Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/12/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

At the Country club, Michelle, Marah and Harley finish the preparations for the Valentine's day dance. All three ladies talk to each other and wonder why they don't feel happier on such a special day. They all decide that they are concentrating on their problems. They all decide to try and relax and enjoy the dance. Michelle and Marah are very happy that Carrie hasn't called them for any secret meetings. Tony arrives and asks Michelle to tell Danny he is working on setting up the meeting he had requested.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey speaks to his assistant district attorney Samantha on the telephone. Jeffrey explains that he has ordered room service for them so they can have a working dinner. Samantha absolutely refuses to work on Valentines day saying she has made plans with her boyfriend. Jeffrey relents to Samantha's pressure and gives her the night off. Sandy arrives to talk to Jeffrey about Marah. Sandy wants Jeffrey to prove he is a jerk by letting Marah go.

At Spaulding enterprises, Dimitri from the mail room arrives with a big stack of files sent to Gus by Alexandra.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey is puzzled by Sandy's request since he was positive Sandy didn't want him to have a relationship with Marah. Sandy makes it clear to Jeffrey that he is the last man that he (Sandy) wants to see with his sister. Sandy explains that for some reason which he (Sandy) will never understand Marah thinks Jeffrey will make her happy. Sandy tells Jeffrey he hates to see Marah unhappy.

Jeffrey agrees that he isn't the right man for Marah. Sandy wonders if Jeffrey realizes what a lucky man he is because a woman like Marah wants to be with him. Jeffrey tells Sandy he knows how lucky he is that a beautiful young woman wants to be with him. Jeffrey thinks it's best for Marah if he lets her go. Sandy advises Jeffrey to give himself a chance to be happy with Marah.

At the Country club, Tony wonders if Marah is happy. Marah tells Tony that she is doing well in school, Shayne is recovering nicely from the accident and she is spending time with her friends. Tony wonders if Marah can include him on her list of friends.

At the Bauer house, Danny wants Ed to come to the Valentine Dance as part of a special gift to Michelle.

At Spaulding, Gus calls Jeffrey to tell him that Alexandra sent him a ton of files but he doubts he will find any information on Antomonium in any of the files. Jeffrey tells Gus to read all the files. Gus explains that he has special plans with Harley tonight. Gus tells Jeffrey he doesn't trust the translation of the Russian fax. Gus hangs up the phone and hears Dimitri whistling in the office. Gus asks Dimitri for a favor.

At the Country club, Marah accepts Tony's friendship and agrees to have dinner with him sometime in the future. Tony gets a call and has to leave. Marah tells Michelle about her conversation with Tony. Marah decides to go home order a pizza and watch Casablanca.

At Spaulding, Gus offers to give Dimitri a promotion if he will speak to the Russian drug representative about the missing antomonium. Dimitri says he is happy in the mail room. Dimitri is hesitant to talk to the drug representative until Gus offers to give him money to buy the woman he likes a wonderful present for valentine's day. Dimitri talks to Spaulding's Russian drug representative for a few minutes and he seems very excited and happy to be speaking with him. After Dimitri hangs up the phone Gus thinks he may have discovered some important information. Dimitri is happy because the drug representative knows his cousin Boris. Gus calms Dimitri down and asks him what the drug representative told him about antomonium.

At the Bauer house, Ed refuses to go to the party. Danny asks Ed to stop hurting Michelle and come to the party. Ed feels that he has failed as a father to make Michelle happy. Ed thinks Danny will also fail in his attempt to make Michelle happy. Ed wonders what will happen to Danny and Michelle's relationship when Michelle realizes there is no such thing as a perfect life. Danny explains that he and Michelle are at a point in their lives where they don't have any illusions about each other.

At Spaulding, Dimitri explains to Gus that the problem in the drug shipments lies with the trucking company. Dimitri gives Gus this example. If one thousand boxes of the drug leave the warehouse by the time they arrive at their destination only seven hundred boxes arrive so three hundred boxes are missing from the shipment. Gus calls Jeffrey and gives him the information. Gus hangs up the phone and is ready to leave when Harley arrives and surprises him.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey does the math (using the example Gus gave him) to try and figure out how much money the person responsible for putting antomonium on the street is making from the sale of the drug. Jeffrey calls Marah but hangs up the phone when he hears her voice.

At the museum, Marah remembers making love to Jeffrey. Marah is startled by Sandy who hands her a box that has just been delivered to the house. Marah opens the box and finds red roses and an invitation to the valentine dance from a secret admirer.

Marah thinks the roses are from Josh. Sandy tells Marah that if Josh was going to send flowers to anyone it would be Reva. Marah then decides the flowers are a friendly gesture from Tony. Marah decides to go to the dance because it may be fun.

At the Beacon, an envelope arrives for Jeffrey. Jeffrey opens the envelope and finds an invitation to the valentines dance. Jeffrey thinks the invitation is from Beth and he decides to accept her invitation.

At the Bauer house, Ed tells Danny that he can't just erase his past and pretend it never happened at all. Danny explains to Ed that Michelle is alot more forgiving now and she might forgive him. (Ed) Danny asks Ed to come to the party. Ed tells Danny that he (Ed) hopes he (Danny) never disappoints Michelle again.

Tony meets with Brutsi to tell him to apologize to Danny or deal with the consequences. Tony tells Brutsi to come and sit in his car outside the party until Tony tells him it's okay to come in and talk to Danny.

At Spaulding, Harley wonders what is going on with Gus. Gus asks Harley to go on vacation with him to San Cristobel. Harley tells Gus she can't just go on vacation with him right now. Harley agrees to think about the offer.

At the Country club, Danny finally arrives at the party. Danny gives Michelle a beautiful necklace as a gift. Michelle and Danny kiss and share a dance. Marah arrives with Sandy. Sandy explains to Marah he won't be staying for the party. Sandy tells Marah he is going to check if everything is ready for Shayne and Marah's surprise. Sandy tells Marah then he will go to his apartment with the pizza she ordered. Sandy gives Marah a kiss on the cheek and tells her to have fun. Marah and Jeffrey are surprised to find themselves sitting at the same table. Jeffrey and Marah wish each other a happy Valentine's day.

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