Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/11/04

By Naila
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa


Danny is setting up for the Valentine’s Dance when Michelle drops by. They chat for a bit but Michelle has to leave because she has some errands to run before the dance. Danny wants to go with her but Michelle insists she is fine going alone. She realizes that Danny is still worried after the gas leak from a few nights ago. Michelle tells him that was just a fluke and she feels perfectly safe, heading home by herself. Danny agrees but he is uncertain that it is safe. He calls Tony over and asks him to set up a meeting with Bruzi. Danny wants to know for sure whether or not Bruzi is trying to put him in the middle of the turf war with Salerno.

Tony tries to persuade Danny not to get in these guys faces but Danny wants Bruzi to look him in the eye. Tony feels that Danny should keep his hands clean and let him take care of Bruzi but Danny won’t hear it; if Michelle is in danger, he has to know. Tony tells Danny he is flaunting his life in people’s faces and they will see to it that he pays. The higher he climbs, the harder they’ll make his fall. Danny does not back down. Tony is to arrange a meeting with Bruzi, no questions.

Tony is still at the club when Michelle returns later. She is worried that Danny will go too far, in order to protect her and Robbie. Michelle feels that she needs to do more to protect her family. Tony will make sure everything is all right.


Beth and Lizzie meet Christopher at the hotline. Beth thought it’d be a good idea to check out the place before going to the benefit, to know what it is about. When Lizzie and Christopher talk, she tells him she has accepted the marriage and is not going to let it get in the way of her being a happy teenager. Christopher is happy with her new attitude. Lizzie steps outside and runs into a guy named Blade. He tells her about a rave that’s on tonight and tells her to come along. Lizzie does not say yes but she does not say no either.

Jeffrey stops by and talks with Christopher, who does not think that this is the right time to go after Reva. He suggests Marah but Jeffery wants a pro like Reva working on things. When Christopher hesitates, Jeffrey wonders if there is something personal going on. Christopher tells him that everything is personal.

Later, Beth and Jeffrey talk. She thinks he should go to the dance. He might be pleasantly surprised.



Shayne tells Nico he is not really looking forward to going to the dance but he knows how important it is to Marina. He would prefer it if the two of them spent their Valentine’s Day together… with no one else around. When Marina comes by later, Shayne asks her if she’s all set for the dance. She tells him she has her dress and she is looking forward to it. Unable to lie, Marina blurts out that she would much rather stay at home with him instead of going off to some dance. She apologizes after but Shayne is thrilled to hear that she wants to stay in. They are both finally looking forward to their V-Day plans.

Nico comes back and Shayne gives him the tickets but Nico refuses. The last time Shayne gave him tickets, they came with too many strings attached; he does not want to deal with that again. Shayne tells him this time he can take any girl he wants and when Nico still refuses, Marina offers to introduce him to some girls. Nico is just going on about how many girls he has lined up when Lizzie drops by.

She asks Nico and the others if they are going to the dance and they all tell her no. When Marina tells her there are other empty tables available, Lizzie leaves.

Outside, she runs into Blade who sells her tickets to the rave. Nico watches them from inside and he is not happy with what he sees.



Marah knows that Marina and Shayne both want to spend the evening alone at home but are going to the dance to please the other. She decides to plan a romantic evening for them.

Sandy comes by to drop off some of Shayne’s CDs and Marah finagles him into helping her bake a cake, set up candles and music and pitching in to help their brother. The two end up having a food fight. Sandy is looking for a picture of Marina and Shayne and comes across one of Marah; he pockets it. Later, Sandy urges Marah to go after Jeffrey if he is what she really wants. Marah asks him why he is suddenly accepting of Mr. O’Neil and Sandy tells her he just wants her to be happy.


Later, Marah fantasizes about Jeffrey while Sandy looks at the picture of her.



Carrie gets ready for the dance and talks to a picture of Maryanne. Later, she stares at pictures of Marina, Michelle and Marah.

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