone to the party and thank them for their generous donations to the teen hotline. Danny slips inside Bruzi's limo for their meeting.

At an abandoned warehouse, Lizzie arrives to meet Blade. Blade gives Lizzie a kiss on the cheek and tells her he is happy she could make it to his party.

At the country club, Reva thinks Cassie can't get past the fact that Jeffrey looks like Richard. Reva thinks that is the reason Cassie hasn't taken the time to get to know Jeffrey. Reva tells Cassie Marah is a grown woman who deserves to have some fun. Reva thinks Jeffrey is a good person deep down inside and Cassie should stop pre-judging him just because he looks like Richard.

Cassie denies Reva's accusation that she is holding Jeffrey to a higher standard because he looks like Richard. Jeffrey comes over and asks Reva to dance. Reva turns down the invitation because she wants to go find Josh. Reva tells Jeffrey that Cassie would love to dance with him. Jeffrey asks Cassie to dance. Reva finally finds Josh .

Josh tells Reva he has missed her and he wants her back in his life. Josh tells Reva that during the time they have been apart he has never stopped loving her. Josh apologizes to Reva for being so distant with her. Josh explains that there is only one more thing he needs to do and then the distance between them will be over.

At the museum, Shayne and Marina share a romantic dinner and answer a question from cupid. What has surprised them the most about each other? Shayne tells Marina that what surprised him the most about her is that she still wanted to be with him after his accident. Shayne admits that every time he saw Marina walk out the door he was afraid she would never come back but she would always return. Marina tells Shayne that the most surprising thing about him is his amazing capacity to forgive people. Marina is amazed that Shayne was able to forgive Josh after he caused the accident which left him paralyzed. Marina is also amazed that he was able to welcome Sandy into the family with such love. Marina tells Shayne he makes her feel like anything is possible. Shayne tells Marina that anything is possible as long as they are together. Shayne and Marina kiss.

At the Country club, Cassie turns down Jeffrey's invitation to dance. Cassie tells Jeffrey if he goes anywhere near Tammy she will kill him. Jeffrey tells Cassie that Tammy is still in high school and that's... Cassie finishes Jeffrey's sentence with disgusting and obnoxious. Cassie thinks that instead of playing footsie with Marah, Jeffrey should concentrate on getting 'D' off the street. Jeffrey tells Cassie that if she wants to talk she will have to dance with him because he wants to have a god time. Jeffrey grabs Cassie's arm and leads her to the dance floor. Blake and Ross apologize to Tony for the story about his fight being in the paper.

Outside the party in Bruzi's limo, Danny demands that Bruzi look him in the eye and tell him he was not responsible for the gas leak. Bruzi tells Danny that a gas leak isn't his style. Danny warns Bruzi to stay away from his family. Danny also tells Bruzi to keep his operation out of Springfield. Bruzi tells Danny he isn't scared of him because he has given up all his power. Danny warns Bruzi not to push him or he will find out just how far he is willing to go. Danny takes Bruzi's glass of red wine and lets it drop to the floor.

Inside the country club, Marah and Michelle are happy they finally put Carrie in her place. Danny arrives and takes Michelle to dance. Michelle wonders how Danny got a red wine stain on his suit when he was drinking white wine. Danny avoids the question and tells Michelle to forget about the stain the dry cleaners will get the stain out. Michelle is very happy when Ed arrives at the party. Beth wants to go check on Lizzie but decides to give her a little more time.

At the warehouse, Lizzie is having a great time dancing with Blade.

At the country club, Cassie tells Jeffrey about the kid that came to the hotline office high on 'D'. Cassie wants to start a campaign to inform parents about the drug. Jeffrey promises to help Cassie with her campaign. Edmund and Marah get jealous as they watch Jeffrey dip Cassie.

At the museum, Shayne and Marina dance together. Shayne and Marina make love.

At the country club, Cassie tells Edmund she doesn't understand how Jeffrey can be nice one minute and a jerk the next.

At the warehouse, Blade puts something in Lizzie's drink.

At the country club, Jeffrey and Marah dance and share a kiss. Ed tells Michelle he wants his daughter back in his life. Ed asks Michelle to dance and Michelle accepts his invitation.


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