Guiding Light Update Monday 2/9/04

By Megan
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Lisa

Manning the phones alone at the hot line, Cassie encounters a violent teen. Threatened with a broken beer bottle, Cassie is forced to unlock the First Aid kit. Unsatisfied with its contents, the intruder demands to know where the "stash" is. Cassie realizes he's looking for drugs and tells him he's got the wrong place - the clinic is down the street. Cassie averts his attack with a few karate moves and tells him she's going to call his parents. When she turns her back, the boy grabs her from behind, his arm squeezing her throat. Edmund arrives and throws a few punches, freeing Cassie. Edmund duct tapes the kid to a chair as he admits he's on "D" (Delirium). A paramedic checks him out and tells Cassie that more and more kids are using D and even after detox are going back to it. Cassie is worried about Tammy and others her age. She vows to let the public know about this drug.

At Carrie's, Michelle gets no answer on Marina's cell and starts to worry. Marah tells Carrie that Shayne was behind the disappearing/reappearing doll tricks, although he denied putting Polly Dolly in her sewing box with the razorblades.

Marina wakes under the rubble from the tunnel's collapse. Unable to move, she calls for help. Josh, Buzz and Billy, afraid of a further collapse and unable to hear her cries, hurry back the way they came. Marina discovers the entrance to that part of the tunnel is blocked - she's trapped. Her legs are pinned beneath beams and rubble. She realizes no one but Carrie knows she is in the tunnels. Michelle and Marah locate her help to Carrie's. Marina is angry and vows to get Carrie for hurting them for the last time. Michelle and Marah reassure her it was only an accident, but she won't hear it. Marina accuses Carrie of setting the whole thing up. Marina remembers hearing voices - Buzz, Josh and Billy - and suggests Carrie wanted them dead too. She denies it. Angry, Marina tells Carrie it's over - "Stay away from our fathers and stay the Hell away from us."

Based on Olivia's appearance at the latest Spaulding board meeting, Alan suggests Gus take a step back. Gus assumes his father is trying to get rid of him and becomes defensive. Alan wants to protect him from the evil Olivia is capable of and he feels guilty for taking him away from his police work. Gus wonders if this sudden change of heart is because he may be getting too close to discovering possible flaws in the company - he mentioned Antimonious at the meeting and Brad's Russian fax. Gus reminds Alan that he can be trusted and that if his father is in trouble, he can help. Alan sternly insists Gus "drop it" before abruptly getting up from their table. He apologizes for snapping; he's been under a lot of stress. Gus knows he hit a nerve and wants Alan to talk about what's bothering him. He refuses just as Buzz, Billy and Josh enter from the kitchen. Gus eyes them curiously. After Gus leaves, the guys tell Alan they found nothing. Josh says it's time to play offense. They have to get the girls away from this witness and then somehow draw him/her out. Josh reinforces the fact that they must all watch each others' backs - even Ed's.

In the alley outside Harley's Angels, Harley has a surprise meeting with Brad Green's wife. Marie intercepted Harley's phone message inviting Brad to meet her at a hotel. Harley insists her interest in Brad is anything but romantic. The two continue their meeting at Olivia's Bar where Harley reminds Marie that she was the one who dropped the criminal charges against her. Marie still doesn't like Harley's interest in her husband. Harley tells her that she thought that by talking to Brad, he'd go easier on her fiancé in the office. Harley assures her that every woman who calls Brad is not interested in having an affair. Marie mentions what happened in Europe but won't go into detail. Gus arrives and Marie is hopeful he can back up Harley's story. He does, but after Marie leaves, semi-satisfied, Harley says she can explain everything. Gus doesn't like her going behind his back and fighting his battles. After they end their public argument, Gus insists they're nothing like the Greens. He takes off her shoes and they start to dance. The Greens wouldn't do that. On their way out, both cells ring. Neither can say no - business.

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