Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/10/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

The showdown continues at Carrie's house as the girls warn Carrie that if she comes near them or their fathers again, she will have to deal with the police or worse. Carrie tries to belittle their accusations, but the girls won't have any of it. Carrie finally relents and tells them she will miss their friendship. Michelle tells Carrie that she has what she deserves, a pathetic lonely existence, as the girls walk out.

Michelle goes to the Bauer kitchen where Josh, Billy and Buzz have ascertained earlier that Ed is stoned out of his mind. Billy is outraged and stages a blunt intervention, stating that they are all in pain and Ed can tough it out. As Michelle arrives, she quickly tells them that they were right and that there was a person who had power over the girls. Michelle apologizes for all the girls and makes an emotional plea to her father.

Gus reports to Jeffrey about the proceedings at the board meeting and how Alan seemed to protect Brad when the subject of Antimonius came up. Jeffrey encourages Gus to dig deeper and Gus goes off to ask Alex to mentor him. After some champagne and coaxing, Alex hands Gus files about the pharmaceutical division. However, these files are just a diversion. Earlier, Alex urged Harley not to hang around Brad so much, reminding her that Marie is a very jealous person. Harley probes Alex about her own past troubles with Brad and Marie but doesn't get far. Frustrated, Harley goes off to Jeffrey to make sure that her being undercover is worth her own personal headache. While at first she accuses him of being an emotional puppeteer, she soon realizes that Jeffrey is carrying his own emotional baggage, his loneliness. Harley goes off to meet Gus for a romantic rendezvous.

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